What If 3 Months From Now Your Menopausal Symptoms Were 75% Gone?

Menopause Basics:  

Maximum Relief From Menopausal Symptoms With Natural Remedies

What if your menopausal symptoms were so mild, they didn't interfere with your sleep, your job, your family, or your waistline? 

Guess what - it's possible

(I felt that - your doubt.  Don't shake your head!)

Does any of this sound familiar?

You were doing pretty well, trying to stay healthy, and be there for your family and at work... you were pretty much on top of it - until menopause hit

And now you're looking back at your day wondering why you were so angry you made your 14-year-old son cry - while chopping off your hair at 10 pm

Your concentration is so shot you can't stay focused on tasks that normally you would have had no problem with - like yesterday when you backed out of the garage without opening the garage door...

You have the uncontrollable urge to cry - all the time

You have a short (very short!) fuse and are frustrated with everyone from your husband to your favorite houseplant

Your family never knows what to expect, because  you go from being in a great mood to psycho in the drop of a dime over silly things - or over nothing

You look at your life and all your healthy habits - and can't believe you've gained 20 pounds - it's like seeing your body turn on you.

You exercise 5 times a week and cannot lose weight

You have hot flashes at work (or at your daughter's wedding) so embarrassing it's like they caught you naked in the shower - you're that wet

Your night sweats are so soaking you have to change your nightgown and your sheets in the middle of the night.​

Did you raise your hand to any (or all) of that?  

Do you just want to feel like yourself again - get your body back - and get on with your life, your job, and your relationships??  

- You're so in the right place.. 

The truth is - you have to do something different that what you've already been doing - if you want things to change.  

Some women have an easy menopause.  But YOUR body cant keep up with the changes right now - the dark side of menopause is having its dirty way with you - wreaking havoc on your hormones - and your physical and mental health are going down the toilet in the process - making you worse than useless to those around you and setting you up for a possibly disease-ridden future (weight gain, high blood pressure, diabetes... need I go on?) 

Well the good news is - taking control of menopause and your health can start right here, right now.  

Imagine for a moment...

Symptoms almost gone... just the occasional warm flush (with no actual sweating)

You wake up once during the night and go right back to sleep - and wake up feeling rested after a great night's sleep

You have lots of energy all day long

Clear thinking​ - I'm talking getting stuff done!

Really being there for your family, your boss, your clients, and yourself.  PATIENT, kind, caring - yup that's you

Not being hot - or cold​.  No sweating!

Loving the way your clothes fit, having the energy to exercise, finding your WAIST again​.

Yes.  For Real.​

You can get all this just by using the right

- smart & strategic -

combination of diet, lifestyle, and a few herbs.

I want to introduce you to Menopause Basics

menopause basics learn natural remedies for menopause

A series of bite-sized online courses that show you exactly how to use diet, lifestyle, and herbs as natural remedies for menopause so that you can have

  • Naturally balanced hormones
  • Symptomatic relief
  • and The best health of your life now and in the years to come

Recipes, laughter, hand-holding, and tough love when needed.  You're not in this alone.

Discover all the strategies I've used with hundreds of my clients, strategies that will dramatically transform your hormonal balance.

And the best part - it will all fit into your daily routine - easily.

Jenny A. 

"I like the way you've created the course so it feels like a friendly help available rather than another thing I have to do. It's like a menopause support system instead of a class. Yay!"

Hi I'm Dana LaVoie, LAc,

I've been an Acupuncturist and Herbalist specializing in women’s health for about 15 years.  

Some of what I do is very customized…  Like herbs are very specific to the individual, and I like to come up with custom herbal combinations - it's NOT one size fits all.  You can get customized herbs in my Monthly Herbal Box Program.

But I realized that I was telling so many women some of the same things.  I found there were certain things about diet and lifestyle that just help with hormonal balance that are pretty basic and that a lot of women didn't know.  So I started putting into online courses - so I could share it with more women.  Women who weren't having 1:1 consultations with me.

