What To Do In PREmenopause 

To help make PERImenopause less symptomatic and age more slowly

The best way to have a hot-flash free menopause and feel young and stay healthy post menopause is to set your hormones up the right way at the very beginning in PREmenopause.   

If Only I Had A Time Machine

If I could, I would put every woman who came to me for help with menopause into a time machine and have her start caring for her hormones before perimenopause ever started. We're talking starting in your late twenties.  Here's what to focus on now:

Top Off Progesterone

You don't want your hormone levels low just before they really start to drop during perimenopause.  Get them replenished now.

Great for extending fertility!

Easy Healthy Habits

Establish your hormone-friendly healthy habits now - before the brain fog sets in.  Get used to them now and they'll be easy to stick with later. 

Great for your ideal weight!

Harmonize PMS Now

PMS and bleeding can be tough during PERI.  Head them off now by harmonizing the way your hormones flow from one stage of your cycle to the next. 

Great for liver function & PMS!

Learn to care for your hormones PRE-Menopause

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I have to start thinking about menopause now? But WHY?!

Would you start a long drive across the desert with only a half tank of gas?  I didn't think so.

When you get close to menopause, your hormones are going to drop far and fast. 

Let's look at where you want to be at the end of that drop. 

You want your hormones to still have some juice!  You do NOT want them to be at or near zero. 

Let's say your hormones are going to drop 20 points. 

If you start at 40 - you end up at 20 and feel juicy, strong, flexible, and bright-eyed.

If you start at 20 and drop to 0 - you end up feeling dry, stiff, brittle, and OLD. 

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