What You Need To Know Right Now About Menopause Insomnia

Menopause insomnia is real.  79% of women have trouble staying asleep during menopause, and 63% struggle to fall asleep. 

Why, why, WHY does this happen?  And what can you do about it. 

​In this live video I'm answering a reader question about how to get more sleep during menopause.

Simple stress management practices can help control cortisol levels and improve sleep during menopause. 

Learn my favorite -  incredibly quick and effective - stress relief practice

Acupressure Ear Massage Meditation

acupressure ear massage - a video
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Watch a quick instructional video (free) and Download my FREE GUIDE - and start using this simple Acupressure routine before bed.

Acupressure for menopause insomnia

Find out why 79% of women struggle to stay asleep during menopause

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In the video I cover:

The facts about menopause insomnia:

Why it's so common for women to have trouble sleeping during menopause

How the hormonal changes of menopause can make it harder to sleep (in 3 different ways!)

The solution to menopause insomnia part 1

How good sleep habits and a great bedtime routine can naturally increase melatonin, decrease cortisol, and lessen the discomfort of night sweats  to make sleep easier.  

We'll cover the details of great sleep habits - all things you can start doing today

The solution to menopause insomnia part 2

The deeper solution to menopause insomnia is to fix the underlying imbalance.

We'll cover all the ways you can lessen the underlying hormone imbalance that's causing menopause insomnia using:

  • A hormone-balancing diet
  • Easy at-home practices to balance progesterone and cortisol
  • Key supplements - the building blocks your body needs in abundance during menopause
  • The icing on the cake.. the secret sauce... Chinese Herbs specifically for helping your body stay asleep in the middle of the night

Insomnia during menopause is usually caused by an underlying hormonal imbalance.  Get started today with my top 3 Natural Remedies for balancing those hormones!

3 ways to take charge of menopause with natural remedies cover image

3 Powerful, Natural Remedies for Menopause You Can Start Using TODAY

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Dana LaVoie, LAc

Hi, I'm Dana, a Senior Tonic Herbalist devoted to helping women find the secrets to balancing their hormones naturally and spiraling their health upward to new levels.

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