Why Is My Hormone Replacement Therapy Not Working?

Hormone replacement therapy seemed like the obvious solution for your menopause symptoms, so you gave it a try, and your symptoms got worse…

Or you had multiple side effects!  

Find out why and find out how HRT, progesterone cream, and bio-identical hormones fit in to your menopausal strategy safely - with maximum benefits a minimal side effects.  

So to recap...

There's a time and place for HRT..

Find out how hormone replacement therapy for women fits into your menopausal plan.

Find out the THREE things your body needs to be able to do to get benefits from taking hormones, and how to help make sure this happens. 

Find out why it's so important to make sure your estrogen detoxification pathways are open when taking hormones and how to give them a helping hand. 

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Video Highlights 

Make sure you didn't miss anything big...

1:03 Roadmap

1:30 Here’s how HRT works as part of a menopausal plan

2:20 The 3 things your body needs to be able to do to use hormones safely & well

3:05 Where does HRT fit in

3:30 Why your body needs to be able to get rid of extra hormones - and why this is espcially important when using HRT

4:30 if you get side effects from HRT this is often why

4:55 What you can do

5:13 - the #1 thing you can do

6:16 so to get the most benefit and the least side effects..

6:50 following these steps helps your body balance hormones naturally - so you might not even need to take hormones any longer

6:55 if you enjoyed this video

Video Transcript

Sometimes you'd rather read than watch - I get it!

Hot flashes, check.  Nights sweats, check.  insomnia - mood swings - low libido - weight gain..

It sure seemed like menopause - so  HRT hormone replacement therapy or progesterone cream seemed like the obvious answer - SO WHY IS IT NOT WORKING?   Or why are you having so many side effects?  

That’s what we’ll be talking about in today’s video so stick around!

Hi! I’m, Dana LaVoie - an acupuncturist & herbalist, and founder of Menopause Basics -  and for 15 years I’ve been helping women use natural remedies to balance hormones so they can have an easy menopause and feel great afterwards

and before we jump right into why your HRT may not be working..

I want to ask you a question...

How many of you thought HRT seemed like the obvious answer.. you gave it a try - and your symptoms got worse? or you developed new symptoms - or you gained more weight? I know hands are going up - because I see this all the time..

At the end of this video I’m going to invite you to sign up for a FREE copy of my menopausal woman’s ROADMAP so you can learn even more about exactly what to eat during & after menopause to boost & balance & detox your hormones naturally - . I’ll give you more details later, but right now, let’s get started!

as I’ve worked with women in menopause  for 15 years I’ve seen so many women who were on HRT or who had tried HRT - and were still having lots of menopausal symptoms - because HRT alone is just not the whole answer.  .  

No one tells you this - so don’t feel badly if you’ve made this mistake - but HRT doesn’t work in a vacuum - and once you know what to do to support your HRT- you’ll be able to do it easily and then you’ll get better results and less side effects

When you’re having menopausal symptoms - it’s generally for one of two reasons

#1 your hormones levels are dropping too low

or #2 your hormones are out of balance with each other - for instance - one of them drops really low really fast and the other one stays kind of high… this unevenness is what causes a LOT of symptoms.

What has to happen to relieve your symptoms?  Your body has to be able to bring your hormones back into balance - to do this it has to

1 - make more of the hormones that have dropped to low and send them to the right place

2 - get rid of some of the hormones that have stayed at a high level causing an imbalance

3 -  and it has to coordinate this!!  it has to recognize what’s out of balance and send out the right signals at the right times telling your body - make more of this one - get rid of some of that one

So your body needs to be able to do 3 things for you to feel better - make more hormones and use them properly  - get rid of extra hormones - and send out the right signals at the right times.

where does HRT fit into this?? .  well hrt is giving your body premade hormones that it can use to boost up hormone levels that are too low.

BUUUUT - if your body isn’t sending out the right signals.. it doesnt know what to do with these extra hormones!! AAAND your body needs little vitamins and cofactors to be able to use those new hormones properly.  you could have a low hormone level over here - and now you have more hormones - but if noone says - look we need you to go right over here  and make a little modification so you can fit into this slot… you wont get any benefit from them. so you don’t get relief or results

AND you still need to be able to get rid of any extra hormones - not only build up the low ones to help bring those ratios into balance - the HRT boosts up the low levels - ti doesnt bring down the high levels - AND think about it —- you’re pouring hormones into your system.. occasionally you’re bound to get too much of some of them - you want to be sure that your body ability to get rid of extra hormones is working really well - especially whe your taking HRT!  if you get side effects from HRT its often because of hormone levels that are too high or that are floating around - not going to the right place and not getting detoxed - so makign sure yoru body is detoxing extra hormones well helps avoid side effects from HRT.

SO what can you do to make sure your body is

1. sending out the right signals

2. and making proper use of these new hormones

and 3. . detoxing extra hormones to get the best results adn the least side effects from your HRT??

#1 is support your HRT with the right diet. Here’s why -

To detox extra hormones you need a really healthy bowel movement every day and healthy liver function.  This isn’t going to happen without lots of the right fruits, veggies, & water and a few key superfoods are helpful too - especially for the liver

To make use of your new hormones - you want to make sure you have plenty of cofactors on hand  - these special little building blocks come from fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats. You need plenty of these in your diet to make sure they’re available when needed.

And to  help your body send out the right signals at the right times - one of the easiest way to support this is by  evening out your blood sugar.  Eating at regular intervals throughout the day and including protein and healthy fat at every meal and snack can help with this a LOT

So to recap:

To get the most benefit and the least side effects from your HRT:

Support it with the right diet - lots of the right fruit and veg and menopause superfoods keep the liver & bowel movements healthy for hormone detox - and eating protein and healthy fat regularly throughout the day helps even out your blood sugar to balance your whole endocrine system - helping it to send out the right signals at the right times.

If you enjoyed this video, then I invite you to click the link to sign up for your free copy of my Menopausal woman’s roadmap. This lead magnet will give you 5 easy to follow steps on what to eat every day that will set you up for relief from menopause sx and help support your HRT- and it’ll show you the 3 top mistakes women make during menopause and how to fix them.  

I’m also the host of a Facebook group called Menopause Basics -  and I’ll leave a link in the comments below where you can join instantly. If you have any questions - pop them into the facebook group and tag me - or put them in the comments below.

I’m Dana LaVoie - acupuncturist, herbalist, & founder of menopause basics - - and thanks so much for watching - I’ll see you next time. 

get less side effects from your hormone replacement therapy
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What's the #1 thing you can do to get the most benefits and the least side effects from your HRT? (find out in this short video)

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if HRT seems like the obvious solution to your menopausal symptoms.. why isn't it working? (watch this short video to find out what HRT needs to work best)

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