Healthy Coconut Oil Fudge Recipe for Hormonal Balance

healthy coconut oil fudge recipe

Fudge with Healthy Fats & Superfoods! This healthy coconut oil fudge recipe with superfoods is what I’m talking about…when I say I’m passionate about delicious healthy eating, and eating for hormonal balance! It has…Superfoods.Healthy fats.An incredibly satisfying taste sensation.& Tonic Herbs.  I finally gave up refined sugar w this superfood healthy fudge Recipe#recipe #cacao Click to […]

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Vitamin D For Women

vitamin D for women

(If you’d rather read than watch, the transcript of the video Vitamin D For Women is at the very bottom of this article.)Here’s everything you need to know about Vitamin D for Women…   If you live near me in the Pacific Northwest – or anywhere north of the Mason Dixon Line – YOU’RE NOT […]

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