Who Is Menopause Basics For - Dana LaVoie, LAc

Do You Need This Right Now?
(will this save your health or your sanity?)

What would you do if someone handed you a little green pill and a glass of water and said - take this and you’ll feel the opposite of miserable during all of menopause & after menopause?  If you’d take the pill, then keep reading.

If you match one of these THREE times in your life -  then yes - this is for you. (because these three times all have one thing in common - I’ll explain what in a minute.)
woman wondering if menopause basics is right for her

#1 Your 40s and 50s

You need this most when you're in perimenopause, because this is when you’re likely to have the worst symptoms  (hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, mood swings, insomnia, ETC.)  And what I’m going to show you can help you keep all these symptoms very mild.  

One day you yell at your husband so loud the neighbors call (but you can’t remember why you were yelling,) and that night you wake up so wet with sweat the bed makes a sucking sound when you sit up.  Welcome to perimenopause.  

It usually starts in your 40s and lasts until sometime in your 50s.  But it can happen earlier or later - or be triggered by surgery or medication at any age - and it can last from 2 - 15 years!  It’s a year or more before - and a year or more after -the moment of menopause - and that moment is when you’ve had no period for 12 months in a row.

And imagine this:  You hear the alarm clock go off.  You crack open your eyes to daylight. The last thing you remember is your head hitting the pillow…  And you realize - I just slept 8 hours straight!  That's a good feeling.

You need this in the post menopausal years just as much!  So if you’re in your 60s or later…  Your hormones (hopefully) have evened out again… But for a lot of women they even out at zero,  and this doesn’t feel good plus it’s dangerous healthwise.

#2 Your 60s and beyond

You know those women with “the good genes?”  The graceful, gray-haired women that glow with fitness and vitality - and turn every head when they walk into a room?  

Keeping your hormone levels as high right now as they were when you were 10 or 11 years old means: Hot flashes and night sweats will come to an end (instead of dragging on and on) plus firmer plumper skin, thicker hair, stronger bones, more toned muscles, a healthier heart, more energy, the list goes on. 

#3 Your 30s and early 40s

The best time to start this is actually when your hormones first start to decline - before you're in perimenopause.   For most women this is around age 28 - 45.

Because being supermom and climbing the ladder at work (plus a girl still needs to have fun...)

Means burning the candle at both ends - and your hormones will pay the price.   They’ll already be low when they really start to drop during perimenopause - and that’s what leads to the most severe symptoms during peri - uncontrollable bleeding, severe mood swings, soaking nights sweats.…  So use my techniques to build your hormones up during your 30s and early 40s, and you can sail through perimenopause with the mildest symptoms.

Sound Good? Ready To Get Started?