If Soaking Night Sweats, Stubborn Weight Gain, and Feeling Old & Invisible Isn't The Menopause You Want

you're in the right place....

I Know What It's Like Out There

From The number of times women come to me and say:

In their words

My doctor offered me anti-depressants and sleeping pills for my hormonal symptoms.

I'm afraid I might drive my car off the road or leave the stove on during a hot flash with brain fog.

I hear this over and over

I can't stop yelling at my kids - every day.

The less I eat & the more I exercise, the more weight I gain.

And let's not forget

I have zero interest in sex with my partner

I feel invisible.

That's Where I Come In

I'm the first to agree that most natural remedies for menopause & aging give so-so and temporary results. 

But when you combine the longevity medicine of Asia with smart modern research...

You get a way of reducing inflammaging that helps:

  • Control all discomforts of menopause 
  • And minimize the way aging looks and feels

In way that just... Works.

Menopause, the second spring, is the renaissance of youthful vitality and sexual vigor a woman enjoys when she takes advantage of the secrets and natural powers of Chinese medicine. 

It's a time for celebration in a woman's life when she is graced with wisdom, grace, and beauty.

- Dr. Maoshing Ni

The Inflammaging Approach

  • Inflammaging is
    Signs of aging brought on more quickly by inflammation in the body.
  • Inflammation can also make menopause symptoms worse 
    By creating a fiery, acidic environment that drives down estrogen and progesterone while increasing dryness and stress.
  • The longevity medicine of Asia is focused on decreasing inflammation and inflammaging 
    With sophisticated methods currently being proven effective one after another by modern science!

Hi, I'm Dana LaVoie, LAc

A licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist, I've been practicing Oriental Medicine, and specializing in women's health, for over 16 years.

Now, in addition to my local practice, I take the most useful parts of what I've learned about menopause and aging and share it in my online programs, website, and video blog in ways that are easy to understand and implement.  (No deep understanding of Yin & Yang required to get results!

You can find me at the Zenbrio House Clinic at 1725 Pearl St in Eugene, OR or contact me at dana@danalavoielac.com.

Bachelor's Degree

I hold a BA in Religious Studies from Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT where I specialized in Eastern Philosophy.

Master's Degree

II have a Master's Degree in Oriental Medicine from The Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, OR. 

Licensed & Certified

I'm licensed in the state of Oregon and certified by NCCAOM and have been for over 15 years.

But let's go back for a minute... Here's where it all started

Private Practice month ONE

One of my first clients was a woman with SEVERE menopausal hot flashes and brain fog.  

She was afraid it wasn't safe for her to take care of her kids

Her doctor had offered her antidepressants and sleeping pills and said - just wait a few years.

I'm thinking - Holy Crap!

Her anxiety & brain fog were so intense when she had a hot flash, that she had driver her car through her garage door, while it was closed, with her kids in the car.

ONE:  At the time, I had no idea menpause could be THAT intense

TWO:  I had no idea how much what I'd learned would help

But 12 Weeks Later... 

After being on custom herbal remedies for 12 weeks, she sat in my office and said...

"I still get a little warm once or twice a day, but it doesn't bother me." 

Because the boiling heat, the anxiety, and the brain fog were gone. 

She felt like herself again.

And when I saw how intense her need was, how little help she was getting anywhere else, and how well Chinese medicine worked for her, helping women have an easy menopause became my passion.

So how does it work?  How can you get this kind of relief?

The biggest results you'll get will be with customized herbal remedies.  Nothing else can compete with hormone-replacement therapy the way herbs can when it comes to results. 

But your herbs will work better, and you'll get more benefits, when you combine them with the right diet for your hormones, quick & easy daily stress management, targeted healthy aging & beauty practices like face yoga and facial massage, avoiding hormone-disrupting chemicals, a few important supplements, and good sleep habits!

Because then you're managing not just your female hormones, but also your stress hormones, blood sugar hormones, sleep hormones, brain chemistry, and metabolism.... 

And this is how you can reverse "inflammaging" (signs of aging brought on by inflammation,) for not just looking younger and easily staying at your ideal weight, but also protecting your brain, DNA, bones & joints, skin & hair, muscles, eyes, liver, heart, and blood vessels.


Check what my clients & students are saying

Went from her husband saying, "you’re so prickly it’s like hugging a porcupine, could you make our life together any harder?"  TO him saying, "The last six months have been the best ever in our relationship!"



Everything is mild now:

The nights sweats and insomnia and hot flashes are nothing like they were


stress fatigue night sweats

So how do we work together? 

My signature online program Making Menopause Easy and Coaching Support Membership

Here's what student's in the program are saying: (click on each image below to make it bigger)

Natural Remedies - are my passion

Customized herbal remedies can help you avoid all the major discomforts of periods, menopause, and aging.

I’m all about making customized natural remedies quick & easy to use. 

Let's find out if working with me is the best thing for your hormones: 

Click the button, watch the Menopause Blueprint video, & learn more about working with me PLUS unlock your invitation to a Free 1:1 Menopause Strategy call...

Herbs are my passion

I believe being able to use customized herbs for her hormones is a tool every women should know how to use - because it helps her to avoid all the major discomforts of periods, menopause, and aging. 

I’m all about making the best Chinese medicine has to offer easy to understand and easy to use. 

Plus I Love... 


Healthy food should be delicious!  My family calls me the kitchen witch , and I love cooking so much I went to baking school, worked at a French bakery in NYC,  and I read cookbooks for fun.

Getting Healthy Should Be Fun

I believe staying healthy should fit into your schedule and your lifestyle, and I don’t believe in diets.  Nothing I recommend will ever leave you hungry or recommend skipping dessert.

I love dogs!

I love all animals actually (but dogs especially) all sizes, shapes, and colors! (I love Star Trek too, have I mentioned that yet?)

And I beleive 

Black lives matter.  Lives of every color, shape, size, gender, and orientation matter.  And all are welcome here.