Menopause Basics: LIFESTYLE

The missing piece in women's healthcare.

There are two key lifestyle factors you need to master to feel great during & after menopause.

Finally Rid Yourself of Hormonal Imbalance

You hit a certain age, and everything started to change.  Weight gain, hot flashes, brain fog, or insomnia set in... And you can't seem to turn it around no matter what you try.

Often it's because you're unaware of the two essential lifestyle factors needed for hormonal harmony during & after menopause.

Keeping stress hormone levels under control and avoiding the worst hormone-disrupting chemicals can turn your health around and allow everything else you're doing to finally work.

Quickly Master These Two Lifestyle Factors

Reduce stress for real

Getting stress hormone levels under control unlocks the door and allows your other hormones to easily find balance - reducing hormonal symptoms

Avoid hormone-disrupting chemicals

When you stop contacting hormone-disrupting chemicals daily, your hormones blossom into health and symptoms melt away as if by magic.. 

Keeping your hormones balanced means healthy weight, metabolism, bones, & blood sugar, clear thinking, uplifted mood & energy, as well as decreased hot flashes.

Controlling stress hormones levels and avoiding hormone-disrupting chemicals make it easier (or possible) for your body to balance your hormones.

Sounds good - but don't think you have time for daily meditation? That's because you have no idea how quick & easy it can be.  

You can master these two lifestyle factors in just 3 steps:


Learn to meditate

Learn multiple styles of meditation - then only do the ones you like.  Start with just 1 - 3 minutes per day


Form a daily meditation habit

Multiple tips and tools to help you stay consistent and find the ways meditation fits easily into any schedule.


Avoid the worst hormone disruptors

Easily identify and replace the very worst hormone-disrupting chemicals commonly found in everyday foods & products. 


Meditation & Menopause in the news


Research has shown that the TM practice has lasting effects that greatly benefit women in their middle years

What You'll Get When You Enroll

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understanding stress in menopause

Understand exactly how and why stress management helps balance hormones so effectively during & after menopause.

meditate with menopause basics lifestyle

Eleven meditation lessons so you're sure to find one or two you like (then practice just the ones you like.)  You'll get everything from 1 minute to 20 minute meditations including breathing exercises, alternate nostril breathing, sitting meditation, guided meditations, nature meditations, essential oils, and Yoga Nidra. 

meditation resources and links

Info, access, & links to all the best meditation tools & resources plus exclusive tools to help you form a regular daily practice. 

avoid hormone disrupting chemicals

After years selling nontoxic makeup and skincare, I'm sharing with you my lists of ingredients to avoid and my sources for natural products to wonderful you won't miss your old ones. 

  • Module One: 15 short video lessons that will have you truly managing stress - for the rest of your life
  • Module Two: 5 short video lessons on finding and replacing the worst hormone-disrupting chemicals
  • Downloadable shopping lists, trackers, tools, & resources
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     Lifetime access including access to all core course upgrades
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    Get instant access - everything is online
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    Downloadable guided audio meditation so you can listen anywhere

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But is it right for you?

Learning to manage stress is one of the best things you will ever do for your hormones and overall health

And learning to avoid hormone-disrupting chemicals is one of the easiest ways I know to balance your hormones every day for the rest of your life.  Do it once and it just keeps working for you. 

Bottom line: If you're not confident your stress is truly under control and you're aware of and avoiding the worst of the worst hormone-disrupting chemicals... This course is one of the best things you can do for your health. 

The course is currently closed 

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