Menopause Is No Joke.  If It's Got You Thinking..
Millions Of Women Must Be Suffering Like This, There Must Be More Of An Answer!  THERE IS

Finally A Simple, Natural Way To Get Relief During Menopause & Post Menopause

Does This Sound Familiar?

Your menopause "journey" started and you're freaked out and unprepared wondering - what the heck is happening to my mind, body, emotions, and relationships?

You find yourself thinking..

  • Is it all a few more pounds and high blood pressure medication from here on?
  • Thanks to my bloated waistline, always feeling tired, and being so snappy & short tempered… I’ll probably end up alone.
  • My blood pressure & blood sugar are going up... And I'm dreading my next doctor’s appointment, because I just know she’s going to tell me everything is even worse than last time.
  • And I'm up 5 more pounds! Nothing I do (including intermittent fasting and calorie restriction) can stop the belly bloat phemon. I'm putting on weight that used to come off in just days (And I'm sure I'll be carrying this stubborn belly fat for years.)
  • I'm experiencing hot flashes while in church, in the car - always in the wrong places...
  • I think I'm going nuts because nobody ever told me what to expect from menopause EXCEPT hot flashes.
  • I may never be able to think clearly again... I could do something really stupid - crash my car - forget something really important - drop the ball at work - mess up my relationship - burn the house down by accident....
  • My husband is usually the target of my outbursts, but too often it's the kids, and it's starting to wear them down.
  • I knew I might look different as I got older, but didn't expect the loss of dignity - the incontinence and IBS!And I really didn't expect hot flashes 15 years after I was "in" menopause! (Seriously - how is that fair?!)

Where Can You Find Help?

It seems like  the entire second half of a woman's life, medical professionals give you less information than when you started menstruating!

You you need someone to give you great info on what is going on with your body... (But your current doctor just seems to think you're crazy.)

You've Probably Tried...

  • 1
    Doing nothing and waiting for it to just run its course
  • 2
    Or you've wasted money on remedies that didn’t work (or worked for two weeks, but then things went right back and are just as bad as they were before you tried anything.) 

The General Message Is Really Depressing...

You're fighting tears while sitting in a pool of sweat and feeling disgusting in clothes that are too tight thinking, "I'm smart darn it! Why don't I know about this?  Millions of women are going through this - HOW can there not be a solution?!

You're Left Wondering...

  • What if my weight, blood pressure, and blood sugar keep going up
  • What if my bones keep getting weaker?
  • What if this is not what I want my second half to be like?
  • What will happen to my health, my job, my family -  if I don't turn this around?

These questions seem to be lurking like dark phantoms in every woman approaching a certain age....

...If only you lived in a fantasy world where you could feel like a new, no wait, NORMAL person again! Like you got yourself back...

What If...

I showed you exactly what can be done to keep yourself feeling vital, normal, and like yourself once symptoms start hitting? It's liberating!!!! It's thrilling!

Picture This:

  • Imagine you can lose the weight and keep it off because...  
  • You realize that simply reducing calories and exercising will NOT have the effect of losing the belly fat and other fat (Yes that's a myth!.)  That actually "It's the hormones!  
  • And this leads to a fast and permanent way you can get healthier, drop unwanted weight quickly, keep it off, and and be happier.
  • Imagine the hot flashes becoming just a tinge of warmth maybe once a day but finger-snap quick - not the miserable drawn out sessions they used to be (no more embarrassing breakout sweats in the middle of the grocery store!)
  • Imagine thinking clearly again.. Your work performance has improved so much you get high praises on your annual review in areas you've been struggling with for the past several years - you feel like yourself again.

And Even Better - What If Drugs Weren't The Answer? 

What if you found your weapon of choice for kicking menopause's butt - and it wasn't medication..

It's out there - and the experts all agree on what it is...

The right diet is the foundation of your hormonal balance

Here's How The Experts Explain It: 

Dr. Christiane Northrup

Author of The Wisdom of Menopause

"Diet first, before anything else, for balancing hormones during peri-menopause and menopause.."

Dr. Sara Gottfried

"My #1 recommendation for women who want to balance hormones is diet.  Try diet first."

