How To Get Relief Quickly

With Herbal Strategies Most Women Don't Know!

In The Customized Herbs for Menopause Mini-Course You Will Learn

  • How to use herbs differently at each stage of menopause 
  • How to master herbal dosage
  • How to simplify multiple symptoms into simple groups
  • The 3 categories of herbs to always include for maximum hormonal support

I really can’t believe that just something in a bottle like a supplement you would buy at the store, helps with attitude, energy, skin, and the sweating!  It helps with all of that and there don’t seem to be any negative side effects.



  1. 1
    The choices you've been given for managing menopause and signs of aging are NOT GOOD ENOUGH
    You don't want how you're feeling now to be your new reality.  There has to be an alternative to "it's all downhill from here."
  2. 2

    You're CONFUSED about what to do for menopause

    HRT?  Herbal remedies?  Diet?  Breathing exercises?  Essential oils?  There's so much conflicting information out there it's hard to know.  Find out how they all fit together and how to find what's best for your body and your hormones
  3. 3

    You're FRUSTRATED 

    You've already tried herbs, HRT, dieting, exercising, meditating - and none of it is working OR you had crazy side effects from it.  You're still feeling miserable and worried next year will be even worse.  Something has to change. 

A Note From Your Instructor

Dana LaVoie, LAc

My first menopausal client had such severe brain fog with every hot flash she had driven her car through her garage door - while it was closed.  She was scared to drive with her kids in the car.

And ever since I was able to help her start feeling like herself again in just 90 days, I've been obsessed with helping women have an easier menopause using herbal remedies. . 

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