What If You Could Use The Power Of Chinese Herbs During & After Menopause?


If You Have No Idea How To Control Menopause Safely... 

What if you knew how to choose the right herbs at every stage of THE CHANGE?  So that you could put one of the oldest, safest, and most effective systems of herbalism to work helping to control your hormonal discomforts


Let me guess, you had no idea menopause would be this miserable

You’re dragging yourself out of bed after four hours sleep.  Facing your inbox and annoyingly perky coworkers...  But your brain is so foggy you can’t remember if you ate breakfast!  (Was that smoothie yesterday? Why does it always feel like you haven’t had coffee yet?)

You’re wearing a sleeveless top in midwinter and still dripping sweat at meetings - and while hanging out in the frozen food aisle at the grocery store!

Everything you’ve tried so far has been a waste of time or money.

You’re so desperate you’re ready to start hormones - but you’re scared they’re not safe!  (Or you'd just rather have a more natural alternative.) 

You don't think you’ll ever have a waist (or a cute butt) again, because those extra pounds that showed up won't seem to leave.  And the truth is - you’re not sure you care because your interest in your sex life seems to be over anyway.

And at 3 am when you’re awake - sweating instead of sleeping - you're sure you can feel your bones shrinking and your blood pressure and blood sugar rising.

And the mood swings!  Mood swings were MY first symptom when I hit peri-menopause.

A year ago I was at an outdoor concert with my husband, my two dogs, and my parents. It was the most beautiful 80 degree summer day, in the most beautiful park.  We were listening to the happiest music, and kids were dancing all over the grass.  Nothing bad had happened in my life recently! 


And I spent most of the concert behind the concrete hut with the restrooms in it - Because I COULDN’T STOP CRYING.

For no reason, I was bawling my eyes out - and I could NOT stop.  I couldn’t control it. I thought I was finally losing it.


Then a few days later I got my period and I felt normal again.  Not sad not depressed.. And I was like OOOOOH - that was PMS made worse my peri-menopause - WOW.  

So I did ONE thing.   I started a new Chinese herbal formula.  Because I’m an herbalist I knew which formula to take.  I started on it right away. I didn’t miss any doses.


And the next month my mood swings were about half as bad.  And by the third month on the formula my mood swings were 99% gone and I was back to my regular, mild PMS.  And I've stayed that way ever since!

That’s the power of Chinese herbs during menopause.  And I see it over and over again in my practice.

What my clients say about using herbs:

I've tried many things... 

 "I've tried many different remedies to help with mood swings during PMS and with my anxiety.  I was hesitant to spend more money and possibly be disappointed yet again. But my mood swings & anxiety associated with PMS changed drastically with Dana's help."

PMS & Anxiety

My family thanks you!

I had a client who was in the heart of menopause and was snapping at her husband and kids every time she had a hot flash.  I started her on an herbal formula. Then two weeks later she said to me, "Whatever was in those pills you gave me - my family thanks you!"  (They were Chinese Herbs!)

Hot Flashes & Mood Swings

Studies show Chinese Herbs work

One study showed that after taking a Chinese Herbal Formula for menopausal discomforts:

  • 30 out of 50 patients had complete relief
  • 13 marked improvement
  • 3 some improvement.  

The 30 patients with complete relief were all still symptom free six months later - after stopping the herbs.

herbs for menopause graph

What if you could see these kind of changes in your menopausal misery? 

What if you could... 

  • Get great sleep with no night sweats
  • Be impervious to hot flashes 
  • Have stable, even moods 
  • Have more energy - that's consistent throughout the day
  • Feel happy with clear thinking- like your brain is working
  • Have more hair on your head
  • And less inches around your waist
  • Still have your libido
  • Get a great report at your next doc visit with strong bones, toned muscles, & a healthy heart 
  • When a new symptoms appears, know what to do to get fast relief
  • What if you could look and feel like yourself again 
  • What if getting older started to feel beautiful, sexy, & exciting?

