The #1 Mistake Made With Herbal Remedies For Menopause

Why herbal remedies for menopause can be (but aren't always) effective

Herbal remedies are one of the MOST POWERFUL tools available for getting relief from menopause discomforts.  But many women get only so-so results.

Find out why their results aren't better and how to ensure that yours are - in this short video where we'll dive into the thing most women don't know...

The three categories of herbal remedies for menopause

There are 3 categories of remedies for menopause.  And when you go to grab a menopause remedy off the shelf at your local health food store or amazon or google menopause remedies online…

Mostly what you’ll see in the results are #1) formulas rich in phytoestrogens like soy to help build your hormone levels up.  OR #2) formulas made from adaptogens support your endocrine system in micromanaging - fine tuning - and basically knowing what to do with the hormones you do have.  

And these are two of the categories of menopause remedies and both can be helpful - but here’s the big secret - neither is a complete solution. 

The problem happens when you use remedies from only 1 category. 

Over time your body is going to want support BOTH building up your hormone levels AND managing those hormones levels once they are up!

So you will exponentially increase your results if you choose remedies that support both building up your hormones - and managing  hormones.  (Seems doable - right?)

And there’s a third category that’s much less commonly seen...  And you definitely want to include herbs from that category as well - it’s very important - because it addresses liver function, & hormone detoxification!

Learn to use the full power of herbal remedies for menopause

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menopause blueprint masterclass

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