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the best 2 minute meditation duraing and after menopause with Elise Moore
clean beauty over 50
Clean Beauty Icons Share Their Best Tips for Over-50 Skin

6 top industry leaders share insider info on clean beauty over 50. It all starts with great skin care - and then you add some really smart makeup updates.

Industry insider shares her organic, anti-aging menopause skin care secrets
menopuause makeup with ivy schnepp
Ivy Shares - What you need to know right now about makeup for menopause

Insider tips across the board for menopause and anyone over 50 from industry insider & clean beauty expert Ivy Schnepp.

how to apply menopause safe makeup youll love in 3 easy steps
anti aging makeup tips clean beauty
My #1 Tip for Dry Skin

This 1.5 minute video will show you my technique for transforming your arms & legs with all-natural, hormone-friendly skincare (not to be missed!) 

why you dont want an early menopause and how to prevent one
Most women want an early menopause BUT:

Ask any Tonic Herbalist and they want as late a menopause as possible... - There are health risks associated with early menopause and lots of health benefits to a later one.

what you need to know right now about menopause insomnia
The Answer... to one of my most frequently asked questions:

How to get more sleep during menopause.  Get the facts on why insomnia happens during menopause - and the solution Part 1 and Part 2

elimination diet weight loss tip no 9
Learn How To Do The Elimination Diet

Let the elimination diet show you your food allergies and sensitivities.  If your digestion isn't quite right or your weight loss is STUCK - try this!! 

find the right herbs for menopause
How to Finally Find the Right Herbs for (Your) Menopause Using Differentiations

Find out WHAT  a differentiation is - why you should care - and find out why the herbs for your menopause are most likely different than another woman's menopause

one of the best recordings so far - HANDS DOWN!

menopause herbal supplements
The Different Versions of Menopause

Geek out with me as I dive deep into the Chinese Medicine versions of or differentiations of menopause - and how you can use this info to find the right natural remedies for each type. 

Healthy diet and lifestyle habits for menopause - what the heck are they?
The Best Exercise 

Your exercise needs change - find out how to get the most benefit out of your exercise routine during menopause

menopause my 3 phase approach
Get Started with my 3-Phase Approach

We had SO much fun, talked for 90 minutes, and covered so many great tips -

Join Ashley James and me in this podcast...

one of the best recordings so far - HANDS DOWN!

the experts give their #1 tips for weight loss during menopause
JJ Virgin and 5 Other Experts Give Their #1 Tip for Weight Loss During Menopause

Definitely check out this article where some of the best experts gave me exclusive quotes... 

Healthy diet and lifestyle habits for menopause - what the heck are they?
Healthy Habits - WHAT ARE THEY?

Which ones are important.. and how why they're one of the most important ways you can balance hormones and get menopausal relief. 

how important are calories for weight loss during menopause
Calories - Do They Matter?

Join me in this live video where I answer the ? How Important Are Calories... Turns out they're important - but much LESS important than a number of other things!

the easiest way to get hot flash relief naturally by knowing which cosmetic ingredients to avoid
The Easiest Way To Get Relief

Take advantage of this easy way to balance hormones at any age - and control menopause symptoms

favorite smoothies for hormonal balance
Take The Tour!

Join me in this live video as I show you my favorite hormone-balancing smoothies from around the web.

Grab the recipes and learn what to avoid...

diets that work during menopause
All The Key Elements of Diets that Work

Get my master list of all the key elements of diets that work - even during menopause. 

How i make my menopause friendly hormone balancing smoothie
How I Make MY Hormone-Balancing Smoothie

Get my recipe and technique for making a hormone-balancing smoothie for menopause

menopause my 3 phase approach
Get Started with my 3-Phase Approach

Join Ashley James and me in this podcast...

We had SO much fun, talked for 90 minutes, and covered so many great tips -

one of the best recordings so far - HANDS DOWN!

3 ways to take charge of menopause with natural remedies cover image

3 Powerful, Natural Remedies for Menopause You Can Start Using TODAY

click to download your FREE guide NOW

the 7 reasons why diets fail during menopause
Why Diets Fail

Make sure you're not making one of these big mistakes

Weight loss during menopause as a part of a weight loss lifestyle
The Weight Loss Lifestyle

Find out why seeing "diet" as a lifestyle will set you up for successful weight loss and maintenance

acupressure for menopause insomnia video thumbnail
Acupressure for Menopause Insomnia

Learn a quick acupressure routine that's perfect for before bed

lifestyle changes that will make menopause easier - video blog post
Top 4 Lifestyle Changes for an Easier Menopause

Where to start?  Right here with these 4 quick lifestyle tweaks that can greatly reduce menopausal symptoms

the ultimate menopause diet video thumbnail
The Ultimate Menopause Diet

What to eat.. and What not to eat for  hormonal balance & symptom RELIEF during menpause

preparing for an easier menopause video thumbnail
How to Prepare for an Easier Menopause

Perimenopause and pre-menopause... the best way to prepare

my top 3 supplements for menopause
The 3 Most Important Supplements for Menopause

These 3 supplements are not ones you want to forget... 

healthy chicken soup
Healthy Chicken Soup with Tonic Herbs

Surprisingly quick and easy for home-made chicken soup boosted with Tonic Herbs

Symptoms Of Menopause
What Are the Signs & Symptoms of Menopause

Did you ever wonder - IS THIS MENOPAUSE?  Find out in this video + get my 30-Second Menopause Test FREE

Download Your FREE 30-Second Menopause Test!

Get Your 30-Second Menopause Test - FREE

& find out if you're having the signs & symptoms of menopause

Healthy Coconut Oil Fudge Recipe for Hormonal Balance

Quick, easy, & delicious - watch this quick recipe video and make some today

acupressure ear massage - a video
Home Remedies for Hot Flashes

An acupressure ear massage meditation

estrogen rich foods
Estrogen-Rich Foods Done Right

Learn the safest, most effective ways to use estrogen - rich foods for menopause symptom relief

breast health top three tips video thumbnail
My Top 3 Breast Health Tips

Get my top 3 breast health tips and download my top 10 breast health tips for FREE

top 5 natural remedies for menopause
My Top 5 Natural Remedies for Menopause

5 key strategies for managing menopause symptoms naturally

vitamin D for women
Vitamin D for Women

Vitamin D is a hormone as well as a vitamin.. and it's key not only for hormonal balance but for prevention of cancer and the FLU!  

Find out how much you need, how to test for it at home, and how to get it

Natural Remedies for Hot Flashes

Get my toolbox of natural, at-home remedies for hot flashes

Healthy, Superfood Cookies

YES healthy cookies are a real thing - get the recipe here

Healthy Coconut Oil Fudge for Hormonal Balance

Healthy fats are important.  Get them in this delicious, nutritious FUDGE

healthy hot chocolate
Healthy Hot Chocolate Recipe with Superfoods

This incredibly satisfying hot chocolate is packed with superfoods - and it's a great coffee alternative

spring dragon longevity tea - where does it come from
The Story of Spring Dragon Longevity Tea

This is my favorite, daily tea.  Learn why in this video with Master Herbalist Ron Teeguarden

Facial Massage

Beauty Masterclass Part I

Facial Gua Sha

Beauty Masterclass Part II

More - Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for more great videos - and send me an email to let me know what videos you'd like to see!

3 ways to take charge of menopause with natural remedies cover image

I find the combination of diet + lifestyle + herbs is like MAGIC for menopause

Get started with all 3 by downloading this FREE guide NOW