But not all herbs are the same

It’s likely you have some friends who’ve tried black cohosh or maca…

You might even have a cabinet full of remedies you’ve spent money on!  They might have worked for a couple of weeks.  But none of them made a real dent in what you’re going through - so you decided herbs don't work.

Here’s a truth bomb for you - there’s not one remedy or one herb that works for every woman at menopause.


And yet if you look at any herbal remedy sold on Amazon... It says it’s the perfect choice for all women with menopause symptoms!

How the heck are you supposed to know which one to choose?  Which one is going to work for you?

Herbs aren’t one-size-fits-all.


And here’s another way NOT to use herbs:

Add a new herb for each new symptom as you go through menopause.  Add another herb for each annoying sign of aging that appears after menopause.  

You’ll end up on 20 different pills.  It’s like putting your finger in a hole in a dam - and every time a new hole opens up you need a new finger.  You’ll run out of fingers - it’s not a viable plan.

I call this chasing symptoms.  You're treating symptoms only.

What does it take to choose the right herbs?

What if you found the right herbs for your underlying imbalances? 

And that meant you could watch your blood sugar improve and weight loss get easier while working on your hot flashes

Good News:  

  • This commonly happens because the newly balanced hormones that are improving your hot flashes... 
  • Will ALSO support your liver, thyroid, and metabolism!

How Do You Choose Herbs That Are Safe?

  1. Screen herbs for safety against your individual needs.  
  2. Choose herbs that are cleanly sourced and manufactured and guaranteed to be free of toxins. 
  3. Use herbs at the correct dosages for the best results without side effects.

How Do You Use Your Formulas Like An Expert?


Each Chinese herbal formula comes with diet & lifestyle recommendations that can increase your results.   

How Do You Make Them Effective?

  1. Choose Chinese the right, customized herbal formulas that are aimed at your unique group of discomforts AND their common underlying cause.
  2. Know when and how to take herbs. (Some formulas you can take anytime but formulas - like those  for sleep and libido - are best taken at certain times of day.)

How Do You Adjust Your Formulas When Your Symptoms Change? 

You need to know when & how to re-evaluate your symptoms and change the herbs you're taking.

How Do You Adjust Your Formulas When Your Stage Of Menopause Changes? 

The best herbs for you will change as you move from peri-menopause, past menopause, and into post-menopause.  You need to know when to re-evaluate and adjust your herbs at each stage. 


Chinese herbs are so safe & effective they're showing up at top hospitals

The Cleaveland Clinic now has a department of Chinese Herbal Medicine.

When asked "What conditions are best treated with Chinese Herbal Therapy?"

Improve Menopause Symptoms is one of the top 8 conditions listed. 

Here's what they have published on their website:

cleaveland clinic uses of chinese herbal therapy

What if you had all that herbal power at your fingertips?

What if you could take a more active role in your own well-being & personal health?? 

You'd like it a lot.

Which is why I created How To Use Chinese Herbs During & After Menopause. 

It's an online course

  • Inside you'll find all you need to choose the right Chinese Herbs for your menopause discomforts.  
  • And I give you the specific companies, formulas, and dosages I use with my clients.
  • All the formulas I give you are easy to get at iHerb.com, which ships to over 150 countries.

You’ll find a complete, 3-part system.  

  • It'll take you step by step through all the tools you need to use Chinese Herbs during & after menopause. 
  • No herbs are included with this course.  
  • But using the tools in this course...

--> You’ll have the power to choose the right herbs at every stage of menopause.

Because taking the wrong herbs you’ll waste time and money. You might expose yourself to toxins.  And you might get some temporary relief - but you’ll still have the same old symptoms.

Enroll Now in How To Use Chinese Herbs During & After Menopause now for just $197!

Right from the start, we're ensuring your herbs are frustration free, and that you have a professional level of safety and effectiveness when using herbs.  This is step 1.

