On May 31 at midnight enrollment closes.  When the course reopens later in the year, the price will increase by @ $200, and the COVID Immune Bonus will no longer be included.  So be sure to enroll by May 31st!

Sounds good but you're just not sure about Chinese herbs? Click the "ask a question" icon & send me a messagE.

Start confidently using Chinese herbs

the most powerful natural tool for supporting your hormones, immune system, and healthy aging during & after menopause

Skip the side effects, confusion, and so-so results common with non-customized herbal remedies and start using customized herbs that change with you over time - in just 21 days.

limited time Offer! Enroll now and get my COVID immune & respiratory bonus! (at no charge)
herbal immune protocol one prevention
immune herbal protocol two
immune bonus pdf cover no br

Includes access to my herbal pharmacy

If you're in peri, menopause, or post menopause looking for relief from hormonal misery

You probably already know...  


Keeping your hormone levels high with HRT is the key to relieving your symptoms AND keeping your bones, heart, metabolism, and brain healthier in the years to come.


There are possible risks - and a lot of expensive lab testing - associated with using HRT, and you've wondered if herbal remedies are a safer, more natural alternative.

Here's What You Might Not Know


Customized Herbs Can Help You

If you know exactly what steps to take for relief every time a new hormonal discomfort pops up

You can be in control of how you feel allowing you to concentrate at work and have patience with your kids instead of being at the mercy of your hot flashes & mood swings not knowing where they're coming from, what to do about them, or when they might stop.

Become impervious to hot flashes, low libido, and dryness

You can wear you favorite sweater on date night (which you're actually desiring again) instead of wearing a tank top and shorts all winter and hanging out in the frozen food aisle more interested in ice cream than romance.

Sleep through the night without sweating

Getting enough good quality sleep changes every aspect of your life - opening the door to abundant energy, easier weight loss, and a stronger immune system... Not to mention better mood and brain function.  And it's not just your health that suffers with insomnia - life's not FUN without sleep!

Avoid weight gain & lose weight easily by keeping your digestion & metabolism strong

This means staying at your ideal weight WITHOUT crazy dieting or exercise, so you can feel great in your body (and your clothes.) 

Have stable, even moods and clear thinking

The right herbal combination can help you feel focused and on top of everything at work and at home instead of dealing with brain fog, spikes in irritability, and losing things all over the house

Even though the reasons to use customized herbal remedies to support your hormone levels are obvious, the process involved in choosing the right combination of herbs is anything but...

You Didn't Know Menopause & Aging Would Be This Intense

You didn't realize menopause would be this intense but it is so...

You're ready to do what it takes to get it under control and get back in balance.  Great.  But where do you start?

  • You decided to try a strict diet and exercise five days a week - and you actually did it.  And nothing changed (not one pound.)
  • You take a bath, listen to yoga nidra, and turn off your phone an hour before bedimte every night.  But you're still facing your annoyingly perky coworkers on FOUR hours sleep with major brain fog
  • You decided to step it up and use herbs, so you tried black cohosh and maca - felt a little better for a few weeks - then BAM the hot flashes were back day and night!

You just found out the menopause misery isn't just uncomfortable now, it can damage your health permanently

Weight gain, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and low hormone levels don't just feel bad, they're hard on your body and on your relationships.

  • They can lead to inflammation, heart disease, diabetes, vertigo, osteoporosis, frozen shoulder, dry eyes, recurrent UTIs, and can even increase your risk for cancer
  • Or they can cause the kind of mood swings and brain fog that lead to getting fired or divorced or that create tension with your kids

Why Most Women Fail To Get The Results They Need With Herbal Remedies For Menopause

  •  they think feeling crappy during menopause is normal
     Some women go though menopause comfortably, the way our bodies were designed to do.  If you're having more than very mild discomfort, it's a sign something is more out of balance than it should be.  You want to get back into hormonal balance not only to feel better not - but to prevent damaging your health.  
    Chinese herbs can be found in every level of quality.  Low quality herbs not only give weak results, they can contain fillers and contaminants - even heavy metals, mold, or bacteria.  
  • THEY THINK once you're past menopause you no longer need to support your hormones  
    Keeping your hormone levels high enough in all the years post menopause is one of the best ways to keep your brain, heart, digestion, and bones healthy as well as look & feel better.  And most of the time, our bodies need a little help keeping those hormones from dropping too low.  

