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Hi, I'm Dana

dana lavoie lac-natural remedies for menopause

On this site I teach women how to use diet, lifestyle, and Chinese herbs to transform the way they feel during & after menopause...

When you put thousands of years of Chinese medicine know-how behind it - it works! 

As an Acupuncturist & Herbalist, I’ve been helping women balance their hormones naturally in my private practice for over 15 years, and now I’m passionate about sharing what I’ve learned with you.

If you're in Eugene, Oregon CLICK HERE to learn more about having Acupuncture with me. 

Hi, I'm Dana LaVoie

dana lavoie women's health guide

On this site I share how diet, lifestyle, and herbs can transform the way  you feel during & after menopause

If you put thousands of years of Chinese medicine know how behind it! 

As an Acupuncturist & Herbalist, I’ve been helping women do this in my private practice for over 15 years, and now I’m passionate about sharing what I’ve learned with you.

Getting healthy should feel good

I believe staying healthy should fit into your schedule and your lifestyle, and I don’t believe in diets.   Nothing I recommend will ever leave you hungry or skip dessert.

Herbs are my passion

I’m all about making the best Chinese medicine has to offer easy to understand and easy to use (even the herbs!) 

Food?  I love food! 

My family calls me the kitchen witch because I can have 6 different dishes all done at the same time.   I love cooking so much I went to baking school, worked at a French bakery in NYC,  and I read cookbooks for fun.

Want to know why I'm doing this?

I graduated with a BA from Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT where I studied the liberal arts plus eastern philosophy, south Indian music and meditation.

Then I graduated from OCOM (The Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, OR) with a Masters in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (which means Acupuncture + Chinese Herbal Medicine).

I've been a licensed, practicing Acupuncturist and Herbalist specializing in women's health ever since.  And for the past 10 years I've also passionately studied the Taoist art of Tonic Herbalism (hello adaptogens - total game changers.) 

I almost fell off my chair when I saw my first patient with severe hot flashes.  (This was in my Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic about 15 years ago.)  

Her hot flashes were so bad they possessed her body and mind like a wet gremlin.  She had driven her car through her garage door while having a hot flash.  Her kids were in the back seat.   Scary much?  

8 weeks later her hot flashes were so mild she was laughing them off.   

I was so excited I wanted to help every woman out there with hot flashes.  So I did.  And about half of them got better.  HALF!  Not. Good. Enough.  

So I spent the next ten years studying everything I could find in  Chinese Medicine and Western medicine - about menopause.   

And I experimented in my clinic with different combinations of treatments - and tracked the results...

Until I knew which magic combination helped 95% or more of women get massive relief from anything related to the whole menopausal transition or low hormones after menopause.  (Yes, I’m talking the recurring UTIs, the painful intercourse, the brittle bones, thinning hair, sagging skin,  depression, anxiety - believe me, it’s more than just night sweats, weight gain, and insomnia!) 

And if you’re sick of your hormones being a big mystery, I want to share it all with you.

Here's what my clients & students are saying... 

Goji & Schizandra Drops For Hormonal Balance

Thank you so much for sharing the benefits of the Goji and Schizandra drops. Being a Health Coach, I am pretty good about knowing how to understand my body and help others do the same. But the one thing i was missing was my hormonal balance. I started taking it 2 weeks before my period was due and boy did it make a difference. First, my husband claims that my PMS mood swings were almost non-existent, cramping was very minimal, and I only had 1 day of heavy bleeding. ON an even better note, it has significantly improved my libido. Usually I wait at least a week after a period to have sex but my husband was pleasantly surprised when I initiated only a few days later. I will be sure to share this and your services in general with my clients.


Oh, and by the way, those pills you gave me worked - my family thanks you!

A client said, All of a sudden my hot flashes are back and I'm so irritable I'm snapping at my husband all day long - I just can't help it!

So I gave her herbs, and a couple of weeks later she said, Those pills you gave me worked - my family thanks you!!


This was an excellent course.

This was an excellent course. I follow Food Matters TV, Dr. Josh Axe, Dr. Christiane Northrup, and many of the Facebook functional medicine guru's/practitioners on FB with free webinars. I am happy to say I have learned so much from all of them. I am working in a wellness clinic as an NP with menopausal women. I use BHRT for my patients, but not all patients needs them. This is a wonderful program, and has backed up everything else I have learned from others like you over the last year. I am so grateful for all my Holistic Leaders who share all their knowledge with people in need, and with other providers. Thank you, Susan


Acupuncture with Dana feels like having laughing gas

Dana is like another mom- she really cares and listens, and having acupuncture with Dana feels like having laughing gas at the dentist.


Dry Eyes

My eyes have been so much less bothersome! 4 months ago they were irritated most the time and I was always reaching for eye drops. Now, after taking Dana's herbs, most of the time, I don't even think about them. Yay!


It's like a menopause support system

I like the way you've created the course so it feels like a friendly help available rather than another thing I have to do. It's like a menopause support system instead of a class. Yay!


My own health challenges have driven my passion for learning

I've had some major health challenges over the years, and overcoming them has fueled my passion for learning everything I can about what really works - and I love sharing what I've learned to help other women feel great again!  (Sharing it feels like the whole point!)

I love to exercise but was sidelined for years by back pain (I'm super grateful to  have gotten back to regular exercise even if it's in a really careful way.)

And I had major damage done to my digestive & immune systems by an infection that went undiagnosed for a long time.  The healing journey associated with that is where I discovered the true power of Chinese Tonic herbs. (#savedmylife!)

And for fun?  These days, when I'm not working or playing with my dogs (which I do a lot) I'm lost in a  book, playing my guitar, or binge watching Netflix while knitting! 

Are you ready to take the first step on this journey of natural hormone balancing & vibrant aging with me? 

Take my hand and let's go!

Download a Cheatsheet, Browse the Blog, or Save Your Seat in my next FREE Masterclass to find out if Chinese Herbs are right for you and your hormones. 

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