Author of The Hormone Cure

Dr. Josh Axe

"If you want a remedy for menopause relief, eat foods that help manage menopause symptoms."

Author of Eat Dirt

Dr. Mark Hyman

"Menopause symptoms are all treatable symptoms of underlying imbalance in the hormones, and these symptoms will usually disappear when women get their hormones back in balance.  And the right diet becomes your #1 reset button for hormonal balance."

Author of Eat Fat Get Thin

If only finding that perfect diet was simple (instead of confusing)

If only it NEVER left you hungry or unsatisfied...

And didn't require hours in the kitchen.   

Well Now you can get exactly what you always wanted:


Introducing - Menopause Basics: What to Eat

MBWTE is on online course.  It's made up of short, concise video lessons, online resources, downloadable PDFs, and an ebook.

It's a  simple, plug-and-play system that'll show you what to eat each day to get relief from hormonal symptoms and signs of aging.  

It doesn't feel like a diet, never leaves you hungry, and works at home, at the airport, or out with friends at your favorite bistro.  

MBWTE is like having an incredibly well-informed best friend who can help you.


Forget all the conflicting information, on the first day you'll be able to start implementing the most important steps.  

Forget dripping sweat and waking up 6 times per night 

Imagine no hunger or cravings, but seeing your arm muscles and your waist and loving going shopping again (because "I love elastic waistbands" said no style maven ever!)

Your grandkids remember how fun you are  - not how hot and sweaty and moody. 

"I was pleasantly surprised, there's good stuff packed in there"

"I’m someone who reads a lot and is really interested in health & diet, but it’s so hard to remember it all, and your course is a good reminder - the wholistic picture - all the boxes you should be checking.

I give it a 9/10 - I thought it was really comprehensive, and I’m always skeptical about things that have claims and sound really great.. But I was pleasantly surprised!  There’s good stuff packed in there.

I can totally control my hot flashes with sleep and diet, and  I liked how you broke down fats… I remember taking pictures on my phone thinking this is really useful, and the reality is that if I eat the way the course recommends I find I don’t crave the foods that might exacerbate my symptoms."


knew too much and was confused

Where Did It Come From?

And how come I haven't heard about this before?? 

OOh I was dancing when the first client I saw in my clinic with really bad hot flashes (the kind where you're brain goes blank and you drive your car through your closed garage door) went back to being a laughing, relaxed, mature woman running her piece of the world.

Then there was one other client I'll never forget...

CLICK HERE to read the rest -  where MBWTE came from (it's a great story!)

"Your explanation of digestion & metabolism worked.. and now I'm down five pounds."

“I was eating 3 meals a day, nothing in between healthy food… Working out 5 days a week, and I could NOT, for the life of me,  figure out why I was steadily gaining weight.  It was just making me crazy. 

I was SO FRUSTRATED.  But your explanation of how to eat was great.  You had a great way of explaining it, and I loved the note-taking guides.. Your explanation of digestion and metabolism worked!  And now, with your changes,  I’m down 5 lbs and I’m not going up!

Short of coming and preparing my food for me, this course was a 9/10.  I learned a lot, and you covered things I didn’t know. 

I had no trouble accessing the course.  Im not completely tech savvy and it was easy to manage for sure. “


was following the wrong advice

What's Inside - And How Does It Work?

Here's what's included in the MBWTE online course:

Module One: Build Your Basic Diet

This core of the program is ALL your basic diet building blocks...

  • What you need to eat and all the things you don't need to worry about!)  
  • How much is enough, and how to put it all together. 

It includes:

menopause basics mockup 1
  • The 4 categories of foods - and how much you need from each one daily
  • The menopause helper foods - my top 11 superfoods for women over 45 - because these feed your hormones like no plain diet ever could.  What they are, how many to eat each day, how often, and how much.
  • Timing - because when you eat is just as important as what you eat - this is the key to your metabolism
  • Implementation tools & strategies - Because if you learn it but don't do it you get no results.  This course is designed to help you actually eat this way every day just as much as it designed to help you learn what to eat  - and this is why it gets such great results.