a little herbal know how goes a long way:

  •  without a strategic, step-by-step plan... 
     Most women randomly choose one herb after another not knowing which one to use when or how they work together.  They waste money and months go by without ever finding the customized combination of herbs that addresses every aspect of their hormonal balance.  So they never get more than partial relief.   
  • they use the same herbs for too long    
     As months pass, your hormones change.  As the herbs you're using take effect, your hormones change.  Every time your hormones change you need to update the herbal combination you're taking so it meets you where you're at right now.   
  • THEY THINK herbs work in a vacuum    
    You can amplify the results you get from your herbs exponentially by using them with certain, very specific diet and lifestyle factors that set the stage for hormonal balance in your body.   
limited-time offer! Enroll now and get ​my COVID IMMUNE HERBAL PROTOCOLS!
My whole cycle became unmanageable in perimenopause.  The mood swings, PMS, cramps, and fatigue were getting really profound.  It was really difficult to feel that exhausted and still have to do all the things that are required of a person just living their life. 
After being on the herbs my cycle lengthened back out and feels more like the way it felt to get my period in my 20s.   
The night sweats, insomnia, and hot flashes are nothing like they were.
I used to feel fatigued 4 -5 days then one good day.  Now. I have lots more days in a row before having one fatigue day. 
When I came to Dana for help, perimenopause had brought on monthly debilitating migraines. I would be in bed for two days every month. I would be in so much pain I could barely move, I needed opioid pain medication, and I would vomit so hard I could barely breathe. I would often end up in urgent care for IV fluids and intramuscular medications. I was applying for FMLA because I had to call in sick so frequently.
I am now thriving. I haven’t missed a day of work in eight months. I still have occasional migraine twinges, but I have the tools to address them and they always resolve before they take over. My overall vitality and steadiness have increased to the point that I am now talking with Dana about how to make my life as big and rich as possible rather than about how to get through the month. 
I am so grateful for Dana’s expertise.

Studies Show Chinese Herbs Work For Menopause

One study showed that after taking a Chinese Herbal formula for menopausal discomforts:

  • 30 out of 50 patients had complete relief
  • 13 patients had marked improvement
  • 3 patients had some improvement

That's a 92% success rate

In one study, out of 50 women who used Chinese herbs for menopause discomforts 30 had complete relief, 13 had marked relief and 3 had some relief.

study of 50 women using chinese herbs for menopause

And Chinese Herbs Are Being Used For Menopause At Top Hospitals

The Cleveland Clinic now has a Department of Chinese Herbal Medicine.

When asked "What conditions are best treated with Chinese Herbal Therapy?"

Improve menopause symptoms is one of the top 8 conditions listed. 

Here's what the Cleveland Clinic has on their website:

What conditions are best treated with Chinese herbal therapy?

Like acupuncture, Chinese herbs can address unhealthy body patterns that manifest in a variety of symptoms and complaints.  Chinese herbs may be used to: 

  • Decrease cold/flu symptoms
  • Increase your energy
  • Improve your breathing
  • Improve digestion
  • Improve your sleep
  • Decrease pain
  • Improve menopausal symptoms
  • Help regulate menstrual cycles if infertility is an issue

I really can't believe that just something in a bottle, like a supplement you would buy at the store, helps with attitude, energy, skin, and the sweating!  It helps with all of that and there don't seem to be any negative side effects.

Shh, lean in, I want to share a secret with you... 

Even though billions are spent on menopause remedies every year, the vast majority of women in america still have severe menopause discomforts.

And the main reason for this is - they were never able to find a combination of remedies that gave their hormones all the different types of support needed to safely and effectively build and balance their hormones differently at each stage of the menopausal transition.

Instead they toughed it out and ended up out of balance and in worsening health thinking.. I guess this is just what getting older has to be.

But as long as you can avoid the common mistakes, avoid randomly experimenting with different remedies...  There's a clear path laid out for you that brings your hormones back into balance.

