Forget Menopause... Feel Amazing With Herbal Remedies in 12 Weeks

Get matched with customized herbal remedies that can help get your sleep, mood, temperature, and waistline back on track.

Temperature regulation

Deep sleep

Active metabolism

clear thinking

Menopause Can Feel Overwhelming, Confusing, & Out of Your Control

I know because hundreds of my clients and students started this way. 

Tell me if this sounds about right...

  • Hot flashes & night sweats are driving you nuts
  • You'd give anything for a natural way to stop vaginal dryness
  • You're not sure how to get straight answers about which menopause remedies are right for you
  • It actually hurts functioning on so little sleep
  • Your kids, partner, boss, & coworkers are ready for you to stop flying off the handle and losing your train of thought
  • You can't lose weight.  Full stop.  Nothing's working

Truth Bomb:

Your efforts thus far haven’t helped you achieve menopause relief or set you up for healthier aging.

But You Have a Choice

about how you feel from this point on - during & after menopause

I'm here to give you that choice

I’m excited to bring all of my expert solutions to YOU for a fraction of the cost of working with me privately via an online experience. 

I’m here to help you get back on track with your....


Get hot flashes & night sweats under control - even the severe & stubborn ones.


Mood swings, irritability, & brain fog can respond wonderfully to herbs


Real, long-lasting relief from insomnia.  Start sleeping deeply again. 


Get your hormones and brain on board with your weight loss and it becomes so much easier


A natural solution to vaginal dryness and pain.  We combine internal herbal remedies with external moisturizers for maximum relief


Get maximum support for slow, healthy aging in all the years post menopause

Welcome to: Menopause Made Easy with herbs 

The online program that matches you up with customized herbal remedies and delivers them to your door.

Online video lessons and downloadable workbooks you can access 24/7 for life combined with a fully supportive student community and VIP herbal support with Q & As & Live Group Coaching Calls directly with Dana.  

Follow the simple steps in the program - at home on your own time - quickly and easily, without needing to learn complicated herbal theory or do any lab tests. 

Hi, I'm Dana LaVoie, LAc

I've used my Master's Degree, advanced herbal training, 17 years of clinical experience and 4 years of teaching online to create an easy-to-use online program that delivers customized results.

Want to chat with me directly? Hit the Ask a Question button on your screen and send me  your phone/text number.  We'll figure this out together.

What My Students are saying

I didn't know it would get better so fast

At night I was getting those night sweats where you wake up and you're like, ok I need to go change my pajamas, because i just wet through them…

That is not an issue anymore. Im sleeping all night, and I'm nice and cozy.  I'm not sweaty and clammy!

VONDA | night sweats

It was really difficult to feel that exhausted

My whole cycle became unmanageable in perimenopause.  The mood swings, PMS, cramps and fatigue were profound.  It was really difficult to feel that exhausted.  

After being on the herbs, my cycle lengthened back out and feels more like it felt in my 20's. 

Jenny | perimenopausal fatigue

I'm sleeping!

The hot flashes, night sweats, and insomnia are NOTHING like they were


The heat is better

After just 12 weeks on the herbs I'm having half as many hot flashes, they're half as hot, and I'm getting twice as much sleep

Amy | severe hot flashes

What's In The Course

How you'll go from menopause misery to mastery in 3 modules

The course has 3 Modules of Video Lessons


Use Herbs Like a Pro
  • Learn all the tips and techniques pro herbalists use to get better results
  • I've seen all the stumbling blocks women run into over my 16 years of practice, and I've anticipated each one


The Symptom Translator
  • Follow a step-by-step process, identify your stage of menopause, plug in how you're feeling, and get matched with an herbal niche 
  • Learn everything about how to use the herbal niches in the next module


The Herbal Niches
  • Each herbal niche is a like a menu of herbal formulas.  Everything in your niche matches your hormones
  • You can choose an appetizer, main course, and dessert...  Or start with just a kid-size meal for mild symptoms.
  • You'll know exactly how to pick and choose the level of support you need

And the course also includes...


PDF Downloads
  • Each Module has PDF downloads that guide you every step of the way
  • I've taken the notes and done most of the work for you


The Online Pharmacy
  • When you enroll you'll get lifetime access to the online herbal pharmacy


The Community & Support
  • All students in the course have access to the Herbal Women Rockstar student community and the VIP Herbal Support Memberships

What's In The BONUS Package

Right now you can also get access to a special, TIME-LIMITED Bonus Package that includes...

3 Mini Courses, 12 weeks of VIP Support, and $50 off the regular course price

The Immune Protocols Mini Course

Three detailed herbal protocols to care for your immune system to prevent, fight off, or support during all phases of a respiratory infection. 

