Healthy Habits for Menopause Relief – WHAT ARE THEY? - Dana LaVoie, LAc

Healthy Habits for Menopause Relief...


Join me in this FB Live discussion about why healthy habits are so important for menopause relief and get the SHORT LIST of which ones are MOST important for hormonal balance and relief from menopausal symptoms. 


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Find out what you need to know RIGHT NOW about healthy habits during menopause... 

healthy habits for menopause - what the heck are they?

what you need to know right now about healthy habits during menopause so you can get menopause relief

The thing about natural remedies for menopause is..

Well If you’ve been hanging out with me, you know I say that no one thing is enough to balance hormones and get massive relief from menopausal symptoms… diet alone is not enough - even hormone replacement alone -

It’s the combination of the right DEIT, LIFESTYLE, AND HERBS

and when i say that, well...

I think DIET is pretty self explanatory

even herbs and supplements is

but LIFESTYLE - what the heck does that mean… EXACTLY

JJ virgin gave me a quote for a blog article i published recently on how to lose weight during menopause - ill link the article below this video - I asked a number of experts for the #1 tip for women who are struggling to lose weight during menopause

JJ said

if you want to lose weight during menopause.. “focus on balancing your hormones and dialing in your diet and lifestyle habits first - and the weight loss will follow”

and i agree - so much!

So what are these “healthy habits” or “diet & lifestyle habits” we’re talking about??

that’s what I want to talk about today -

first lets put this in perspective..

why are healthy habits more important now - all of a sudden at menopause?

When you’re 16 you can stay up all night - have coffee for breakfast - and still feel basically FINE - all day -

but at 50 - much less likely.

i say you can still feel GREAT but you have to work a bit harder at it -

and by that I mean - having healthy habits

so what are the FEWEST - MOST IMPORTANT - diet and lifestyle habits you want to develop - for help during menopause

the ones that are really worth the effort to find time for consistently?

(and PS - if you’re not at menopause yet - i highly recommend getting into these habits now!)


diet habits fall into two categories:

What to eat

and When to eat it

What to eat: 

lots of vegetables,


plenty of protein,

plenty of healthy fat,

and some targeted superfoods like flax seeds

and for most women a moderate amount of healthy carbs like sweet potato, brown rice, qinoa, etc.

What not to eat:

Processed foods including refined sugar,

artificial foods like artificial flavors, colors & preservatives,

GMO foods,

LIFESTYLE HABITS for Menopause Reief

1. When to eat:

eat regularly

don't skip meals

your body thrives on 3-5 meals & snacks per day - a stead fuel supply is important for your cells.

if you go hours and hours without eating.. your blood sugar levels start to go up and down too far - and that affects all your other hormones as well.

2. Drink enough water - and drink it between meals -

3. Find an active relaxation/stress management routine you like and do it.

Im talking do it 5 days a week even if its only for a few minutes.

This will regulate your stress hormones levels - again! helping all your other hormones to be regulated as well.

(I'm telling you - if you can regulate your blood sugar levels and stress hormone levels - you’re already halfway there even before you start addressing weight loss or hot flashes!)

4. Get some exercise. regularly (but not too much)

It doesn't have to be intense or fancy, but your body needs to move a bit and likes to have some muscle.

5. Breathe deeply​


Chew your food really well!

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