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Natural Remedies For Menopause – get my top 5 tips!

vegetables are one of the best natural remedies for menopase

#1 Eat More Cooling, Moistening Foods When it comes to natural remedies for menopause, you want to create a cool, anti-inflammatory, not to acidic environment in your body – and lots of fruit & veg is a great way to set this foundation Fruits and Veggies are cooling.  I say try make fruits and veggies 50% […]

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Healthy Cookies With Chocolate Chips and Superfoods

healthy cookies

Healthy cookies? Heck yes, and delicious.  This recipe packs in chocolate chips, walnuts, and goji berries in an absolutely delicious gluten-free, grain-free, almond flour cookie.  These are always the first thing GONE at potlucks.    Dark chocolate is rich in magnesium and antioxidants, almond flour is  good for the lungs and high in Vitamin E, walnuts […]

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