Not True!  3 Menopause Myths You Need To Know

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In this video we cover 3 of the most common menopause myths, why they’re not true, how they can be harmful, depressing, and confusing and what you need to know instead to manage menopause more easily...

So to recap...

If you want to talk menopause myths vs realities...

Well MYTH #1 is that menopause will make you gain weight - find out why it’s NOT true.  You see, your metabolism might decrease during menopause, but eating less and less is not the answer - find out what is. 

Here’s another menopause myth busted.  Myth #2 is that menopause will kill your sex drive  (whew - glad that one’s not true!) find out why this is not only false but harmful!

In fact, during  & after menopause, a healthy libido is a sign your anti-aging energy is strong (talk about a win-win)  It turns out your libido is a healthy indicator, like a gas gauge, of the strength of your anti-aging energy. 

And what about menopause symptoms? If you’re thinking - my menopause symptoms are killing me - what will it take to have no menopause symptoms?  Or you’re wondering are menopause symptoms all physical - or could it make me feel like I’m going crazy?  Find out in myth #3.

There’s lots more - so join me in the video and ask questions in the comments below - I’m listening:) 

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Video Transcript

Sometimes you'd rather read than watch - I get it!

When it comes to menopause - there is a lot of false - just plain wrong information floating around.  and in today’s video we’re going to cover  3 of those most common myths - why they’re not true - how they can be harmful depressing and confusing - and what you need to know instead to manage menopause more easily - so stick around!

Hi! I’m, Dana LaVoie - an acupuncturist & herbalist, and founder of menopause basics.   and in the 15 years I’ve been working with women in menopause  I’ve noticed that there are certain beliefs out there about menopause that are making it harder for women know what to do to manage menopause easily.  And today we’re going to bust the 3 most common menopause myths

But first, I want to ask you a question...

How many of you right now have questions about menopause … are finding it had to get straight answers??  wondering if you sx are normal? wondering what everyone else is doing or what you should be doing about the hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, weight gain low libido or mood swings ?  well that’s not on you!  it’s easy to get confused when there’s so much conflicting info floating around!! but relax - sigh of relief - because it’s also easy to understand everything you need to know once you have the right information

At the end of this video I’m going to invite you to sign up for a FREE copy of my menoapausal woman’s ROADMAP so you can learn even more about exactly what simple steps you can take to feel better -  I’ll give you more details later but right

Now, let’s get started and clear up some menopause myths.

Myth #1

Menopause will make you gain weight - you’ll pack on the pounds no matter what!

Here’s why this is harmful. If you consider weight gain inevitable - you won’t do anything to avoid it - and being overweight is hard on your health.  it can drive up your blood sugar, it’s hard on your joints, it’s rough on your heart and blood pressure.. it can put your health on a bit of a downward spiral - AND for many women - it’s depressing.  it can make it hard to feel great about yourself - and it can even contribute to low sex drive.

Here’s why its not true - plenty of women don’t gain weight during or after menopause.   There’s no rule or biological reason why you need to gain weight at this time in your life.

Here’s what you need to know and what to do instead.

It’s true that #1 - your metabolism may decrease during menopause - so you burn less calories per hour - the answer to this, however - is not to eat less and exercise more!  in fact eating less can send a message to your brain to lower your metabolism even more!! and exercising more can increase inflammation and weight gain - this is a not a loop you want to get stuck in.  a much better option is to work with your brain to boost your metabolism back up.  and you can do this by eating the right foods MORE often, eating protein throughout the day, and moving a lot during the day but exercising moderately with only short, infrequent bursts of higher intensity cardio.  

It’s also true that hormonal imbalance can cause you to gain weight right around your middle - and this type of tissue sends out signals that give you cravings for carbs and sugar and masks feelings of fullness - so you still feel hungry even when you’re not…. again - this is a nasty loop you don’t want to get stuck in   The best solution to this is not to diet like crazy - this isnt regular weight gain we’re talking about - the solution here is balancing your hormones!! you can to this by giving your body the right hormonal building blocks with the right foods & superfoods in your diet is key (check out my free roadmap for how to do this) and decreasing your stress hormone levels with 5 minutes of deep breathing with long exhales every day.

