The oldest but hottest trend in herbalism - 3 Treasures Adaptogens

The newest trend in herbalism has actually been around a long time.

Why is a 3 Treasures Tonic Herbal program is so good not only for hormones - but for resilience in the face of the stresses of a difficult world (and so much more?)

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What are the three treasures? 

A: The Three Treasures are the three main energies in your body.  #1 the Jing, #2 the Qi, #3 the Shen. 


The Jing is like the wax of a candle - pure potential.  Unlit it's pretty boring - but it holds the potential for all the heat, light, and energy that candle has left.  It's your ENERGY RESERVES.  It's how much of your life force is left - so the more Jing you have the younger your look and feel. 

Jing is also crazily equivalent to your hormone levels - and the herbs for Jing - sure enough are the same ones that support hormone levels.  So basically hormones are like a modern word for Jing. 


Qi is the energy we use for everyday activities and cellular activities - like moving our muscles, digesting food, breathing, and our immune system function.  It's the wick of the candle.  It turns the potential energy into life activity.  Sure we think of Qi as our ENERGY - and it is BUT... it can easily run out on a busy day if there aren't good reserves of Jing to feed it. 


What's the goal of a candle?  Shine a beautiful, bright, even light into the world.  The Shen is your spirit, and it's like the light from the candle.  The whole goal here is a strong, bright, even light.  Imagine if your Jing (energy reserves) is depleted - it's like the candle wax being melted into a puddle - the light will flicker. 

The light - your Shen, spirit, creativity, mental and emotional well being, are dependent on a strong Jing and Qi to back them up. 

That's why these herbal programs support All Three Treasures all the time. 

What are adaptogens

A:  Adaptogens are a small subset of herbs that are all proven to be safe for long term use, are nontoxic, have a double-direction action, are easy to digest, and are not TOO anything (not too hot, cold, drying, or damp.) 

These herbs are meant to be used long term, so they're what we use to build a Three Treasures Tonic herbal program. 

Many herbs are NOT meant to be used long term.  Non adaptogenic herbs usually make your body more something - hotter, colder, dryer, moister... So used long term they can send you too far in that one direction.  As opposed to adaptogens which always bring you back to the center point. 

Many herbs also have a slight toxicity to them.  Nothing that matters when using them for a week at a time - but definitely not meant for long-term use. 

What does resilience and stress have to do with feeling burned out?

A lot

When something extra lands on your plate during the day - whether it's a call from the school nurse, world news, or dry rot in yoru rafters..

If you feel excited about all the creative ways you have to deal with the situation - great. 

If you feel like you want to pull the covers over your head and let someone else deal with it - you're in overwhelm and your Jing/energy reserves are depleted. 

And what is life but a series of stresses?  Wether its the change our body adapts to every time we go from sitting to standing or the weather gets hotter or colder, to a physical injury, surgery, or illness you need to bounce back from... To bigger stresses that come our way....

The creative energy and efficiency with which we respond to these stresses determines the success of our lives as a whole.  

And adaptogenic herbs with supported energy reserves taken for long enough mean you'll handle an almost unlimited amount of stressors without going into overwhelm.   

That's how it relates.  

Why do I say this is trending? 

  • Mushroom coffee and hot cocoa
  • Superfood and super-herb products with adaptogens popping up all over
  • Cacao everything

Yes!  These are great but...

Sprinkling random adaptogens into your diet is great.  But the true benefit comes when you put together an herbal program that supports all three treasures regularly - in a way that is balanced for your body.  

Which of your energy buckets are full and which are half empty??  How old are you?  Choose your herbs accordingly. 

So if you're still with me and...

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