Menopause Made Easy

with Chinese Herbs

The most comprehensive program for finding customized combinations of Chinese Herbs to use during & after menopause

Menopause Made Easy with Chinese Herbs is the only program of its kind that walks you step-by-step through finding your customized combination of herbs at every stage of your menopausal transition for supporting strong, balanced hormones, a discomfort-free menopause, and vibrant aging every year from menopause on. 

By the end of this program,

you will have: 

  • Identified your stage of menopause
  • Categorized and rated all your discomforts
  • Confirmed the best herbs for you are safe with your medical history and medications


  • Started taking a custom combination of herbal remedies designed to give you both fast and long-lasting relief

But above all else, this program will give you the confidence that every time a new hormonal discomfort or sign of aging shows up, you'll know just what to do to find the right herbal remedy and get relief quickly.

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"I think gosh I can’t believe I’m in my 40s and losing weight and going through the change - because everyone says that’s impossible. And I’m like - well?!"

  • Lost 30 pounds & doesn't feel bloated
  • No more hot flashes or night sweats
  • No longer needs a nap
  • Is no longer finding cups of coffee all over the house - because she forgot where she put them!



A Small Sample of What It Feels Like To Use Customized Herbs

Jenny went from severe peri-menopausal PMS with pain, fatigue, and mood swings that were unmanageable and lasting most of the month to her cycle feeling back to the way it was when she was in her twenties. 


The hot flashes and nights sweats are nothing like they were, the fatigue has gone from 4-5 days a week to 1... And I'm so much more relaxed, an eating disorder I've had since I was 15 is gone.


I was in Urgent Care four months in a row with PMS migraines when peri-menopause hit.  I haven't had a single Urgent Care visit since starting herbs, and I've had very few headaches.


When we open Menopause Made Easy with Chinese Herbs we will let you know first!

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