How To Be Vibrant, Youthful, and Healthy After Menopause

Vibrant healthy aging is possible.  Learn my natural remedies for all those annoying signs of aging that pop up from dry eyes to crepey skin to weakening bones.

How To Look & Feel Younger Post Menopause

Here are the three things to focus on to stay feeling & looking young & healthy after menopause.

Hormone Production

If your hormone levels sink too low, you'll have a full range of signs of aging popping up from dryness and weakness to insomnia and pain. 

Hormone Optimization

Everything from female hormones to sleep hormones, stress hormones, and blood sugar hormones needs to be pampered at this stage for you to feel your best.


After menopause your body needs more help managing inflammation and liver function - but these are the real secrets to helping prevent many common diseases.  

The art of aging with strength and beauty

The secrets to beautiful hair, skin, & nails supported by strong bones are what you'll find in this curated selection of blog posts.

Postmenopause Vaginal Dryness!

Dryness, low libido, painful intercourse and even recurrent UTIs can plague us in the years postmenopause.  Find out how to get relief from each and every one in this curated selection of blog videos.  Plus you'll find tips on how to care for your hormones after a hysterectomy. 

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Make it easy to embrace welcome, and enjoy the years postmenopause, because you look and feel so darn great with the tips in this curated selection of blog posts! .

Ready To Start Loving Postmenopause? 

Menopause can be the beginning of a youthful rejuvenation of your creative and sexual energy!  The kids are grown the job is stable... This next chapter is about spending more time on you in your most creative, exciting endeavors.

But it only feels that way if you feel vital, strong, energized, and inspired.  And if you're sleeping well and thinking clearly and free of pain.

And that's what I'm here to help with.  

The best way to do this is to plan for it.  To put vital aging strategies in place during premenopause and perimenopause.  The things that keep your hormones replenished and balanced during menopause will set you up for your best health after menopause.  Kind of nice, right? 

But even if you're just getting started now, the effect you can have on everything from your  split ends to your epigenetics is huge. 

If you're ready to start feeling the benefits of these advanced healthy aging strategies post menopause and start turning heads again, start with the three steps below. 

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Intro to Herbs for Menopause

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