You'll get all of module one in just 7 concise video lessons and 5 downloads - including done-for-you note taking guides, trackers to help you be consistent, a course journal, and course completion checklist - everything you need to easily learn & remember + tools to help you make it happen IRL (in real life) 

Module Two: Resources & Sticking With It (at 10,000 feet or anywhere else) 

Resources to make doing what you learned in module one easier

It includes:

menopause basics with dana lavoie mockup 2
  • The recipe and shopping resources
  • Dana's ebook on how to build the perfect smoothie - or make ANY smoothie menopause friendly.
  • The pros & cons of eating grains and my tips & recipes for how to do it right
  • Tips for staying on track with your diet basics no matter where you are - whether its your birthday party, a family dinner, eating out, or when you're craving comfort food.

Module Three: Going Deeper And Getting Bigger Results

So far the diet has been SUPER easy to follow, because NO FOODS have been taken away.   This is the most important part - and it's where most of the results come from.  

But - if you're still having breakthrough symptoms - this next lesson will help. 

It includes:

menopause basics with dana lavoie mockup 3
  • Next Steps 1: The menopause trigger foods.  The most important foods to avoid if you want to take your results to the next level
  • Next Steps 2: Is your digestive system working? Balanced hormones require a healthy digestive system. This lesson walks you through figuring out what's going on and how to heal so you can get the best results.  


  • My tips on optimizing the entire course for weight loss
  • A limited-time paid-student-only private facebook group where you'll have access to me!  I'm in there helping you 1:1 to customize and build on what you've learned.  (Access to me 1:1 in this private facebook group is not going to be part of the course permanently, but if you enroll now, you'll get this incredible bonus at no extra charge! )

"It was perfect for me as a beginner"

"It wasn’t overwhelming for me as a beginner.  I knew nothing about how do I start?  That’s where I was at when I found you.  Learning what to eat and how to eat is what I needed, and you covered that. 

Since starting the program I can tell that my sugar cravings are a lot less. 

I know if I really stuck to this daily it would conquer my symptoms.  I can tell because I know the days that I do well with the diet I can get through the night without any night sweats - which are better overall even though I don’t eat well every day.

After having taken the course, I know just what to prep and eat when I want to have a good day."


just getting started with healthy eating

I'm Sure You Have Hesitations

I've recorded a few short videos - so we can chat about them (and I've answered more questions below!) 

You're not sure it's right for you!

What if you don't have hot flashes, you're not in menopause or you're years past it?? 

And I talk about who this course really is NOT for. 

How much time will it take to do the course - and to do the diet?? 

  • You have lifetime access to the course (including course updates). 
  • You can try it RISK-FREE with our guarantee.

You're Protected With Our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

This program has the power to transform your health.  That's not hype - that's based on the results of past students who kept using the system. 

We're confident that if you do the work, you'll get tremendous value.  We back that up with our risk-free guarantee.  Here's how it works:

Test drive Menopause Basics: What to Eat for 14 days.  If, within 14 days you don't feel the course delivers the value, email us and show us your completed coursework, and we'll issue you a refund. 

The reason we ask for your coursework is simple.  I really only want to work with people who are committed to taking consistent action  even if it starts with baby steps. 

If you're not planning to start the course right away, I'd still love to have you, and you have lifetime access, but be sure this is the right investment for you, because eligibility does have a firm deadline. 

"I don't want to follow somebody's diet"

"My problem has been I don’t want to follow somebody’s diet.  

I don’t do diets anymore..

 And I’ve had too many people tell me too many different things!

To me this was a 10/10, because it’s easy and you’re not demanding a diet, and what you said has stuck in my mind."


done with diets!

What's The Investment?

When you enroll in Menopause Basics: What to Eat you'll get:

Module 1  Where I walk you step by step through building and implementing  your base diet: ($499 value)

  • The 4 categories of food
  • The menopause helper foods
  • Timing
  • Implementation

Module 2 Resources & Sticking With It (at 10,000 feet or anywhere else:) ($299 value)

  • The shopping resource
  • The recipe resource
  • The pros & cons of grains
  • Smoothies for menopause ebook
  • Sticking with it in no matter where you are


Module 3 - Going deeper & getting bigger results ($99)

  • The menopause trigger foods
  • What if your digestive system isn't working


  • The (limited-time) students-only private facebook group - 1:1 with Dana ($499 value)
  • My tips on optimizing the entire program for weight loss ($29 value)

And even though this is worth over $1,400...  You can enroll right now:

Not for the regular price of $497...

