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About Me

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With 20 years of experience specializing in women's health and an over 90% success rate of getting women menopause relief, Dana LaVoie wants more women to know their options for managing menopause and healthy aging naturally - the things their doctor's not talking about.

More than anything, she wants more women to know how to keep menopause and aging from interfering with their careers, home life, and dreams. She believes every woman deserves to feel vibrant, alive, and great at every age (no matter what their hormones are doing!)

As a Tonic Herbalist & Acupuncturist Dana has spent her career helping women balance their hormones naturally with over 10K client visits and hundreds of women in her online programs & coaching.

And when not on the computer you’ll find Dana working in the garden, building things with her partner in their backyard, playing her guitar, hiking, biking, or paddling… And slowly becoming more of a world traveler.

Women who work with me in my online herbal program and coaching are saying...

My hot flashes are 50% gone.  They're half as often and half as hot after just a few weeks on the herbs from Dana's program. 


After 8 monthly visits to Urgent Care for severe migraines, I started Dana's herbs and now I've been migraine free all through my cycle for  for five months.


At night I was getting those sweats where you wake up like, OK I need to go change my PJs... That's not an issue anymore. I'm sleeping all night, and I'm nice and cozy.  I'm not sweaty and clammy.


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