Eating Right Is The KEY To Getting Menopause Symptoms Under Control Naturally


What The Experts Are Saying:

Diet first for balancing hormones

Diet first, before anything else, for balancing hormones during perimenopause and menopause. 

Dr. Christian Northrup, author of "The Wisdom of Menopause"

The right diet becomes your #1 reset button for hormonal balance

Menopause symptoms are all treatable symptoms of underlying imbalance in the sex hormones, and these symptoms will usually disappear when women get their sex hormones back in balance.  And the right diet becomes your #1 reset button for hormonal balance.

Dr Mark Hyman, author of "Eat Fat, Get Thin"

Diet first for balancing hormones

My #1 recommendation for women who want to balance hormones is diet.  In fact she says - try diet first, before anything else.

Dr Sara Gottfried, author of "The Hormone Cure"

If you want a remedy for menopause relief...

If you want a remedy for menopause relief, eat foods that help manage menopause symptoms.

Dr Josh Axe, author of "The Real Food Diet" and "Eat Dirt"

If eating right is so good at controlling menopause, why isn't everyone getting relief this way?


Some women had tried eating special foods... but it didn't help

Some women got so overwhelmed with all the conflicting information out there about what to eat -  they just gave up

And some women have really been meaning to eat better -but they just haven't gotten around to it - or been able to stick with it. 

So basically  - they're doing it wrong - not getting results - and getting discouraged.

OK - we're all convinced -  eating right is KEY during menopause

 So I researched and experimented with which key elements of diet, were the most important...

But in my clinic - of course I also noticed that only women who were able to make changes in their diet and really stick with them - were able to get these results…

So i also spent a lot of time figuring out how to make these changes as easy as possible and how to teach women to really stick with them

Let me introduce you to Menopause Basics: What to Eat 

A short online course that walks you through exactly what to include in your diet and how to stick with it.

JUST LIKE THAT.  (and all for less than the price of a massage)

Menopause basics what to eat is - a place to learn what I've been sharing with my clients for years

Everything you need to eat to give your body the building blocks it needs during menopause

AND it’ll help keep your detox pathways open - so your body can balance hormones and get rid of menopausal symptoms.

But believe me - its not actually a “diet” because nothing is taken away - you can eat whatever you like - you just learn to eat these building block and detox foods in addition to whatever else you’re eating.

It's easy because you don't have to change anything else and you don't have to give anything up.

And yet you'll still...

  • Stabilize your blood sugar
  • Stabilize your hormones
  • Reduce menopausal symptoms
  • Increase your energy
  • Keep detox pathways open
  • Beat sugar cravings
  • Even out your energy
  • Even out your mood
  • Boost your metabolism

 - it’s stuff every woman should know -

What Exactly is Inside Menopause Basics: What To Eat...

This is an action-oriented course.  There's no fluff:  Just what you need to get results quickly. 

Get everything you need in 3 core modules - then take it to the next level with downloads, bonuses, resources, and community

Module 1: The Four Categories

Module 1 is about the 4 basic categories of food you need for hormonal health - how much of each one and how to get them into your daily routine - easily.   Protein? Fat? Veggies?  Become an expert on putting together meals & snacks.  No guesswork.  Super quick.  Your hormones are calling - learn to give them exactly what they want!

Module 2: The Menopause Helpers

The menopause-helper foods, taken from both modern science and Asian medicine, are foods targeted to give you the key micronutrients and building blocks you need during menopause.  You'll learn what they are, how to use them to get maximum benefit, and how to include them daily.  This isn't just healthy diet, it's using food as medicine - diet as a natural remedy specifically to reduce menopausal symptoms.  You'll be including the menopause-helper foods in your diet every day without blinking an eye - exponentially increasing your results right out of the gate. 

Module 3: Timing Is Everything

Lose weight without eating less.  Supercharge your metabolism and balance your blood sugar, hormones, and mood just by eating at the right times.  Fasting, grazing - it's so confusing!  But by knowing exactly what to eat when - you can even out your energy, mood, and hormones PLUS burn more calories around the clock.  Plus I'll show you super quick & portable snacks that include all the building blocks - so you can stay on schedule on the go. Eating the right things AT THE RIGHT TIMES is everything.  This timing alone can help you master your blood sugar, insulin, metabolism, weight loss, and all your other hormones & menopausal symptoms

Downloads for, well, everything

You're already busy - I get that.  So yes, you have to show up and take action... But - I've broken it down into tiny steps.  I guide you the whole way with note-taking guides and tools to help you keep track of where you're at.  Youre set up for massive success with the absolute minimum effort.  You don't have to figure anything out.  Plus there's a resource guide for quick access to every resource mentioned inside the course.