For just one payment of $297 

And you can try it all out risk free for 14 days.  Because I'm so sure you'll love it I offer a 14-day money back guarantee

Enroll Now

Don't wait! 

The price goes back up to $497 in just a few days


One payment of

$297 USD

Test drive Menopause Basics: What to Eat for 14 days.  If, within 14 days you don't feel the course delivers the value, email us and show us your completed coursework, and we'll issue you a refund. 


Need help or have questions?

We're happy to answer any questions you might have and help you make the wisest choice for you.

click the icon in the lower right hand corner of your screen...


"My night sweats & insomnia are gone"

"I LOVED your eating plan, and I have implemented it to a large extent.  My night sweats and insomnia are gone."


a serious athlete

What Sets MBWTE Apart From Any Other Program

01 | Lifetime Access:  Retake The Program Again And Again, For Free!

The key to mastery and lasting change is mindful repetition.  Which is why for as long as the program is in existence, you can retake the program over and over again at no additional charge. 

02 | The Asian Medicine Perspective + Modern Western Knowledge

Women in Asia tend to have a very easy time with menopause, because they know certain things.  My mission is to bring that knowledge - that basic knowledge that every woman should have - to women across the globe.  And it all starts with the right dietary building blocks. 

03 | Dana herself!

Dana LaVoie, LAc has a Masters in Oriental Medicine and 15 years' of clinical experience specializing in women's health.  Everything in the course has been developed over years of trial and error and proven to work for the most women -  real women, in real life.  

02 | 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We've always backed this course with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  So you can rest assured that your investment is safe with us. 

If you're in peri-menopause, menopause or post menopause, and you're looking to get your hormonal symptoms under control and your health - mental and physical - back on track...
You're probably feeling very frustrated.

And that's where I come in.  To sort out the conflicting, confusing information about diet, lifestyle, hormone replacement therapy, progesterone cream, herbs, maca, and all the other "menopause remedies."

I'm here to give you the foundation your need, in simple steps, for serious relief from menopause symptoms and vibrant, healthy aging after menopause.  

As a licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist & the founder of Menopause Basics with over a decade of experience in private practice specializing in women's health, I've figured out what works for the most women with the least effort.  It's exactly what Asian women have been doing successfully for hundreds of years combined with the best modern western science has to offer. 

Let's make the next 50 years the fun ones.           - Dana LaVoie, Lac


Have Questions? 

How long will I have the course for?

You have lifetime access to the course and all core course updates.  You can go through the course at your own pace, and come back to it year after year for even more fine tuning.  Lifetime does mean lifetime of the course, but I expect that will be many, many  years.  

What if I'm not in menopause yet?

The best time to start this program is a before peri-menopause begins!  This will help you bring all your hormones up to optimum levels (especially progesterone)  before they start to drop later in perimenopause, which means improved, extended fertility and milder peri-menopausal symptoms when they do begin. 

What if I'm vegan, paleo, vegetarian or on a restricted diet?

This program works with all diets.  You'll learn how to adjust the proportions of the foods your eating on  the diet you're already on to make it menopause and hormone-friendly.  (The only exception would be a diet that allows no vegetables!)

How much time will it really take?

You can take the course at your own pace.  In fact - I have a slow method and a fast method laid out inside the program for implementing all the lessons! 

 Many women finish the course in a couple of weeks.  Some it's a month.  

Even if you only have half an hour a week, you'll get through it and make changes that last for years. You have LIFETIME ACCESS TO THE COURSE.  As long as the course is around - you can come back and take it again and again. 

Once you've been through the course it takes only minutes per day and minutes per week to plan and implement the program. 

What if I cant stick to a diet (and don't really want to)

Perfect.  I knew, when I created this course, that 98% of diets fail. 

Which is why this is - in no way - a typical diet.  

