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The Real Secret to Using Herbal Remedies for Menopause Relief

Learn the skills, strategies, and tools you need to get relief from hormonal symptoms during and after menopause... (Without HRT, medications, or lab tests)

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Before I start writing, I need to show you something...

You caught that, right?

The herbal remedies worked to get RID of hot flashes and night sweats, and I’m going to show you how to do the same.  Because I know menopause can feel confusing and out of your control, and I know how intense the symptoms can get

You know that in order to get rid of hormonal symptoms you need a hormonal remedy

But the advice about which one to choose is downright conflicting and confusing - overwhelming!

You really hope you won't need medications, chemicals, or Hormone Replacement Therapy.

And in the meantime...

  • You’re terrified of menopause - you’ve always dreaded it and worried it’ll be horrific like a death knell or a wakeup call because when it hits its like - how can this be happening to me already?
  • The weepies, the irritability, the brain fog… You feel like you're going crazy and just trying all day to keep your family from realizing it...
  • Your partner said, "Could you make our life together any more difficult? You're so prickly it's like trying to hug a porcupine!
  • You've thought you were dying AND losing your mind to varying degrees over the last few years before you realized you were perimenopausal
  • You’re having severe hot flashes every hour on the hour all night where you have to sit up off the bed to fan yourself and cool the bed
  • You can't remember the last time you slept deeply all through the night

The problem?

Trying to sort through the confusing information out there about the best way to deal with menopause is enough to send you into another anxiety-ridden sleepless night 

You've got enough questions to fill a notebook.... And no one to help you answer them. 

  • Are you ever going to be at your ideal weight again?  Because you can't lose weight.  Full stop.  It's never been a problem before, but now NOTHING is working
  • Is your sex life just, over?  Because the doctor saying the dryness, pain, or recurrent UTIs are "just something some women have to deal with" seems to indicate, yes.
  • Chronic UTI's, low libido, vaginal dryness, weight gain, hot flashes, poor sleep about sums it up

Researching and worrying night after sleepless night.  Spending money on menopause remedies that don't work.  Wondering if what you're taking for hot flashes is safe - or if it could cause cancer...


Your head starts filling up with common (but untrue) thoughts trying to sabotage your golden years before your kids are even out of the house. 

...Believe me, I've been there...


big doubt #1:

Relief isn't possible.  You even tried HRT and that didn't work!

You were sure natural remedies wouldn't be strong enough for your severe symptoms, so you tried HRT (even though you didn't want to take hormones...) But even that didn't work (or the side effects were so intense you had to stop) so you still feel like crap. 

big doubt #2

You don't have time to learn enough about herbal medicine to make sense of using herbal remedies for all 20 symptoms you seem to have

How can you possibly figure out which natural or herbal remedies to use to deal with *All * the ways menopause is making you feel practically unable to function without ending up taking so many herbs it gives you a stomach ache and costs too much? 

Big doubt #3: 

You're worried the best part of your life is over and it's all downhill from here

Not having control over your weight, your skin, hair, muscles, energy, creativity, memory, blood pressure, bone health, joint pain...  Thinking it's all going to get worse and worse and there's nothing you can do about it..

Now slow your scroll for a sec

Imagine having a reliable way to get relief from every hormone-related symptom that pops up - without lab tests, HRT, or medication.

  • You'd be able to sleep through the night and everything you do during the day would be 100x better because of it
  • You'd have the energy, concentration, and focus to create whatever's been inside you on hold for years, to travel the world, or just to keep up with your grandkids
  • You'd have the libido and vaginal health for vroom vroom as much as you desire
  • You'd stay strong in your muscles, bones, and joints and flexible in your tendons and ligaments - you'd look feel younger and stronger, love your body, and be able to be as active as you like (not to mention *rock* your favorite jeans again)
  • You'd naturally stay at your ideal weight, because your metabolism is turned ON
  • You'd prevent your brain from shrinking (Yes, really it can happen from low estrogen) and stay clearheaded and strong minded
  • Sweater weather?  No problem, no sweating here.

Sounds too good to be true?

It's not.

I know because I've done it, and I've taught hundreds of other women to do it.

And I cant wait to show YOU how to do it too.

But wait, have we met?

Hi, I'm Dana

Guitar player, gardener, animal lover, and shameless fantasy movie fan.

I've also been an acupuncturist & herbalist for 20 years, and I'm passionate about simplifying the sh*t out of getting real relief from menopause and aging with safe, natural - but highly customized herbal remedies.

It all started with my first menopausal client almost 20 years ago. I was just starting my practice and had no idea how intense menopause could be when this woman came into my office...

She'd had such anxiety and brain fog during a hot flash she'd driven her car through her garage door - while the door was closed - with her kids in the car.

And her doctor offered antidepressants and said "It's just menopause - wait it out for a few years."

I put her on herbal remedies.  And when 12 weeks later she felt completely like herself again with only mild warm flushes and zero anxiety or brain fog....

I was like - wow. Women need what Chinese herbal medicine has to offer for menopause.

Fast forward 15 years to when perimenopause hit me like a mac truck. I woke up one day with weeping and yelling - mood swings so intense I/ Could. Not. function. I cried 20 times in one day. I cried when someone said, "Hi." Then two days later I got my period and I was like... OOOOH that was perimenopausal PMS!

Because I'd been specializing in helping women with their hormones for 15 years, refining and tweaking what actually worked, (and finding out what didn't) I knew exactly what to do.

I adjusted my herbs - the next month the PMS was half as intense - and the third month it was gone. That was four years ago.

And now I'm more dedicated than ever to helping YOU reclaim feeling like yourself and loving your body and this time in your life, because you feel amazing. Not just OK.  Not just symptom free.  Amazing.

