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If You Feel Crappy, I Want To Help (It's how I'm wired)

Imagine this - You follow a strict diet down to the last lettuce leaf and egg white - do cardio for an hour a day - for a month!  Get on the scale at the end - and you’re up five pounds…

I see all this all the time, great women taken down by hormones.  At menopause.

Do you ever:

Dana LaVoie, L.Ac.

  • Feel frustrated or depressed by the hot flashes, weight gain, insomnia, mood swings, thinning hair and dryness?  Or by the doctor talking about diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, and brittle bones?
  • Think - It's only downhill from here 🙁
  • Go looking for help and it’s… crickets!  Or the doctor says you can have an antidepressant and sleeping pill (how does that make sense?)   Or the last 5 magic menopause pills you tried did nothing...

I want to grab you by the shoulders and say I know the stuff you did before to stay healthy isn’t working! The rules have changed.  But I know a new way with new rules that’ll work- just try it.

Because we need you.  we need mature women to feel sexy, tell it like it is,  make art, and run the world.

Why Me?  Here's My Story...

I almost fell off my chair when I saw my first patient with severe hot flashes.  (This was in my Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic about 15 years ago.)  

Her hot flashes were so bad they possessed her body and mind like a wet gremlin.  She had driven her car through her garage door while having a hot flash.  Her kids were in the back seat.   Scary much?  

8 weeks later her hot flashes were so mild she was laughing them off.   

I was so excited I wanted to help every woman out there with hot flashes.  So I did.  And about half of them got better.  HALF!  Not. Good. Enough.  

So I spent the next ten years studying everything I could find in  Chinese Medicine and Western medicine - about menopause.   

And I experimented in my clinic with different combinations of treatments - and tracked the results...

Until I knew which magic combination helped 95% or more of women get massive relief from anything related to the whole menopausal transition or low hormones after menopause.  (Yes, I’m talking the recurring UTIs, the painful intercourse, the brittle bones, thinning hair, sagging skin,  depression, anxiety - believe me, it’s more than just night sweats, weight gain, and insomnia!) 

And if you’re sick of your hormones being a big mystery, I want to share it all with you.

Ready To Get Started? 

Remember when I said I found a magic combination of treatments??  Well the secret formula includes THREE things.  And you need to have them all going on at the same time.

So first I want to give you a big picture overview of all three - like we're looking at them from the window of an airplane (first class with great snacks!)

Then we'll go down to the ground and I’ll show you how to do them - one step at a time - with weekly health tips & updates by email and online programs.  

Start with my free Hormone-Balancing Roadmap:  Hormone Secrets For Menopause and Beyond (The three things you must know are...)  This’ll give you that airplane view AND get you started on everything (so you’ll start feeling better right away.)  Then watch your email for an invitation to an hour-long Hormone Balancing Online Masterclass (also free.)  

Just click the box below, enter your name and email address, and everything will be sent straight to your email inbox.  

Sound good?  Just click that box below, and I’ll see you on the inside.

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In case you’re wondering more about me… 

I’m crazy about big trees, little all dogs, my husband Barry, and healthy chocolate recipes.  

And sometimes I even knit them sweaters or dress them up in sci-fi sweatshirts (the dogs that is! )

You’ll soon find out I believe diet is really important for happy hormones…  So you’ll be glad to know - I DON’T BELIVE IN DIETS.  (Nothing I recommend will ever leave you hungry or skip dessert.

My family calls me the kitchen witch because I can have 6 different dishes all done at the same time and the kitchen clean.   I love cooking so much I went to cooking school and worked at a French bakery in NYC and a European-style bread bakery in Boston. 

Then I had my own bakery in my own kitchen where I made healthy versions of scones and almond tartlets for local cafes and health food stores.   I read cookbooks for fun - and almost always end up changing the recipes to make them better.  (sorry if I got a little carried away there - I love talking about food.

I grew up in New York City but always wondered why I wasn’t born way out in the country. 

I graduated with a BA from Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT where I studied the usual plus eastern philosophy, south Indian music and meditation, and I graduated from OCOM (The Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, OR) with a Masters in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (which means Acupuncture + Chinese Herbal Medicine) 2003.