Why isn't everyone using Chinese herbs? 


They get distracted by quick fixes

One pill for everyone.  Icy panties.  A fan by your bedside.  Cooling bed sheets.  

These give quick, temporary symptom relief only.  

Use herbs to get to the underlying cause of your menopause symptoms, and before you know it your fan and cooling spray will be collecting dust in the hall closet. 


They're going around and around - chasing symptoms

Did you know 75% of women in menopause have hot flashes, but 33% have them for 10 years or more?  

That's one in three.  

But when you're treating the underlying cause, you're getting yourself out of that 33%.


They don't know how to use Chinese Herbs correctly

Until now you had to go to school for 3 years or work with an herbalist 1:1 to use Chinese herbs safely & effectively!

What's in the course:

Here's what you'll get inside the How To Use Chinese Herbs During & After Menopause online program:


By the end of Module 1 you'll know herbalist insider secrets & techniques for using using herbs safely & effectively



Take Herbs Like An Expert.  Feel confident in what to do with every herbal formula.  How & when to take it, and when to reevaluate whether it's still the best choice. 



Build Your Daily Herbal Template  So you always know - at a glance - what your herbs are for and the best way to take them.



Maximize Herbal Results. Use these techniques to increase your herbal results up to 50%.



The Herbal Safety Checklist  Run every herbal formula through this worksheet before you choose it to be sure it's safe & compatible with YOU.


By the end of Module 2 you’ll be able organize your discomforts and find your underlying causes. 



The Symptom Translator.  With this tool you'll turn how you're feeling into specific herbal categories.



Find Your Symptom Lever.  With this tool you'll group together your symptoms and find their underlying cause. 



Create Your Herbal Relief Formula.  Find the exact, customized combination of herbs that matches how you're feeling at this point in time


By the end of Module 3 you’ll be able to create a daily herbal plan with formulas & dosages. 



The Safe Source List.  Match up the category of herbs you came up with in Module 2  with specific herbal products of the highest quality - that are available for delivery in your area.



Run Safety Checks.  I'll walk you step by step through a personalized safely check for every product before you buy. 



Keep Up With Changing Symptoms.  Know how and when to re-evaluate and update the herbs that you're taking for the very best results over time. 


If you want to give your herbs a clean slate


The 30 Day Detox, Reset, & Restore With Herbs.  Combining herbs with gentle detox practices, this 30-day reset promotes a healthy balance of inflammation, is gently cleansing, and restores your energy reserves.  It can  jumpstart your journey to hormonal balance and fast-track your relief by giving your herbs a clean slate.


Healthy Aging. Get my favorite protocols for bone, muscle, joint, tendon, skin, and hair support. 


Herbal Cold & Flu Care. Get the advantages herbalists have!   Know how to use herbs for cold & flu care.

Enroll Now in How To Use Chinese Herbs During & After Menopause now for just $197!

Enroll now and get access when the course opens on June 24, 2019   You'll get 24/7 lifetime access to the course including future updates. 

how to use chinese herbs for menopause online course ipad

Right from the start, we're ensuring your herbs are frustration free, and that you have a professional level of safety and effectiveness when using herbs.  This is step 1.

Who this course is NOT right for

This course isn't right for everyone.  Please read the green and red boxes below to make sure you're a good fit. 

This course is perfect for you if:

  • You've tried other supplements, herbs, or remedies - and they haven't worked!.
  • If you're already on HRT but not getting the results you want - OR - you're having side effects. 
  • You're not in menopause yet!  (Or you're not sure, you might be in perimenopuase)  If you're 35 or older this is PERFECT for you. 
  • If you're 28 or older but already having signs of perimenopause - this is perfect for you (there are protocols inside the course for pre menopause and for early peri-menopause. 
  • If you're past menopause, this is PERFECT for you.  Post-meonpause is one of the most important times to give your hormones a helping hand (yes you still have hormones.)  I have special healthy aging protocols inside  
  • You should be past menopause but you're STILL suffering!  This is highly recommended! 

