Breast Health: Learn How To Overcome Women's #1 Heath Concern

Hi, I'm Dana LaVoie, LAc, Acupuncturist & Herbalist specializing in women’s health for over 14 years.  And in this video I'm giving you my top 3 smart, simple tips - things you can start using right now at home for breast health and preventing breast cancer.  Just click to watch the video above. 

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Here's what you'll see in the video...

00:48 How these tips came out of my amazing community of alternative healthcare practitioners

01:45 Tip #1 - the foods that feed the breasts and fight breast cancer

2:19 How to help your body detox extra estrogen

2:31 The food, high in lignans, which have been shown in studies from the Journal of Clinical Cancer Research may decrease the risk of breast cancer.

3:26 The most important supplements for healthy breasts

5:00: The last and most important #1 thing you want to do to avoid breast cancer



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If you'd rather read than watch.. Here's the transcript of the video Breast Health Naturally

Hi it’s Dana here - and in this video I’m going to show you my top 3 breast-health tips - and yes, we’re talking simple ways of tipping the odds in your favor of avoiding breast cancer - so stick around

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and wonder are my breasts healthy? if so - you’re not alone - Because for a lot of women,

the possibility of getting breast cancer is their #1 biggest fear when it comes to their health.

I’m Dana LaVoie, a masters level acupuncturist & herbalist specializing in women’s health for over 14 years - and as an alternative healthcare practitioner, I’m lucky to be part of a community of women who are on the cutting edge of preventative wellness. And when I’m hanging out with my colleagues.. other acupuncturists, yoga teachers, herbalists, & nurse practitioners, and the subject of breast health comes up - the first thing they each say is … “Well I do… THIS” and they tell me their favorite breast healthcare routine - the one that proactively keeps their breasts healthy and makes them feel safe and protected. So I’ve gathered all these breast health tips together - chosen the best ones - the ones that the most popular with my clients and that are supported by modern science - and I want to share them with you- so that you can take that fear - and watch it go poof, disappear, and be replaced with feeling calm, confident and safe and so that you can stay healthy.

you see - I believe we REALLY CAN tip the odds in your favor - of having healthy breasts for your whole life.

SO - Here are my top 3 Breast Health Tips

Tip number one is eat the right foods

You want to start with lean protein throughout the day because this helps keep your blood sugar levels nice and even

Then you want to include lots of fruit and veg including one-and-a-half servings a day or brassicas & dark leafy greens so we’re talking broccoli, cabbage, turnip, brussels sprouts, kohlrabi, collard greens, & kale you get the idea.. not only are fruit & veg filled with phytochemical that help your immune system… they have lots of fiber, which your body absolutely NEEDS to be able to detox and get rid of extra estrogen when necessary, which is really important for breast health.

Then you want to eat foods high in lignan’s - the best by far are Flax seeds. I recommend about 2 Tablespoons of fresh ground flax seeds day and in A study published in the Journal of Clinical Cancer Research they discovered that consuming flax seeds may decrease the risk of breast cancer

then you want to Eat plenty of iodine rich foods like seaweed you see your breast tissue is like a sponge for iodine - it really really needs it - it wants to soak it up and your breast tissue isn't happy or healthy if there is not enough iodine to soak up

and that last one is Eat foods rich in omega 3 fats - like 8 oz of wild caught oily fish like salmon or sardines per week.

tip number two is Supplements. now of course it’s a good idea to check with your healthcare practitioner before starting new supplements or a new diet, but in general these supplements are great for breast health.

The first one is Vitamin D

Get you're levels tested and keep them at optimum. Having enough vitamin D can decrease your risk for your risk for all cancers by 50%! so its huge.

the next is Iodine. so if you’re not eating that seaweed regularly - go for a supplement and you can do either topical OR an internal supplement- because both work great!

as we said before breast tissue is like a sponge that soaks up iodine, and if there is not enough that sponge is like dried out or it soaks up something else like chlorine that’s really harmful, so having plenty of iodine in your system is really important for healthy breast tissue.

then minerals, ok so -A good multi mineral formula is a good idea if your diet’s not absolutely amazing - something with - selenium, and zinc your cells really need these minerals for lots of things including making use of that iodine

and the last supplement i’m going to talk about is healthy fats. so again if you’re note getting those healthy fats in your diet with oily fish, and seeds, and pastured meat & eggs.. consider a supplements. but with the supplement i recommend not going over the recommended dosage.

tip number 3, Last - and MOST IMPORTANT - Avoid BPA - so what is BPA? its anasty chemical found in the plastic used to make food and drink containers - and what happens is that the BPA soaks out of the plastic and into your food or water and you swallow it and because BPA is

xenoestrogen - an artificial - estrogen it’s really attracted to breast tissue.. experts say Even tiny exposure to BPA increase risks for breast cancer. and studies show that BPA likely promote breast cancer tumor growth.

so how do you avoid BPA

first - don’t eat or drink food out of plastic containers - and if you do have to make sure the plastic is BPA free.

instead use a glass or stainless steel water bottle and travel mug and do not ever drink water out of a plastic bottle that has been exposed to a lot of sunlight or has gotten really hot or has gotten really cold or frozen dont microwave food with any plastic packaging just no plastic in the microwave ever.

and then when you eat canned food make sure the can says that it’s BPA free BPA free and this is important because they use plastic to line the cans - and if there’s BPA in the lining, a lot of it gets into the food - because what they do is they heat that up quite a bit when they are preparing the can.

ok and then - avoid soda cans because they are lined with plastic containing BPA

and last avoid plastic coffeemakers - what you want to do is get a coffeemaker that does not contain plastic something like a French press works great!

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