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The Secrets of Menopause Herbal Supplements

menopause herbal supplements

The Secrets of Menopause Herbal SupplementsWhen it comes to menopause herbal supplements… How Do You Choose? Join me in the recording of this live video to chat about how I use differentiations to match women with the menopause herbal supplements they need and explore some of the Chinese Medicine versions of menopause (we’ll talk about 14 common variations […]

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Menopause – Get Started With My 3-Phase Approach

menopause my 3 phase approach

Menopause:  Get Started With My Three-Phase Approach it’s all things menopause with Dana LaVoie & Ashley JamesIf you haven’t met Ashley James, host of the Learn True Health Podcast… I’m introducing you!  Because Ashley and her show are fun and one of the best sources of great alternative health how to around. Dana LaVoie, LAcAshley JamesIt’s Dana […]

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Top Cosmetic Ingredients To Avoid for menopause relief

the easiest way to get hot flash relief naturally by knowing which cosmetic ingredients to avoid

Top Cosmetic Ingredients to AVOIDfor hormonal balance during menopauseIf you’ve been doing everything right – and STILL not getting relief from menopausal symptoms… This could be why!Powerful hormone-disrupting chemicals are often found in products you use EVERY DAY.  Like makeup, skincare, haircare, toothpaste, deodorant, and household cleaners. Join me on this FB Live tour of your […]

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