The Secrets of Menopause Herbal Supplements - Dana LaVoie, LAc

The Secrets of Menopause Herbal Supplements

When it comes to menopause herbal supplements... How Do You Choose? 

Join me in the recording of this live video to chat about how I use differentiations to match women with the menopause herbal supplements they need

and explore some of the Chinese Medicine versions of menopause (we'll talk about 14 common variations of menopause!) 

Don't miss minute 28 where I talk about what I was blown away by when I started working with women in menopause 15 years ago... 

In the video we'll talk about what Chinese Medicine recommends during the different stages of menopause and how menopause herbal supplements can help:

  • How to use menopause herbal supplements to prepare for an easier menopause - replenish everything before you start.. especially if you've been burning the candle at both ends
  • What to do at the first signs of change.. like night sweats during PMS...  a shorter cycle, or a harder time staying asleep
  • How treating early with menopause herbal supplements can help prevent extreme menopausal symptoms
  • Why treating low libido and weight loss during menopause is tricky - and the solution to strengthening your SPARK when you're already feeling hot. 

Herbal supplements for menopause-how do you choose?

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And we'll cover:

  • The ultimate hot & sweating version of menopause
  • The ultimate insomnia version of menopause
  • Focusing on dealing with menopausal weight gain
  • Sugar support during menopause
  • Menopause herbal supplements for survivors
  • How menopause herbal supplements can help post menopause... 
  • A focus on strong bones
  • A minimalist graceful aging approach
  • The ultimate anti-aging and beautifying approach
  • The best, safest add-ons for everyone

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There was a LOT of info about menopause herbal supplements in today's video, did you miss anything?  Here's what we covered

In this video I'll walk you through some of the commons variations of menopause

Where does your menopause fit into the menopause spectrum?

4:00 - What are the different versions of menopause in Chinese Medicine

4:30 - I talk about the beginning of perimenopause or before you hit menopause.. here’s the approach to tx w/natural remedies

5:20 - when you’re in full perimenopause... - I talk about the general approach to type 1 perimenoapuse and the most common symptom picture including - what are the first signs you’re likely to see - and what are the natural approaches to treatment and balancing to ease peri-menopausal symptoms and prevent severe menopausal symptoms

8:31 type 2 peri-menopause and why low libido and weight gain are in a special treatment category10:45 - hot flashes and night sweats - the hot and sweating version of menopause - and how to get rid of your heat without draining or decreasing your libido or metabolism

12:15 the insomnia version of menopause - especially staying asleep

13:53 - Recurring UTIs during menopause

15:00 They menopause where you need help shedding pounds (no matter how little you eat or how much you exercise)

17:45 Sugar support during menopause

18:30 Survivors in menopause - how to use natural remedies for menopause if you have a history or family history of estrogen sensitive cancers.19:45 Post Menopause - version 1 - focusing natural treatment on strong bones and structural support

22:05 - Post menopause - minimalist - adaptogenic 3 treasures support for when you’re mostly symptom free

22:40 Post menopause - anti-aging and beauty focus - with facial GUA SHA, massage, herbs & special substances

23:45 - Stress management before during and after menopause - the importance and how it fits in

24:45 why stress and anxiety tends to increase during menopause

25:30 how to get customized natural remedies for menopause specific for your version of menopause - especially herbs - as easily as possible

26:00 Link to learn more and schedule your FREE 15 minute discovery call to find out if herbs are right for you.

28:00 what i was blown away by when I started working with women in menopause 15 years ago.

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Dana LaVoie, LAc

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