Saying the same things over and over wasn't that fun for me - and my clients didn't have it written down to refer back to. It was better to put everything I wanted them to know in one place. That’s what the Menopause Basics online courses are starting with Menopause Basics: What to Eat.

dana lavoie acupuncturist herbalist and expert in natural remedies for menopause

Menopause Basics:

Online Women's Health Programs that work for you

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Menopause Basics:               What To Eat

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Herbal Combinations

Menopause Basics:  Supplements

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Menopause Basics:          Lifestyle

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Start Here for The First Step on your Menopause Basics Journey

I'm here as your guide, and part of my job is to put the steps you need to take in the right order - the order that will make every step seem so easy, you'll actually do it - AND STICK WITH IT. 

Adding the right foods into your diet is the best first step to take - you'll learn exactly how to do this in Menopause Basics: What To Eat​

What The Experts Are Saying:

Diet first for balancing hormones

Diet first, before anything else, for balancing hormones during perimenopause and menopause. 

Dr. Christian Northrup, author of "The Wisdom of Menopause"

The right diet becomes your #1 reset button for hormonal balance

Menopause symptoms are all treatable symptoms of underlying imbalance in the sex hormones, and these symptoms will usually disappear when women get their sex hormones back in balance.  And the right diet becomes your #1 reset button for hormonal balance.

Dr Mark Hyman, author of "Eat Fat, Get Thin"

Diet first for balancing hormones

My #1 recommendation for women who want to balance hormones is diet.  In fact she says - try diet first, before anything else.

Dr Sara Gottfried, author of "The Hormone Cure"

If you want a remedy for menopause relief...

If you want a remedy for menopause relief, eat foods that help manage menopause symptoms.

Dr Josh Axe, author of "The Real Food Diet" and "Eat Dirt"

OK... So diet is important... But which diet!  Which foods! How much and how often!  Menopause Basics: What To Eat is all about what to eat for balancing hormones during perimenopause & menopause - breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, smoothies - everything is optimized for menopause, simple, and customizable.  

and all for less than the price of one massage! ​

And it's the farthest thing from a diet - because nothing is taken away.  Yup.  Eat whatever you want in addition to these building block and detox foods your body needs during menopause, and take the first step towards feeling amazing. 

Susan says..

"This was an excellent course. I follow Food Matters TV, Dr. Josh Axe, Dr. Christiane Northrup, and many of the Facebook functional medicine guru's/practitioners on FB with free webinars. I am happy to say I have learned so much from all of them. I am working in a wellness clinic as an NP with menopausal women. I use BHRT for my patients, but not all patients needs them. This is a wonderful program, and has backed up everything else I have learned from others like you over the last year. I am so grateful for all my Holistic Leaders who share all their knowledge with people in need, and with other providers. Thank you, Susan"

Here's what it comes down to

The easiest, most efficient place to start balancing your hormones, is getting the right healthy foods into your diet because you'll get:

  • Building blocks your body needs to balance hormones
  • More even energy, mood, mental clarity, blood sugar, and insulin levels
  • A boosted metabolism and more efficient detoxification

It's easy because nothing is taken away (it's not a "diet," I promise.)

And it'll give you energy and clarity that'll make the next step SO much easier.

In Menopause Basics: What To Eat you'll learn what to eat, when to eat, and how to include the menopause helper foods, plus get tons of tips and tricks on time saving, portable snacks, and how to actually make it happen day after day after day.

So Let's Get Together

It's on your schedule, in the comfort of your own home..

And yet it's like I'm there with you every step of the way. 

Online courses you can access again and again with downloadable - well - everything to make it quicker and easier every step of the way.  

Menopause Basics:

Online Women's Health Programs that work for you

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Menopause Basics:               What To Eat

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Menopause Basics:          Lifestyle

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Herbal Combinations

Menopause Basics:  Supplements