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Making Menopause Easy is the place where you'll get the strategy, coaching, and access to natural remedies you need to manage your hormones now and for the rest of your life for menopause preparation, menopause relief, and slower, healthier aging. 


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So you want to be in control and feel great at midlife but...

You feel alone

You've got enough questions to fill a notebook and no one to help you answer them.

Googling at 3 am, spending $ on remedies that don't work, and wondering if what you're taking is safe is enough to cause another sleepless night.


Hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, brain fog, thinning hair - can you get rid of the safely?  

You can't seem to find a straight answer!

 & Not very hopeful...

Will you ever be at your ideal weight again?  (Because nothing is working!) 

Is you sex life just OVER because the doc says UTIs, dryness, pain, & low libido are "Just something many  women have to live with?!"

You're Not Alone

If you're exhausted, not sleeping, not thinking clearly, sweating, not looking or feeling like yourself - and confused as to what to do about it - IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT

No one told us how to manage menopause

Millions of women are navigating midlife without knowing how to manage their hormones, so they don't know how to get rid of menopause symptoms or experience slow, healthy aging.  

Doctors aren't trained

But it's not their fault - It's because NO ONE is showing them how.  In fact 80% of OBGYNs say they're untrained in menopause and 75% of doctors say they feel uncomfortable talking about menopause. 

Women are suffering

99% of women say menopause symptoms have a negative impact on their career... 

Menopause symptoms can be debilitating

25% of women experience debilitating menopause symptoms that last up to 15 years, and 59% of women take time off work because of menopause symptoms.

Let me show you what your doctor may not know

20 years ago a women came to me for help with menopause after her doctor told her her only options for debilitating brain fog, hot flashes, and anxiety were anti-depressants, sleeping pills, and waiting it out. 

I figured it would get better. 

4 weeks ago a woman came to me for help with severe early menopause symptoms after her doctor told her her only options were birth control pills or a hysterectomy. 

Your doctor is an invaluable resource - but you need help from a hormone expert as well 

Get On A Simple Plan For Managing Your Hormones

This could be you...

  • My sleep is back!  I would wake every one to two hours, but now
    I'm sleeping deeply, only waking like once for a second, then I'm back to sleep and averaging 8 - 9 hours of sleep!
  • I'd wake up like, OK I need to go change my PJs, but now I’m sleeping all night, and I’m nice and cozy. I’m not sweaty and clammy.
  • My hot flashes are 50% gone - half as often and half as hot - after just a few weeks
  • Whatever was in those herbal remedies worked!  I'm no longer yelling at my kids every day
  • My whole cycle became unmanageable in perimenopause with mood swings, PMS, cramps, and extreme fatigue... Now my cycle is back to being easy - just like it was in my twenties!
  • My husband is pleasantly surprised!  He claims my mood swings are almost non-existent, and my libido is so much better I'm the one initiating!
  • My eyes were dry and irritated all the time - I was constantly reaching for eye drops.  Now most of the time I don't even THINK about them!
  • I don't have hot flashes 29 out of 30 nights
  • I really thought the hot flashes and sweats were something I'd just have to live with - I could cry with relief.
  • In the last two weeks I've had twelve nights of excellent sleep - that's more than I usually get in a month!
  • I was getting hot flashes with irritation - that I can't have at work - because I work with kids.  It's no longer a problem, the hot flashes are gone, and my patience is back! 
  • I had a rash for a year that I couldn't get rid of - now it's gone!
  • I didn't know it would get better so fast!
  •  I was feeling too old to do my job in my FORTIES!  Now I'm coming up with fresh new ideas at work.  I'm wowing myself and others.  I'm back in the game.

You can achieve your dreams of looking & feeling like yourself again

doing your best work and having the most fun in midlife and beyond - without feeling exhausted, confused, or weighed down

Because YES it's true that having enough balanced hormones can not only dial peri and menopause symptoms down near zero...

It can protect you against sagging skin, dryness, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, demential, and the heart disease of aging. 

And this is something you can do naturally.  Which is why I wanted to help. 

I've documented my entire process, developed over two decades of getting real women menopause relief and slower, healthier aging.  

The result is a fail-proof and flexible system that shows you step-by-step how to take back control of how you're feeling during and after menopause by getting on a simple, customized plan for managing your hormones now that updates with you as your hormones change for the rest of your life.  

We'll be getting you out of the confusion and unnecessary hormonal grief and health decline most women are caught in.


Making Menopause Easy

Everything you need to take back control over how you're feeling with customized natural remedies

Making Menopause Easy is a 24/7 Online Course + Real-Time Coaching that has the tools, support, community, and natural remedies you need to ease menopause symptoms and age more slowly getting you on track for experiencing the joy, vitality, & wellness you thought were a thing of the past.