The whole core of the program (the most important part) is done without removing anything from your diet.  So you can eat whatever you want - in addition to the foods recommended in the program.  So nothing is taken away!  That's a diet you can stick with. 

Later on in the program I give you my top foods to avoid IF you want even more results... But even if you never do this part, you'll still  get massive benefit. 

If it doesn't work for me, can I get a refund? 

Yes.  Try the course for 14 days.  Do the work, fill out all the course materials, and actually implement what you've learned.  Then, within 14 days of enrolling, if you don't see that the course is going to truly improve your health and hormones, simply send us your completed coursework, and we'll issue you a prompt refund.

What if hot flashes aren't an issue for me?

Hot flashes are just one sign of hormonal imbalance.  What you learn in Menopause Basics: What to Eat will help you balance your hormones - to improve any signs of hormonal imbalance - including symptoms of low hormone levels after menopause.  For you it might be severe peri-menopausal PMS,  insomnia (or anything else) without a hot flash in sight.  

What if I'm years past menopause?

I'm passionate about vibrant aging!  And this course is perfect if you're past menopause.  

After menopause, many of the lingering symptoms or signs of aging women experience are due to hormone levels falling too low.  

Ideally your post menopausal hormone levels are about the same if you keep your hormone levels as high as possible (ideally at the levels they were when you were 10 or 11 years old.)  But for many women they drop much lower than that.   This program will show you how to help your body maximize your hormone levels after menopause for anti-aging and health protective benefits. 

Who really isn't a good match for the program?

I you're a healthy eating professional or expert who already knows - not just what's healthy - but what is the right diet for women during and after peri-menopuase (foods and superfoods)...  

And you're able to stick with it...

And it's working!  Then you don't need this program.

I have students who are very knowledgable about healthy eating - but get overwhelmed by all the information they have and don't know what's important enough to do every day.  They love the program. 

I also have students who try to follow too strict a healthy diet and simply can't sustain it over time.  they love the program.  

And I have students who are on a very strict "healthy" diet or "weight loss diet" but it's not working.  There are lots of "healthy" diets that simply don't work for women age 45 or older who have an underlying imbalance.  These students love the program the most - because finally their willpower and effort are getting them the results they want!

What if I've already tried..

I see so many women who've tried - seemingly EVERYTHING.   They're perfect for this course. 

Once you have the dietary foundation of hormonal balance in place - you can use any other menopause remedy  - (if you still even need it) and you'll find it will likely work so much better.  It will work more quickly, will less side effects, and the results will last.

But if you use any menopause remedy without the right basic diet in place first - it will be an uphill battle with recurring symptoms the whole time.  That's why this course is the missing piece for women who find nothing seems to be working for them. 

What if I hate to cook or don't have time?

No problem.  You'll learn how to get what you need for this entire program  already prepared with just a little planning ahead.  

If you still have questions - NO PROBLEM. 

We're here to help.  Just click the icon at the lower right hand corner of your screen to chat or send us an email - or email us directly at

If You've Read This Far, And You're Still Here... 
You Owe It To Yourself:

To yourself to ask these questions:

What if just one idea in Menopause Basics: What to Eat

helps you turn your health around and saves you from one serious illness?

What if just one strategy in Menopause Basics: What to Eat

helps you find your perfect weight and love your body again?

What if one lesson in Menopause Basics: What to eat

gets rid of those hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, & insomnia?

What if you decide not to enroll... 

and never figure out how to get your weight gain & blood pressure under control?

What if you decide not to enroll... 

and never turn the tide on healthy hormone balance, which leads to never-ending inflammation, heart disease, heat, and irritability? 

What would these changes really be worth to you over a lifetime?

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Don't miss your chance to finally have the health, the body, the energy, the peace of mind - and the sleep - that you've been dreaming of.  Let's make the next 50 years the best ones yet.

Enroll Now

Don't wait! 

The price goes back up to $497 in just a few days


One payment of

$297 USD

Test drive Menopause Basics: What to Eat for 14 days.  If, within 14 days you don't feel the course delivers the value, email us and show us your completed coursework, and we'll issue you a refund. 


Need help or have questions?

We're happy to answer any questions you might have and help you make the wisest choice for you.

click the icon in the lower right hand corner of your screen...