Bonus: eBook on Green Smoothies for Menopause

Green smoothies are a great way to get in micronutrients and enough servings of fruit & veg - BUT - most smoothies are not menopause friendly.  Learn how to optimize any smoothie for menopause

Navigate Like a Pro

The course is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate, but in this introduction I'll give you a tour so you can find everything the first time out - even if you've never taken an online course before.


Get your questions answered.  Get support and inspiration.  Make friends and find community.  You are not on his hormonal roller coaster alone.  You'll find all this plus get answers from Dana inside the Menopause Basics Private Facebook Group

And you'll notice, I don't talk ANYWHERE about what you can't eat - because that's not part of the program.  

98% of diets fail.  And it's so important you succeed I've removed every possible stumbling block and brought your likelihood of success up by about 98%.  

Eat whatever else you want in addition to the food in the course, and you'll still get results.​

What You'll Get When You Sign Up Today:

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  • Downloads for every lesson
  • BONUS: eBook on green smoothies for menopause
  • Support inside our facebook community
  • Downloadable resource guide

You've Really Got Two Choices Here

You could keep trying to figure out what to eat and when to eat on your own... which could take years.  Years during which your health could be going downhill... (I'm really smart, a great researcher, and it took me YEARS)


You could steal all my best techniques - the ones that have worked for hundreds of woman - and get results absolutely as fast as possible

Think about where you want to be six months from now, or even one month from now

Do you have a plan to get there?  One proven to work for hundreds of women just like you? 

Well -how about you use the step-by-step process I teach in Menopause Basics: What To Eat to take charge of your diet, your health, and menopause with no muss, no fuss, and no confusion

What's the best choice - for you?

Who am I to tell you what to eat anyway?? 

Hi I'm Dana LaVoie, LAc,

I'm an Acupuncturist & Herbalist specializing in women health.  I’ve got a Masters in Oriental Medicine, 9 years of study with Master Herbalist Ron Teeguarden, 4 years of studying Master Tung’s Acupuncture with Susan Johnson, and 14 years of clinical experience.

I've been studying menopause for a decade and a half in my clinic…

Because when I saw how much women were suffering with menopause

and what amazing results they were getting with what i had to offer

and how little support or real help they were getting anywhere else for menopausal symptoms

it became my mission in life to share what i know with as many women as possible.

dana lavoie acupuncturist herbalist and expert in natural remedies for menopause

Basically, I've taken everything I've learned from my Masters, years of advanced study, and 14 years' of clinical experience, and I've narrowed it down to something I know is going to 

carry you over obstacles that have stopped you in the past, change your life, and revolutionize your health.

I just can't wait for you to get started. ​

- Dana

Who is Menopause Basics: What To Eat Absolutely Perfect For? 

Women who want relief from menopause symptoms NOW

Women who want to ​start eating healthy but have not idea where to start - and want to do it right the first time

Healthy eaters who want to optimize their diet for  hormonal balance and relief from menopause symptoms

Women who want to FINALLY know what to eat when to lose weight, balance hormones, and totally take charge of their health

For anyone who hasn't been able to stick with a healthy eating plan

Who should stay away from Menopause Basics: What To Eat

You're not willing to add anything to what you're eating right now

You DO want a quick fix pill and DON'T want to do any work or make any changes in your diet - not even to add anything in. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You have a full 14 days to test our product. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the service you receive, just ask and we will gladly give you a full refund on your purchase price. Give it a try, the risk is on us!

It's Your Time... 



To take charge of your health once and for all, and to do it the smart way (as in, the simplest, easiest way.) 

Menopause Basics: What to Eat is the first step - the one that gets you results, and sets you up for success

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Questions?  I've got answers.


No problem! Inside the course I give you ways to meet all the guidelines without cooking at all (seriously.)


You have lifetime access to all the core modules - including updates. You can come back and watch it over an over - anytime.


The course is extremely easy to use - and we're here to help if you have problems. The introductory video gives you a full tour of how to watch every video and access every bonus!


This is not a diet.  You can eat whatever you like in addition to the foods recommended in the course... So you have more chance of sticking with this eating plan than any other you've ever heard of.


There are lots of "healthy" diets, but if you're still having menopausal symptoms, your diet might not be optimized for menopause and hormonal change.  If you already know how to eat for hormonal balance during menopause, you probably don't need this course.  But if your diet is healthy - but not optimized for hormonal balance, you'll probably find some great tweaks in here.  


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