Enter your text here...

By the end of the program you'll be able to...

Dial Menopause Symptoms Down near Zero

Confidently choose a natural remedy that addresses your main symptom - and have a plan for getting rid of the rest of your symptoms in the proper order

Skyrocket Energy + Look & Feel Younger

Have your hairdresser say - Hey, how is it that your hair's thicker and you look younger than you did five years ago?  Because you look it - and you feel it. 

Ditch Confusion

Know you're giving your hormones what they need now - and that you're updating your remedies, so you always have the three keys to healthy aging working for you at maximum. 


With HRT I stopped after six weeks and had side effects for six months!  Now, with herbs, the night sweats and insomnia are nothing like they were. It’s also helped my mood swings and irritability tremendously!  And I've had no side effects - Darcy.

Darcy Feeling great in menopause

What's inside of Making Menopause Easy

01 The Online Program

24/7 Access to the full, step-by-step system for finding & using natural remedies. 

Short video lessons with downloadable checklists and guides will have you completing each step in minutes a day.

02 The Coaching Support

Unlimited weekly Q & A & Live Coaching Calls mean anytime you're unsure of your next step, you'll get expert guidance plus clarity on strategy for reaching your biggest health goals.

03 The Online Pharmacies

Access to the highest quality, professional level natural remedies. 

04 The Community

Support, accountability, new student orientation, mixers, and never feeling like you're in this alone again

See what other women are going through, and what's working for them.

And the hormone-friendly recipes, exercise, makeup, lifestyle, skin-care and self care are just plain fun.


The Making Menopause Easy Online Program Curriculum

module 1

Hormone Intelligence: Customize your remedies

Cookie cutter hormone remedies don't work.   

Our easy-to-follow process will have you matched up with your customized remedies in just 15 minutes a day for seven days.

In this module you'll learn

  • The symptom translator to get matched up with your customized remedies in 7 steps (15 minutes each!)
  • You'll clear every remedy for safety
  • Address secondary health issues like other symptoms, digestion, & stress
  • Customize for your budget
  • Optimize for your DNA and your body's weak areas
  • Plus so much more!
  • Seven training videos
  • Step-By-Step Downloadable Checklists
  • 24 Niches - you'll find yours
  • Herbal Pharmacy Access
In Module ONE you'll leave the complicated theory to us behind the scenes


-  Amy

SEVERE Hot Flash Relief
I was having severe hot flashes, every hour on the hour all night where I had to sit up off the bed to fan off and cool my bed.  I wasn’t sleeping because of the hot flashes for sure.  I would have trouble going back to sleep at the 2:00am hot flash and sometimes not get back to sleep until 5:-6:00am.

I really felt like I was going crazy and just trying all day to keep my family from thinking I was. I really was feeling desperate for something to change. It was intense and a bit scary. (I actually wrote a note on my iphone in April about how bad it was getting and how crazy I was feeling.)
I am soooo grateful that my hot flashes have subsided. They are half as often and probably half as intense, so this is such a relief!  I realize that imbalance in our hormones is not what should be our norm!

module 2

Expert Technique: Get Pro Results

Before you waste time and money on natural remedies, discover the practical know-how that will get you the biggest results from every dose.

In this module you'll learn

  • Learn to use side effects to your advantage, so you never lose momentum on feeling better & better & BETTER
  • Find a way to take your remedies that you LOVE, so that it's easy to take them regularly from tinctures and capsules to lattes and smoothies (there's something for everyone)
  • Consistency is key, so we've got proven tools for making new healthy habits stick even if you've never been able to stick with them before
  • Discover the simplest ways to maximize your diet and lifestyle for your hormones, so that you can get the most results with the least effort
  • Master timing and dosage of your natural remedies
  • Plus so much more!
  • Recipes
  • Step-By-Step Downloadable Checklists
  • The Master Dosage Guide
  • Hormone-friendly diet & lifestyle
In Module TWO you'll have a quick reference of pro technique at your fingertips


-  Faith

start sleeping again - for real
Dana, I know I've said this already, but I'm overjoyed with the fact that I'm sleeping again! I've struggled with sleep for almost a year now since peri-menopause began. I developed black rings under my eyes and would wake every one to two hours a night.
And now that I'm at my 3-month mark on the remedies, I'm sleeping deeply, only waking like once for a second, then I'm back to sleep and averaging 8 - 9 hours of sleep! I can't thank you enough! I hope I'm able to encourage some of you struggling with the same issue

module 3

Level Up: Update Your Plan

Get a simple schedule and checklist for updating your natural remedies, so they're always optimized for where your symptoms, hormones, and your healthiest aging.