And let's take this one step further

Because if you know me, you know I wont settle for middle of the road results.

I'm not dedicated to ONLY helping you get relief from your current menopause symptoms...

But to helping you get your hormones so refilled and balanced *that you can control your experience of the aging process post menopause*  reducing or completely avoiding many of the common diseases and signs of aging we THINK have to be waiting for us.

Enter: Menopause Made Easy with Herbs and the HELP method

a.k.a. the exact framework, plug-and-play tools, and expert support that can take you from feeling like your hormones and aging are out of your control - to cooly and calmly having the best years of your life.

No more googling how to get relief from hot flashes.

No more thinking - I'm just not one of those women who ages gracefully.

No more out of control stress and anxiety.

No more dread about osteoporosis at 3 am.

Just a proven system, customizable tools, and all the expert herbal knowledge I've gathered in my Master's degree training, 20 years of clinical practice, and 10 years of training as a Tonic Herbalist.

If you're with me, now's the time to get excited, because it's about to be ALL yours.  I want to help YOU feel this kind of hormonal mastery!

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Menopause Made Easy with Herbs

A complete, step by step program that teaches you how to get relief from multiple menopause symptoms AND get to the root of your underlying hormonal imbalance, so you can prevent symptoms from returning, prevent new hormonal symptoms from appearing, and take control of how you experience aging

The secret sauce? It's my HELP Method that walks you through everything from how to understand what's happening with YOUR hormones right now to exactly what to do to get them back into balance for relief now and prevention of future hormonal misery.

Yes.  Even if you've never used herbs, your symptoms are severe, or the free time you have each day is one round of the second hand...

This can work for you.

Here's how the HELP system works:

Hormone Intelligence

Understand what's happening with your hormones, what they need, and exactly how to give it to them

Expert Technique

Confidently take every dose of herbs for maximum safety & maximum effect - in just minutes a day - using the techniques pro herbalists know.

Loop Back & Update

Know how and when to re-evaluate and update your herbs.  These little tweaks keep the results you're getting rolling in. 

Pilot your own aging

Knowing how to support your hormones POST-menopause lets you control your experience of aging (hello strong bones and joints, beautiful skin and hair, juicy eyes, mouth and vagina, hello metabolism and sleeping well - you're even more protected against disease.) 

But wait... there's more!

Herbal Coaching & Community

Exclusive Access To The Student Community And Herbal Coaching

Monthly memberships open ONLY to students in MMEwH 

Access to the exclusive MMEwH Student Community

Access to the exclusive MMEwH Student Community

Connection, support, accountability, inspiration, loads of hormone-friendly diet and lifestyle tips, and a safe, supportive place to ask questions and talk about everything from the frustration of weight gain to vaginal health.

Never be in this alone again

Herbal coaching with Dana

Weekly Q & A and monthly Live Coaching where you can get 1:1 coaching from Dana on your hormones and your herbs for results layered upon results until you're looking and feeling better than you ever thought was possible - all without overwhelm or confusion.   plus access to Deep-Dive Herbal Trainings. 

1:1 expert support whenever you need it

Let real women using these herbs tell you what it's like...

Hot flashes are 50% better in just a few weeks

My hot flashes are 50% gone - half as often and half as hot - after just a few weeks on the herbs from Dana's program


Severe peri monthly migraines are under control

After 8 monthly visits to  Urgent Care for severe migraines, I started Dana's herbs and now I've been migraine free for five months - all through my cycle



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It's like having my own personal herbal coach

"I look forward each month to my VIP support call with Dana. It's like having my own personal herbal coach. She helps me navigate any issues or questions that might arise and shows me how tweak my herbs if needed.  I've also learned a lot listening to other students and their struggles. This has been a blessing!."



I'm sleeping all night.  I'm not sweaty and clammy

At night I was getting those sweats where you wake up like OK I need to go change my PJs because I just sweat through them…

That’s not an issue anymore. I’m sleeping all night, and I’m nice and cozy.  I’m not sweaty and clammy


The night sweats and insomnia are nothing like they were

Now, with herbs, the night sweats and insomnia are nothing like they were.  It’s also helped my mood swings and irritability tremendously!




Mood swings, PMS, cramps, and fatigue are gone

My whole cycle became unmanageable in perimenopause with mood swings, PMS, cramps, and fatigue.  

Now, After being on the herbs, my cycle lengthened back out and feels more the way it felt to get my period in my 20s.

Where do these results come from


An Over 90% Success Rate


The type of herbs we use in the program - based in Chinese Herbal Medicine - has a 92% success rate in clinical trial.

Cleveland Clinic says - Top Ten!

On their website, the Cleveland Clinic says getting relief from menopause symptoms is one of the TOP TEN things they recommend using these herbs for!


Can you get addicted to this stuff? Im sleeping so much better. Yes, I feel it in the quality of my heart -- like my heart is being nourished. It's like lying down in a great big perfect pillow... :)


Woah. Is this a typical reaction?  I feel like this was the liver boost I needed?  Happy to add this to the community but I am simply floored by how amazingly different I felt today!! I was singing your praises all day to them!


Since joining and being here in the community, I feel really empowered! Working on finding formulas and getting my hormones now (rather than waiting until actual menopause) even has me curious to experience menopause! I used to be terrified of menopause. And now I feel like, maybe it won’t be horrific!

hot flash free

I’ve been pretty much hot flash free since the spring, but they are creeping back so I ordered the Crane herbs again, both those herbs and you are a lifesaver!

i've had great success with the herbs

I've been taking the herbs for some months now with great success. I am ready to move on to addressing Category 2 symptoms, specifically Weight Gain.


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