This course is NOT for you if:

  • Chinese herbs only work if you take them.  If don't think you can take them regularly, don't bother. 
  • If you're looking for one herb for every symptom - with no more depth than that - you won't find it here. 
  • Using the worksheets and checklists takes some time and effort.  You can't just watch the videos.  You need to spend some time doing the work to get the results.  (No lab tests are required.  Just some time.)
  • In the course you'll learn how to check for herbal safety.  But if you're currently dealing with cancer, have a history of an estrogen-related cancer, or are on blood thinner or anti-seizure medication - this is not for you.  Chinese herbs may be great for you, but you need to work 1:1 with an herbalist. 
  • If you want to learn how to use local herbs growing in your garden for menopause - this course is not for you. 
  • If iherb.com does not ship to your location, this course is not right for you.  iherb ships to over 150 countries, but check before enrolling that they have shipping to your area and that the timing and shipping rates are convenient.   CLICK HERE to see the countries where shipping is supported, and contact iherb at info@iherb.com for more info about shipping to your area. 

If you want results in 24 hours or less, this course is not for you.  

An expert at the Cleaveland clinic Chinese herbal medicine department and I agree:

"Please do not expect immediate results.  For the first effects, three weeks.  For the best therapeutic potential, three months."  

But is it the right time?? 

Yes - If you'd like midlife to be a fun, healthy, joyous adventure...  Chinese herbs are holistic addressing mind, body, and spirit, with a focus on anti-aging benefits.

Yes - If you're exited about helping yourself - from the comfort of home!  Take control of how you're feeling with the power of Chinese Herbs at your fingertips - ANY TIME you need them. 

Maybe you should wait? 

If you wait you'll still be suffering.  When you don't need to suffer. 

You'll have discomforts that are not only uncomfortable - but dangerous for your health.  

Did you know weight gain, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, lack of sleep, and stress are hard on your body? 

That they can lead to inflammation, heart attack, heart disease, and diabetes?? 

And that in Chinese Medicine, heat and dryness (hello hot flashes) if left untreated, can lead to dizziness, vertigo...  But can also lead to high blood pressure and frozen shoulder - and even dry eyes, vaginal dryness, and recurrent UTIs! 

So instead of chasing symptoms around.  When you could be treating the root cause...

Instead of doing more of what you're doing now to take the edge off your discomforts hoping one day you'll feel better... .

Instead of spending more time and money  on treatments that won't address the root cause & underlying imbalances of your menopause.  (Been there done that!)

Why not act now?

Do something you haven't tried? 

And get lifetime access to my entire system - for the price of a nice pair of shoes? 

Join My Happy Herbal Clients

Here's what my clients have to say:

"I’m down 5 lbs and I’m not going up!"

"I can totally control my hot flashes"

"My family thanks you!"

And they say... 

"My night sweats and insomnia are gone"

"I can get through the night without any night sweats"

"I wore a sweater at work - I was actually cool!"

DANA LAVOIE  //  Instructor

Why I created this course

My first client with bad hot flashes had such bad brain fog with each hot flash - that she had driven her car through her garage door while it was closed.  She was scared to drive with her kids in the car. She was scared she was totally losing it.  

And ever since I was able to help her get her life back in just 90 days, I've been obsessed with helping women have an easier menopause.  

And I've been doing just that for the past 15 years as a licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist.  

Dana LaVoie, L.Ac

The Best Time to Start Getting Hormonal Relief is Now for just $197!

Don't wait to start using Chinese herbs to help you get relief from hormonal symptoms and to help put off signs of aging.  Know that you'll also be helping your body decrease inflammation, improve liver function, and protect your health!  

Click the button below to enroll now.

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Dana LaVoie

Right from the start, we're ensuring your herbs are frustration free, and that you have a professional level of safety and effectiveness when using herbs.  This is step 1.

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