One that allows you to feel great, sleep well, think clearly, and stay youthful and healthy for years longer than average. 

And the key ingredient in all of this is the right combinations of herbs at the right times.  

And the only reason people haven't been talking about this more, is that there hasn't been a way to get access to them.  Until now, when I'd like to introduce you to:

Introducing Menopause Made Easy With Chinese Herbs

I've put the best of what I've learned from a Master's Degree in Chinese Medicine, 10+ years studying Tonic Herbalism, and 16 years of clinical experience specializing in women's health helping hundreds of women find incredible relief during & after menopause.  

And I've put it into a comprehensive, step-by-step system that walks you through analyzing how you're feeling and translating it into a complete, balanced, customized combination of herbs that changes with you over time. 


  • In 21 days you'll walk away knowing which combination of herbs - with exact brands, dosages (everything)  customized to every aspect of your health, budget, and lifestyle - are a fit for you right now - as if you'd had a consultation with an herbalist.  
  • You'll know just where to get these high quality herbs online & have them delivered to your door 
  • AND it's as if that herbalist is in your back pocket from now on.  When it's time to update your herbs you just pop back into the program and get your new customized herbal combination 

I've tried many different remedies to help with mood swings during PMS and with my anxiety.  I was hesitant to spend more money and possibly be disappointed yet again.  But my mood swings & anxiety changed drastically with Dana's help. 

A.C. (PMS)


I didn't realize how well the herbs were working until I ran out.  After three days off my Chinese herbs I had my first hot flash in three months.  

A.M. (Hot Flashes)


Working with Dana has changed my life!  I had gone through countless drugs trying to get relief from anxiety and depression.  The herbs have mellowed me out, and now I no longer yell. atmy child every day.  Yay!  Thank You!

A.N. (Mood Swings)

The Only Program Of Its Kind That...  

Isn't about theory.

 it walks you through the steps you need to find your herbs over and over at each stage of menopause and post menopause

Like a recent student who says, "I'm on month two of my herbs, and my hot flashes are gone."

Gives you industry insider connections to the highest quality, safest herbs on the market

Access to my herbal pharmacy (all online) and my most used herb companies and formulas

Walks you through finding customized herbs

Leads you to a sophisticated, customized combination of herbs that addresses all aspects of your hormonal balance in the correct ratios for your hormones and your body.  

Keeps your herbs updated over time

Use the course over and over to update your customized herbs as your hormones change over time.  Transition from PMS support to hot flash support to healthy aging support.

Shows you how to maximize your herbal results

Learn the special aspects of diet & lifestyle expert techniques for taking your herbs and fine-tuning your dosages to set the stage for hormonal balance in YOUR body and increase the results you're getting.

So If You're Ready



my family thanks you

KS was in the heart of menopause and was snapping at her husband and kids every time she had a hot flash.  After two weeks on a custom-chosen Chinese Herbal Formula she said, "Whatever was in those pills you gave me - they worked.  My family thanks you!"

KS   (Dealing with irratability during hot flashes)

What You'll Get Inside The Course

Even if you've never taken an online course and don't have "tech" skills, our easy-to-use course platform, tech tour, and customer support will guide you every step of the way through:
  • Concise video lessons
  • Downloadable worksheets
  • Module workbooks
  • Students-only private facebook group access
  • Herbal pharmacy access (it's all online)
  • Watch the video at the top of this page for a Sneak Peek INSIDE the course

Module 1: Handle Your Herbs Like A Pro

Everything you need to know about taking herbs to get the best results from herbal remedies.  From sourcing the highest quality herbs, knowing exactly how to take them, strategies to maximize your results, fine tune your dosage, and how and when to update your herbs over time.   


Module 2: The Symptom Translator

Learn to analyze your discomforts and what your body is telling you, translate it into Chinese medicine categories, strategically choose what to work on first, and adjust for any side effects that crop up quickly and easily. In fact, you'll learn how side effects from certain remedies are valuable information that, when interpreted correctly, are key to your ultimate success with herbs. 