In this module you'll learn

  • schedule alerting you when it's time to update - so you never miss an update!
  • A  simple step-by-step checklist to follow every time you update your remedies
  • Plus so much more!
  • Video lessons
  • Downloadable Schedule
  • Step-By-Step Update Checklist
  • Practical tips on using natural remedies
In Module THREE you'll avoid the most common menopause mistake - NOT updating your remedies and

instead - easily keep your natural remedies updated to match your body as it changes.


-  Amber

peri-menopausal PMS is no joke
I would be in bed for two days every month. I would be in so much pain I could barely move. I needed opioid pain medication, and I would vomit so hard I could barely breathe. I would often end up in urgent care for IV fluids and intramuscular medications. I was applying for FMLA because I had to call in sick so frequently.
I am now thriving. I haven’t missed a day of work in eight months. I still have occasional migraine twinges, but I have the tools to address them and they always resolve before they take over. My overall vitality and steadiness have increased to the point that I am now working with Dana on how to make my life as big and rich as possible rather than about how to get through the month.

module 4

Plan Your Experience of Aging

Hormonal support doesn't stop after menopause. Natural remedies are a powerful way to look and feel younger & stay healthier in the years after menopause.

In this module you'll learn

  • Support healthy inflammation levels, so you can help prevent multiple diseases
  • Help your body keep hormone levels high enough so that you can help prevent multiple signs of aging
  • Support your DNA so that you can counteract any family history of disease
  • Plumper skin, thicker hair, stronger bones & muscles, better sleep, and moisture, metabolism, and libido - YES PLEASE!
  • How to add extra support for: Bones, Hair, Skin, Insomnia, or Inflammation 
  • Plus so much more!
  • Video lessons
  • Cheatsheets for extra support where you need it
  • Extra Turn-Back-The-Clock guide


-  Vonda

be your best self with your partner...
My husband went from saying I was so prickly it was like trying to hug a porcupine to - the last six months have been the best EVER in our relationship.

Your Time & Your Health Are Too Precious To Waste Lost In Unnecessary Hormonal Symptoms & Early Aging

choose the making menopause easy plan that's right for you

enroll now and get lifetime access

Get lifetime access to the signature program AND...

In the Coaching Support Membership when you enroll when you enroll before the doors close. 


$179 USD



$497 USD


You're protected by our 100% money-back guarantee


You've Probably Seen Us On


The Coaching support Membership


What Is It?

The coaching support membership is an online community with women just like you

where we support each other, ask questions of each other and of me, and we all get through these changes in our lives together.


What Does it Do?

The Coaching Support Membership gives you a place to get your questions answered.

Not just generic questions, but questions about YOUR experience and your needs will be addressed, and you’ll get the answers you’ve been looking for.


What This Means for You

What this means is that going through life changes and aging doesn’t have to be so hard.

You can have the solutions that will help you feel better, younger, more alive, and be in less pain...

And you’re going to do it all with a bunch of women just like you, and with me, right by your side to help you every step of the way.

Ever wish I'd just show up at your kitchen table, walk you through each step in understanding were you're at in menopause, what your hormones need right now, and exactly how to give it to them - PLUS get some help for that thinning hair?

Or that EVERY TIME you had a question about what was going on in your body, needed to vent, or just needed a great idea for a hormone + family friendly dinner recipe - you had somewhere to go to get it?

#1:  Live Coaching

Monthly live calls where we work 1:1 to completely clear up any areas of confusion, so you're confident and successful in everything you're doing

#2:  Weekly Q & A

Every question is answered every week in a detailed, time-stamped answer video, so you're never confused, stressed, or wondering if you're doing it right



Nothing will make midlife MORE FABULOUS than having these women in your life:

Never feel like you're going through this alone again. Instead become part of a thriving community filled with fun, wise women willing to share.

  •  Monday & Saturday accountability (you're 95% more likely to complete a healthy habit if you're accountable)
  • Recipes shares & hormone-friendly diet tips
  • Hormone-friendly makeup, skincare, & home products
  • Essential oil tips
  • Product highlights & shares
  • Community networking and connection
  • New student tours where everyone is welcome
  • Inspiration on being FABULOUS in your 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond
  • Share your weekly wins and get support when things are tough
  • Special trainings on natural remedies and natural beauty treatments (facial gua sha anyone?)

I look forward each month to my VIP support call with Dana. It's like having my own personal herbal coach. She helps me navigate any issues or questions that might arise and shows me how tweak my herbs if needed. I've also learned a lot listening to other students and their struggles. This has been a blessing!


With Lifetime Access

Like a series of 1:1 consultations, Making Menopause Easy is designed to get you taking action and seeing results right away.  But unlike a 1:1 consultations you can come back to the material again and again as the stages of your life change. 