I've been a licensed, practicing Acupuncturist, Herbalist & Women’s Health Educator ever since.  And for the past 10 years I've also passionately studied the Taoist art of Tonic Herbalism (hello adaptogens - total game changers.) 

I love to exercise but was sidelined for years by back pain - I'm super grateful to  have gotten back to regular exercise even if it's in a really careful way… 

When I'm not working or playing with my dogs I'm lost in a  book or playing my guitar (or occasionally binge-watching Netflix.) 

I sometimes go a little crazy ordering samples of organic makeup - I love all the colors. 

Oh and I like to put my little 8-pound dog in a backpack and take him everywhere.  He loves it and lies down in the bottom of his backpack and doesn't make a sound, so I sneak him in places all the time (maybe keep that just between us - thanks.) 

Here's what my clients & students are saying... 

Constipation secondary to Parkinsons


Constipation is common element that needs to be managed as we age. In my case it is s exaggerated by my Parkinson’s

Dana was confident there were a few points on the body that would relieve constipation, if I needed help in addition to the over the counter meds I take for it on daily basis.

Today was particularly difficult, and we decided to try acupuncture. As soon as the needles came out, I felt the need for the bathroom - and treatment was an absolute success. It seemed to be too good to be true that it could work so quickly, but I won’t question the result. In fact, it seemed the best thing I could do would be to spread the word about my experience

Neuropathy relief during chemo


After starting a course of chemo.. I experienced a return of the severe electric, burning pain I had in my legs during my last round of chemo. It's so bad it goes up my legs all the way to my thighs. I am unsteady on my feet and can't drive.

After 1 acupuncture treatment with Dana, my pain was reduced by 60-70%. I felt much better overall and was able to rest and sit still.

Oh, and by the way, those pills you gave me worked - my family thanks you!


I'm treating a client for pain in her arm…

She's most of the way through menopause and mostly feeling great, but one day she came in and said…

"All of a sudden my hot flashes are back and I'm so irritable I'm snapping at my husband all day long - I just can't help it!”

So after treating her arm pain with acupuncture, I gave her one of my FAVORITE herbal formulas for all-around menopausal complaints of mood swings + heat + a little dryness. It's called Profound Essence.

And a couple of weeks later - she felt balanced again - no hot flashes and no mood swings. Her hormones just had a menopausal hiccup and needed a little help getting back in balance.

Dana always gets me feeling better AND taking better care of myself


When I go to Dana for treatment, I feel safe, protected and cared for. Dana has such a calm and welcoming presence. She listens and observes very carefully. Her knowledgeable perspective and skillful treatments always get me both feeling better and taking better care of myself

I couldn't sleep at night due to arthritis..


I didn't believe in acupuncture until I tried it. I couldn't sleep at night because my shoulders hurt from arthritis. After one treatment, the pain was almost gone. After the second, I was sleeping like a baby. I won't ever stop coming to see Dana. She is awesome!!! Come see her, you won't regret it.

I have feeling in my calf for the first time in 20 years...


After a few acupuncture sessions with Dana, I now have feeling in my left calf for the first time in 20 years, and I can also feel 2 toes on my left foot. Thank You!

Acupuncture & Herbs for Anxiety & Depression


Acupuncture with Dana has changed my life! Just before I started acupuncture I had gone through countless drugs trying to get relief form anxiety and depression. The acupuncture and herbs have mellowed me out, and now I no longer yell at my child every day. Yay!:) Thank You!

Wow - I understand Yin & Yang for the first time!


Hi Dana. Just finished watching the intro videos. Wow! This is the first time that I understand ying/yang. Great explanation!

I am really looking forward to the rest of the course.

Acupuncture with Dana


Acupuncture treatment from Dana is amazing. There is no pain, only relaxation and enjoyment to follow. I don't think there is anything Dana can’t help or fix

It's like a menopause support system


I like the way you've created the course so it feels like a friendly help available rather than another thing I have to do. It's like a menopause support system instead of a class. Yay!

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