Module 3: The Herbal Niches

In Module 3 you'll go directly to the niche you matched yourself up with in Module 2 for a complete breakdown on creating an herbal combination.  Choose from minimalist to fast-acting combinations maximum support.  Adjust for your budget and lifestyle.  Add on support wherever needed for stronger or faster results, digestion, stress, or protection.   


Each Module has its own workbook that guides you step-by-step through every lesson in the Module and lists your action steps for each lesson.  Many lessons have their own downloadable worksheets or guides.  Everything is laid out for you step by step.  Simply follow along, do the exercises, and get results.  

BONUS 1: Live Support For 12 Weeks 

Live support with Dana for 12 weeks in a student's-only private facebook group

Enroll BEFORE June 30th and get extra live support at no extra charge.  Anyone who enrolls now will get live support until Sept 30 - get up to 8 weeks of extra support by enrolling now!

BONUS 2:  Herbal Pharmacy Access 

When you enroll in the course, you'll get access to my herbal pharmacy - you access it online and get  the highest quality herbs & supplements delivered to your door with stellar customer service, and you'll get a student discount site-wide.   

BONUS 3: Immune & Respiratory Support 

Enroll now and get a special, time-limited bonus:  THREE of my special, in-depth protocols for the immune & respiratory systems

  1. Prevent: My protocol for strengthening and regulating the immune system for protection against infection 
  2.  Early Stage: My herbal protocol for fighting off a cold or flu or for a mild infection
  3. Respiratory Care: My special protocol to support you during all stages of a respiratory infection

Bonus Time!

The world is a little crazy right now - I'm here to help

EVERYONE who enrolls now gets my 3-part immune system BONUS and access to all the products mentioned in the course in my online pharmacy.

  1. PREVENT:  Strengthen your immune system to help prevent getting sick
  2. EARLY STAGE OR HEAD COLD HERBAL SUPPORT:  What you can do when you feel that tickly or sore throat coming on
  3. LUNG INFECTION HERBAL SUPPORT: Herbal support for all phases of a respiratory infection

PDF Downloads Are With You Every Step Of the Way

immune bonus pdf cover no br

How It Works:

When You Enroll

You'll get immediate access to Module 1 and have a week to fully absorb it.  It's the know-how that will make everything else confusion free.   You'll also have access to the facebook group & online pharmacy & any fast-action bonuses. 

Week 2

You'll get Module 2.  In many ways - the most intense part of the course.  Putting in the time here means finding the right herbal niche.  I don't want you to rush this part. 

Week 3

Then you'll get access to Module 3, all the bonus material and everything else.  You're ready now to start using the right herbs safely & for maximum effect. 

There's something important I need you to know...

The course isn't about making your to-do list longer or your self care routine more difficult - this is about creating your best health ever and doing things that will make a HUGE difference in your day-to day life.

choose one

  • The Plateau Path

  • The Radiant Health Path

The Plateau Path

You put some effort into healthy eating, exercise, and vitamins.  But every year you feel older.

You've tried a few diets, but it's hard to know which one is right for you when...  Nothing seems to change the level your health is at

You're always struggling with the same issues just trying to keep them under control or from getting worse, and you're waiting for the next thing that will go wrong with your body (or mind.)

You seem to need more and more medication just to keep you going.


What compels women to choose one path or the other? 

(and if you find yourself on the wrong one, can you switch - or is it too late?)

The plateau path is the default choice when you allow prevailing norms and your limiting beliefs about the amount of control you have over your health run the show.  When you give control to the healthcare system, it's the path of least resistance.

When you find yourself wandering down the wrong path, then realize there's no ceiling on how much better balanced your body can be, you better believe it's never too late to change direction.  All it takes to get on the path to radiant health  is some accountability and a clear vision for your next step and the one after that  so your changes build on each other, instead of circling at the same level, to change your direction.  This course will give you both. 


Dana's knowledgable perspective and skillful treatments always get me both feeling better and taking better care of myself.

I was having dry eyes so uncomfortable they bothered me every day, all day.  After being on Dana's herbs for three months my eyes are so mucg better I seldom think about them. 