Myth #2

Menopause will kill your sex drive

actually 50-75% of women report having a great sex drive between 50 - 80 yrs of age.   Menopause does not need to kill your libido.

Why this is harmful - sexuality is like laughter - it’s good medicine:) it makes you smile it helps you relax it can help relieve depression and it releases all kinds of feel good chemicals in your body and brain.  But it has a lot to do with your brain..  if you expect it to disappear it proably will.  Or if it takes a dip and you think - oh this is normal - that part of my life is over now that im in menopause - you won’t do anything about it and it really might be gone forever - and that can be sad.

While your hormone levels decline during menopause and are lower after menopause - they’re not gone - and keeping your hormones levels naturally robust and as high as possible after menopause  is not only great for your sex drive ti has a lot of other anti aging benefits as well - so giving your body all the building blocks it needs to keep making hormones is really helpful. For instance -include plenty of healthy fats in your diet!

Another thing that can interfere with sex during & after menopause is vaginal dryness and pain - but there are a number of good options here from vaginal moisturizers with phytoestrogens, estrogen, or DHEA to lubricants and internal hormone balancing.

from a chinese medicine perspective - a healthy libido is a great sign of healthy anti-aging energy - if your libido is decreasing its a sign  you need to build up your energy more.. so think of it like a handy indicator -like a gas gague.  keeping your sexual energy high is a sign you’re energy is in good shape - and it’s also particularly good for helping keep your bones strong

Myth #3

You’ll only get physical sx during menopause.

definitely not true.  decreasing progesterone levels can make it feel like like all the warm fuzzy cushioning has been stripped off your nerve endings! You can feel easily irritated - like your fuse is SHORT, or even depressed or anxious.

the reason this myth is harmful is that if you don’t realize changing hormones can affect your mood - you might just think you’re having a mental breakdown! this actually happens all the time - and when you go to the doctor and their recommended treatment is antidepressants - it just reinforces that fear.  

While I’m not saying avoid antidepressants if you need them - if the cause of your mood changes is decreasing hormones and unbalanced hormones - the solution is - building up and balancing those hormones naturally at the same time.  the way i see it is  - you do whatever you need to do for symptom relief - but you also want to be building up and balancing those hormones, because once that hormonal balance is reestablished - your mood will even back out and brain fog will recede naturally.  my favorite way to do this is again give your body every possible building block it needs to make hormones - like healthy fats and other foods & superfoods that support hormones - and there’s something else that comes into play here too…

It’s about keeping your estrogen progesterone ratio correct - this sometimes means your body needs to make more progesterone and get rid of a little estrogen… to be able to get rid of estrogen when needed - you need your hormone detox pathways open and working - and for this you need a really healthy bowel movement every day - my fav way to help your body do this is by eating lots of vegetables and fruit every day - I’m talking throughout the day(get the details in my roadmap) a chinese dietary therapy called congee can also really help if you’re challenged in this area - I’ll put a link where you can learn more about congee below the video.

So to recap - the 3 most common menopause myths are:

#1 - You’ll gain weight during menopause - not necessarily! the best way to prevent this is to work with your brain & hormones to boost your metabolism and decrease cravings instead of just dieting eating less and exercising more!

#2 you’ll lose your sex drive - not necessarily!! boost your hormones naturally and find a good solution for dryness and you’ll be back on track

#3 men sx are only physical - definitely not true.  changing hormones affect your mood no matter what - and if those hormones get out of balance or drop too low - your mood can really suffer.  Instead of only treating the mood however - be sure to boost, balance, and detox hormones naturally to get to the root of the problem.

If you enjoyed this video, then I invite you to click the link to sign up for your free copy of my Menopausal woman’s roadmap. This free download will give you 5 easy to follow steps that will set you up for relief from menopause sx by including the most important hormonal building blocks in your diet - and show you the 3 top mistakes women make during menopause and how to fix them.  

I’m also the host of a Facebook group called Menopause Basics -  and I’ll leave a link in the comments below where you can join instantly. If you have any questions - pop them into the facebook group and tag me - or put them in the comments below.

I’m Dana LaVoie - acupuncturist, herbalist, & founder of menopause basics - - and thanks so much for watching - I’ll see you next time.

3 common menopause myths
make menopause easier by busting menopause myths

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