How To Finally Find The Right Herbs For Menopause for real - Dana LaVoie, LAc

How to Finally Find The Right Herbs For Menopause (for real)

(What is a differentiation - and Why Do I Care??)

What do herbs for menopause actually do? 

#1 - Herbs for menopause can help  replenish, refill, and restore your energies including your grounding, moistening energy and the fiery energy that helps the body keep your metabolism robust and your bones strong

#2 Herbs for menopause help your body detoxify by supporting your body's own liver and kidney functions.

#3 Herbs for menopause help make your body's own system for fine tuning hormonal balance more efficient

Why herbs for menopause are not a one-size-fits-all kind of solution

Herbal combinations for menopause

Some women need more replenishment - their system is depleted... running on empty

Some women need more detox support - things are clogged up, backed, up - and reaching critical mass

Some need more help because their system is not regulating well - it's not sending clear messages

And sometimes nothing is working right simply because stress is so high

Different herbs are used for each of these situations or for combinations of these situations!

What is a Differentiation - and Why Do I Care?

In Chinese Medicine - we always do this thing called a differentiation.

It means that for every symptom, there are a few specific underlying imbalances that can be causing the symptom.

The differentiation lets the practitioner figure out which underlying imbalance (or combo of imbalances) is causing the symptom in each case.

Bottom line - if you're following all the basic diet, lifestyle, and supplement ​recommendations for menopause and still need help getting symptom relief.. Herbs are likely the missing piece of the puzzle! 


Learn more about differentiations and how herbs fit into your overall menopausal plan by listening to this in - depth interview. 

Learn more about finding out your differentiation HERE. 

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PS: Here's what was in the video!

1:02 The 3 main ways herbs can help during menopause are

1:09 The first way herbs can help

2:26 The second way herbs can help

3:15 The third way herbs can help

4:12 How all 3 ways work together

4:50 Why herbs are not a one-size fits all kind of thing

7:16 Where differentiation comes in (and why you should care)

7:43 What is a differentiation

9:00 What your differentiation means in terms of herbs and results

10:26 How you can take advantage of this and get exactly the herbs you need

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