C.H. (Dry Eyes In Menopause)


Being a Health Coach, I'm pretty good about understanding my body.  But one thing I was missing was my hormonal balance.  I started taking Dana's herbs and boy did it make a difference.  My husband claims my PMS mood swings were almost nonexistent, my cramping was very minimal, and I only had one day of heavy bleeding.   On an even better note it's significantly improved my libido.  Usually I wait at least a week after a period, but my husband was pleasantly surprised when I initiated only a few days afterwards.

A.O. (PMS, Cramps, Low Libido)

A simple formula to find out if this course is right for you...

If you would check off at least 3 of the boxes on the left, and you would check off none of the boxes on the right, don't hesitate to join, I know you'll find yourself right at home. 

Which boxes would you check? 


  • You're willing to take a little action if it means real relief from hormonal discomforts - and feeling younger.
  • There's no doubt, you're in this for long haul.  You want to uplevel your health in ways that will help you enjoy ALL the years to come.
  • You're done dabbling in supplements, you want a strategic way to find the ones that will support your weak areas most.  
  • You're ready to benefit from the wisdom of maturity and master the mindset and consistency that will allow you to reach your health goals - especially if you know how to make it easier by relieving fatigue, stress, insomnia, brain fog, and chronic pain.
  • You'd love not to pay premium prices for ongoing 1:1 consultation and repeated lab tests, but you ARE ready to work with a proven system for strategizing the supplements you're investing in


  • You live outside of the US.  Access to my online pharmacy is only available with a US shipping address.  (Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico are fine.)
  • You're a man.  (Only women are eligible for the course.) 
  • You're on blood thinner, anti seizure, or anti-psychotic medication.  
  • You're undergoing treatment for cancer.  If you're a survivor of an estrogen-sensitive cancer and you avoid all phytoestrogens, phytoestrogen-free herbal support is included in the course, but there are many aspects of the course you won't be able to implement.  (Contact me for more information.) 

About Your Teacher, Dana LaVoie, LAc

My first menopausal client had such severe brain fog with every hot flash she had driven her car through her grage door - while it was closed.  She was scared to drive with her kids in the car.  She was afraid of what would happen next. 

And ever since I was able to help her start feeling like herself again in just 90 days, I've been obsessed with helping women have an easier menopause. 

And I've been doing just that for the past 15 years as a licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist.  And now I've found a way to share this same relief with women across America. 

don't wait, see what my clients are saying!

i'm losing weight

I'm down five pounds, and Im not going up - plus I can totally control my hot flashes. 

i'm sleeping

My night sweats and insomnia are gone

i wore a sweater

I can get through the night without any sweats - plus I wore a sweater at work - I was actually cool!

On MAY 31 AT MIDNIGHT enrollment closes.  When the course reopens later in the year, (1) the price will increase by  $200, (2) the COVID Immune Bonus will no longer be included.   So be sure to enroll by MAY 31ST!


I'm ready, let's do this!

choose an option



115  (3-pay)

  • Pay $115 now then two monthly payments of $115
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Immediate start
  • COVID Immune Bonus
  • 12 weeks facebook group access
  • Online pharmacy access



$ 297 (best value)

  • 1 payment of $297
  • Lifetime access
  • Immediate start
  • COVID Immune Bonus
  • 12 weeks facebook group access
  • Online pharmacy access

best value!

On MAY 31 AT MIDNIGHT enrollment closes.  When the course reopens later in the year, (1) the price will increase by @ $200, (2) the COVID Immune Bonus will no longer be included.   So be sure to enroll by MAY 31ST!


Fully Backed by our 100% Risk Free Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing course, you can get a full refund anytime within 14 days after your purchase. (Refunds are not available for 1:1 consultations) If you have any issues with the course, just get in touch with our friendly support team, show us that you've completed the Module 1 worksheets,  and we'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Still have questions?  I've got you covered.

(Just click on a question to see the answer)

are herbs from china really safe? 

Many herbal products made in China I would not consume myself.  But as an industry insider,  I know which herbal companies are reputable, and which ones are not.  The herbal formulas I recommend in the course are all grown, harvested, and manufactured with care.  They are also TESTED to guarantee they are free of toxins.  You can learn more about the quality and safety standards of the herb companies mentioned in the course on THIS PAGE. 

what if i'm taking medication? 