By joining us for Making Menopause Easy today, you'll get the core training modules, video lessons, downloadable guides, checklists, and more — yours to keep forever.  Plus, as a Making Menopause Easy graduate, you’ll have the option to join the Coaching Support Membership anytime you need help reviewing or adjusting your plan. 

About dana lavoie, lac

With 20 years of experience specializing in women's health and an over 90% success rate getting women menopause relief, Dana wants more women to know their options for managing menopause and healthy aging - the things their doctors arent talking about.

She wants them to know how to keep menopause and aging from interfering with their career, home life, and dreams and to believe they deserve to feel vibrant, and alive, and great at every age (no matter what their hormones are doing!)

As a dynamic teacher and healer with over 20 years experience in clinical practice and online coaching, Dana wants you to have a simple, safe, natural way to manage menopause and ensure slower, healthier aging - at your fingertips.


100% Money Back Guarantee


Money Back Guarantee

If you don't love Making Menopause Easy, just email us with your completed coursework within one week of enrolling, and we’ll refund you, in full. No gimmicks, no “cancellation fees.

Questions?  Ask Away!

is the program live or recorded?

The program is recorded, so you can access it 24/7 when you need it.

In the coaching membership, the weekly Q & A is recorded, so you submit your questions anytime all week long and they're answered in a detailed, time-stamped video.

The Coaching Calls are LIVE each month.

Are the natural remedies included in the price of the program? If not how much will they cost?

No, The remedies are so customized the price varies. You can always find remedies throughout our price range and customize for your budget. The range is from about $25/month to about $200/month

How long does the program take? (I don't think I have time right now!)

  • You can go through the first seven steps in 15 minutes per day for 7 days (or about 2 hours in one stretch) and be ready to order your first customized combination of herbs.

  • 15 minutes a day three times a week for another couple of weeks will get you up to speed on expert technique and your update schedule.

  • Come on back for your Secret Key Healthy Aging combinations when the program confirms you're ready to transition into post-menopause support.

It's amazingly quick and easy.

I have trouble taking supplements regularly - will it work for me?

The supplements won't work if you wont take them. But if you're open to it, inside the program you'll find a special training just for you with proven tools to help you get regular with healthy habits, even if you've never been able to before.

What happens when my Free Trial in the Coaching Membership expires?

You'll lose access to the Coaching Membership - and that's it. You won't be charged, you don't have to cancel. It's a totally risk-free trial. Then, at any time you can rejoin the Coaching Membership on a monthly or annual basis and cancel and rejoin anytime you need extra support.

What if I've had a hysterectomy?

After a hysterectomy the body needs more help, and natural remedies are wonderful. I can't imagine ever going through that process without them. The program is wonderful.

If you've had an estrogen-sensitive cancer the program is likely going to be very protective for you, but contact me for more information before joining or during your 7-day money back guarantee period.

Is there anyone who shouldn't join the program?

Yes! The program is only for women with a mailing address in the US, HI, AK, or PR. We simply can't ship the remedies I use in the program reliably internationally at this time.

Yes! Most medical histories and medications are safe to use with the remedies in the program, but if you're on a blood thinner like Coumadin or on an active dose of chemotherapy the program may not be a good match.

If you have a history of an estrogen-sensitive cancer, the program may be very safe and protective, but contact me for more info before enrolling (or check with me during your 7-day money-back guarantee period.)

what happens after i enroll

You'll receive an email with your login info and can access the entire program immediately.

You'll get a link to join the student community, request to join and will be in within 24-48 hours.

You'll get access within 24-48 hours (usually less) to your Coaching Free Trial and the online pharmacies.

how long will i have access to the program

You'll have Lifetime access to program, so you can keep coming back to it each time your body, symptoms, or hormones change - or a new sign of aging pops up.

You'll be welcome in the student community.

You'll have access to the Coaching Membership for the length of your free trial. You can then rejoin or leave at any time for $39/month. Drop in or out whenever you need extra support.

what's the best age to start the program?

The best results come from starting to support your hormones around age 28. So anyone 28 or older is perfect for the program.

What Real Women Are Saying About Making Menopause Easy

Don't Wait to join us in Making Menopause Easy - where we believe every woman deserves to go through every stage of menopause being in control and feeling great. 

the doors are closing soon

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We present testimonials and insights about other people’s experiences with my program for purposes of illustration only. The testimonials, examples, and photos used are of actual clients. They are not intended to represent or guarantee that current or future clients will achieve the same or similar results; rather, these testimonials represent what is possible for illustrative purposes only.

Per FACEBOOK™ and Instagram™ rules, we must mention that this is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated