Natural Alternatives to Hormone-Replacement Therapy

Find out what it takes to get real results without taking hormones.


Herbs are your powerhouse

Natural remedies start to hold their own with HRT when you use herbal remedies with powerful - but safe - plant phytoestrogens.  

Imagine black cohosh, maca, and pueraria mirifica got together with 100 of their most powerful friends and were standing by ready to form teams and support your hormones when and where needed. 



There are a few key supplements that work together with herbal remedies to make your hormones VERY happy.  Read about them in this curated selection of blog posts. 



I'm not talking about a calorie-counting restrictive "diet."  But without the right building blocks, your body can't make hormones the way it was designed to be able to do.  


Stress & Hormone Disruptors

Learn about the two big behind-the-scenes things that are hiding in plain sight and messing with your hormones!  Fix these and watch everything to do with your health fall into place SO much more easily!

Don't know where to start?

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Intro to Herbs for Menopause

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Natural alternatives to HRT aren't just ONE thing.  The magic is in the combination of the right lifestlyle, diet, & supplements, which set the stage - combined with the power of a customized herbal remedy. Learn about all the pieces of that equation in this collection of blog posts. 

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