In the course I will show you how to check for safety when considering a new herbal formula and what to do to avoid even the smallest interactions.  Herbs are safe to take with many medications.  However, if you're taking blood thinner medication, or medication for seizures, bipolar, schizophrenia, or cancer, you probably need to work 1:1 with an herbalist, and the course is not for you.  Feel free to contact me to find out more.

what if I'm not good at taking SUPPLEMENTS regularly? 

You can get your herbs in liquid, tablet, or powder form - so that makes it a little easier.  And if you want to get good at this (even if you're not sure how)  I'll teach you.  In the course I'll walk you step by step through becoming consistent - we'll use everything from mindset shifts to practical strategies and tools.  so if you want this - you've got it.  If you don't want to do the work... Don't want to become someone who does take supplements regularly - it's probably not for you.  Herbs only work if you take them. 

do any herbs come with the course? 

No.  In the course you'll figure out which herbal formulas match your discomforts, and you're responsible for purchasing them yourself.  I will give you the exact products and dosages I like to use with my clients - all with products available in my Online Herbal Pharmacy.  

what if i have questions while taking the course? 

If you have any technical difficulties you can contact our customer support by email.  If you have  questions about the course material, you can leave them in the students-only facebook group or contact us by email. .

will i have to cook smelly herbal teas?

No.  The herbs I recommend will be in capsules, tablets, powder, and tinctures.

what if nothing i've tried has worked so far

Chinese herbs work for lots ofwomen in this situation!  Often they're the missing link.

what if i'm doing hrt (or i tried it and it didn't work?)

Great!  Often herbs will reduce side effects of HRT or unlock blockages or fill in missing links in your system allowing the herbs to work - and allowing HRT to work better if you want to use both together. 

am i too young for the program?

In Chinese medicine the BEST time to start preparing for menopause is at least 5 years before it begins.  If you're 28 or older or already having signs of peri-menopause - this is perfect for you (there are protocols inside the course for pre menopause and for early peri-menopause.

am i too old or too far past menopause for the program?

If you're past menopause, this is PERFECT for you.  Post meonpause is one of the most important times to give your hormones a helping hand (yes you still have hormones.)  I have extensive healthy aging protocols inside to suport your hormones in all the years after menopause. 

what if i've had a hysterectomy? 

No problem.  The course covers how to find your herbs if. you don't have a regular cycle or if you've had a hysterectomy. 


The lessons, worksheets, and action step is the course are as concise as possible.  A couple of hours a week for the first three weeks then about 30 minutes checking each month is average. 


Yes.  The course will help you figure out which herbal formulas to choose.  You will then purchase those formulas when you're ready to begin taking herbs.  

You do not purchase the herbs from me.  In the course, I recommend formulas you can find in my online pharmacy.  

The average cost for an herbal formula is $23 for a two week supply.  You will probably need between 1 and 3 herbal formulas at first.  And 1 - 2 later on.  When your discomforts are under good control, you may also decreast your dosage to 1 bottle per month of each formula.  

So your cost, on average, will be 45 - 90 USD per month at first for moderate discomfort- decreasing as time goes on.  If your discomforts are very severe, you may need a higher dose of herbs for the first few months. 

You can always take a half dose to save money and see if it is enough to control your symptoms!

What if i'm not tech savvy?

No problem.  I've chosen an online course platform that is as easy to use as they come and works on every device.  Plus we're here to help.  

how can i contact you if I still have questions? 

Feel free to contact me with the Contact Us button at the bottom right of your screen or by emailing dana@danalavoielac.com to find out if the course is right for you. 

A message from Dana 

I meet women everywhere, sitting next to me on a plane or at a conference, and they tell me how much menopause is disrupting their life & causing them suffering. 

and I know if I can gt them customized Chinese herbs so much of that suffering could be gone. 

And it tore me up that before now there was no way I cold deliver those customized herbs to women farther from my local practice 

That's why being able to offer this level of customized herbal support to women everywhere in America 

Menopause should be a glorious time of coming into your wisdom and enjoying every day - let's get back to that with safe, natural methods. 

​i'm ready to get started!