The Essential Oil Recipe Book

Get all my favorite ways to use essential oils to support your hormones during & after menopause

12 Weeks in the Course Community AND the VIP Support Membership

Join our supportive student community and get 12 weeks of VIP herbal support directly from me for a full 12 weeks

and $50 off the regular course price!!

don't wait

To start supporting your hormones

get started today

Why not to Wait

It's easier to maintain healthy hormone levels than to rebuild them after they've dropped too low.  Keeping your hormone levels high enough is the #1 way to reduce both menopause symptoms and signs of aging. 


When you have hormonal symptoms, our focus is on dialing them down.  As they improve, it's a sign your hormones are becoming more supported and more balanced. 


We give your hormones and endocrine system the unique support they need at each stage of the menopausal transition.


By building up your hormone levels we can help prevent most menopause symptoms and signs of aging before they happen

Our Pricing Plan

The course is regularly $497.  But for a limited time you can enroll at these special prices and with this special BONUS offer. 



174.00 x 3

Get the Program + full BONUS package with 3 monthly payments of $174

best value



Get the Program + full BONUS package with one single payment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 7 Days


Take it for a test drive - then decide.  Here's how it works:  Purchase the course and spend 7 days with it - doing the work.  If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team within 7 days of purchase, send us your completed worksheets for modules 1 and 2, and we'll happily either help you out with any issues or give you a swift refund.

When I hit perimenopause my husband said, "I'm in this for the long haul, but could you make our life together any more difficult?  You're so prickly it's like trying to hug a porcupine!"

Then, after I'd been on the customized herbs he said, "The last six months have been the best ever in our relationship!"


Using herbs for menopause

Did you say an over 90% success rate?  Yes I did!


They type of herbs we use in the program had a 92% success rate reducing menopause symptoms at clinical trial.

Cleveland Clinic:

They type of herbs we use in the program are recommended for treating menopausal symptoms by the Cleveland Clinic

Frequently asked questions

Is there anyone who shouldn't sign up for the course? 


  • If you live outside the US, AK, HI, and PR, you won't be able to access the online pharmacy, so I don't recommend signing up, as it will likely be difficult for you to get your hands on the herbs mentioned in the course.
  • If you're on blood thinner medication like Coumadin, on an active course of chemotherapy, or on medication for a serious seizure disorder, or on antipsychotic medication, I don't recommend signing up for the course. 
  • Are the herbs included in the price of the course? 

    No.  The herbs needed will be so different for each woman, it wouldn't make sense.  You'll purchase the herbs separately, but with the help of the course you'll know exactly which formulas to purchase from which brands, and you'll have a place online you can find and order them very easily.  

    The price of the herbs varies greatly.  One bottle of herbs costs between $25 - $40.  You'll want 1 - 2 bottles of each herbal formula you're taking per month.  

    You can choose just one formula at a smaller dose, and you can choose one that is at the lower end of the price spectrum if that's what fits your budget... Or you can choose multiple formulas from all price ranges for faster support for relief of the most severe symptoms or for maximum extra adaptogenic protection and healthy aging support. 

    How much time will the course take? 

    The course is not about theory.  It's designed to take you through simple steps to taking your herbs as quickly as possible. You can do the course in a weekend or 15 minutes a day for a couple of weeks. 

    Or you can get started with the FAST TRACK and be ordering a basic herbal program in a couple of hours - then come back to layer on even more results later. 

    Is there a money-back guarantee? 

    You have a full week (7 days) to explore every aspect of the course.  Dive in, watch the videos, fill out the worksheets.. And if you're not convinced the course is what you need... Within the first seven days, show us your completed worksheets and ask for a refund, and we'll be happy to give you a prompt, full refund. 

    About the Author

    Using my Master's degree in Oriental Medicine, advanced training in Tonic Longevity Herbalism, and 16 years of clinical experience, I've come to understand menopause in all its variations. 

    And now after helping hundreds of women get menopausal relief, I've created this online program that can do the same thing for you in the comfort of your home anywhere in the U.S.

    Now, every time I run into a woman having a hot flash in line at the grocery store 

    I know I have something that will help.  Something she can use easily and at home. 

    And that was my goal and my dream.  And I always go the extra mile to support all my students to ensure their results to make that dream a reality.

    What Makes Us Different

    Most menopause remedies are aimed at symptom control or at supporting your hormones in ONE way.  This program goes way beyond that. 

    How symptom control fits into what we do

    Severe symptoms are a message telling us your hormones are out of balance, so we focus our herbs on bringing severe symptoms under control first.  But we also focus on the underlying imbalance that caused the symptom - to prevent it from coming back. 

    We support your hormones in THREE ways

    We don't try to address everyone's hormones in the same way.  We include 3 types of hormonal support and customize how much of each one you're getting based on what your body needs.  And yes, this will change as your body changes over time.

    We include maximum prevention & healthy aging support

    If you're just managing symptoms, you're always putting out fires.  Instead, we address the underlying imbalance causing the symptom for real, long-term relief.

    Then we give your hormones support against ever falling too low or getting out of balance, because these two things can help prevent both future hormonal symptoms and multiple signs of aging. 

    Change your health starting today.