With The Right Information & Solutions

Women Can Look & Feel Better Than Ever

During & After Menopause naturally

What you'll find here is different because...

When it comes to natural remedies, one-size-fits-all solutions and strict, all-or-none diets don't work.

Find solutions so smart and customized to your body they'll make big changes but still fit into your style and schedule..

Understand Your Hormones & Aging

Know what's happening with your hormones that's causing discomfort or signs of aging - and what to do to change how you feel.

Know Which Healthy Habits Matter

Know which diet & lifestyle changes will have the biggest impact on your hormones - then relax - don't try to do it all.

Use Customized Herbal Remedies

The power behind viable alternatives to the perfect diet or HRT.  Customized remedies that change with you over time.


Understand Your Hormones & Aging

& What It Takes To Make Aging Head-Turningly Beautiful & Fun

Menopause & aging can be celebrated, fun, beautiful, sexy, and downright head turning.  

Feeling vibrant, living your ideal weight, embracing your beauty 

And just plain avoiding the downhill slide and the SCARY diseases you might have a predisposition towards

Are all possible when you take this preventative wellness approach that helps you feel better now and later.

It works because you're targeting not just symptoms but underlying imbalances, inflammation and energy leaks!  

It's not a quick fix or one remedy that fixes everything, because that doesn't exist. 

It's a system.  A customized combination of healthy living and powerful plant medicine that changes with you over time. 

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Know Which Healthy Habits Matter

Targeted & Simplified = Easy To Stick With

What you'll learn here is always natural and works to strengthen the rejuvenating and hormone-balancing systems your body already has built in.

It starts with symptom management, but its much more than that.

When it comes to diet

I'm about simple principles that are easy to sustain long term and can work with any diet from paleo to vegan.

Trying to stick to a strict diet long term is setting yourself up for failure.  

Learning to make smart diet changes focused on your hormones, brain chemistry, & metabolism can get the results you want with tweaks that fit into your diet of choice and lifestyle painlessly and easily.  (No deprivation - never deprivation!) 

  • Include the hormone building blocks and detox nutrients your body needs to make and process hormones.
  • Avoid the worst hormone disruptors.
  • Support your gut health
  • And if you need extra results for something like hot flashes or insomnia, avoid menopause trigger foods temporarily

When it comes to lifestyle

There are just a few simple things your hormones need.

  • Manage your stress hormone levels
  • Avoid topical hormone disruptors.
  • Exercise can be anywhere from very moderate to advanced - it just has to be the right kind to balance hormones, metabolism, and inflammation
  • Get enough sleep

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Use Customized Herbal Remedies

Powerful, Natural, & More Than Symptom Management

Customized herbal remedies are the power behind my system. 

My first menopausal client got relief from the most severe menopausal symptoms with 12 weeks of herbs. 

When other clients didn't get those same results, over years of practice, I realized it was because they were missing key diet or lifestyle elements or key supplements.  

So now I teach the simplified (and doable) diet, lifestyle, and supplement strategies that allow the herbs to work.  

Using customized herbs is the most unique and in-depth strategy I teach.  To learn more about mastering herbs for your own use, get on the waitlist for the next time my online program, Menopause Made Easy with Chinese Herbs opens for enrollment.   


Here's What I Don't Agree With

  • That severe menopause symptoms are normal
  • That most women need to take hormones to have their best health during & after menopause
  • That getting through menopause is about symptom management
  • That you have to feel old just because your age is going up
  • That the speed of your aging and the diseases in your future are predetermined by your genetics

And I have lots of company.  

These are all commonly held beliefs in Chinese and Taoist medicine where they've been figuring out how to make this a reality by supporting the body with natural remedies for thousands of years.  

And proving - millions of times over - that it works.

And while I know this sounds kind of "out there" and "strange"

Once I mix it up with the best of modern science

And interpret it into easy to understand, simple to use practical techniques for you... 

It's what you've been looking for.  The missing piece.  The way get your body's own health systems working. 

Bottom Line?  

I want to see more women loving how they look & feel and thriving during & after menopause...

  • Because of what they'll create for the world 
  • So they can teach and provide leadership
  • For their own enjoyment
  • And so I can hang out with them

I encourage you to embrace this wellness journey with success built in, not failure.  It's like the opposite of yo-yo dieting, low-fat diets, calorie counting, and bootcamps that promise quick results but never work long term.

I welcome women of all colors.  I am striving to find the best way to use my own voice to say Black Lives Matter in the most meaningful ways possible, and I am listening for your voices as well. 

I invite you all to listen, to talk, and hope you will all feel represented in my online community.


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