Message from Dana - Dana LaVoie, LAc
I made you a video


  • I've started the sleep support remedies and have had a LOT of success.  In the last two weeks I've has 12 nights of excellent sleep.  That's more than I usually get in a month!
  • It's amazing how the heat is so much better.  I'm sleeping through the night - no more night sweats and no more hot flashes!
  • Now, with the natural remedies from the MME program, I don't have hot flashes 29 out of 30 nights!  I would recommend the remedies, because you don't have to live with annoying symptoms!
  • Dana, thank you.  With the remedies I am no longer yelling at my kids every day. 
  • I'm just so excited the remedies are working.  I really thought that the hot flashes and sweats were going to just be something I had to deal with.  I could just cry with relief.
  •  For anyone that is new in the program, Dana has changed my life - seriously! The natural remedies and diet are amazing. 
  • I thought I already new enough about menopause, why do I need a whole course?  But thank G-d I took the course, because I had so many blind spots this course just busted wide open!
  • I am sleeping so much better.  I wake up maybe once or twice but go right back to sleep.
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