In this video, Acupressure for menopause insomnia, you’ll learn a simple 10 minute acupressure routine you can do at home.

These points and techniques are perfect to do before bed, because the help with relaxation and deep sleep.

3:02 Learn about P-6: What it can do, how to find it and how to use it

6:21 Learn about Ki-1: What it can do, how to find it and how to use it

7:20 A review of your Acupressure routine and the overall benefits for relaxation and deep sleep9:15 Have questions - find out how to get them answered by me!

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Not in the mood to watch?  Read the transcript of the video Acupressure For Menopause Insomnia below:

The best way to get ready for bed.. is 10 minutes of acupressure for sleep and relaxation

What i want to jump into now is teaching you an acupressure routine that is perfect to do before bed.

Im also going to put a link in the comments below this video to a free guide you can download a free guide that explains how to do this routine at home.

I can’t tell you how much I love it when i have clients who come in and say:  I was waking up every hour or I was waking up at 2 or 3 in the morning and I’d be up for 2.5 or 3 hours.  When you are not sleeping, there is no way you’re going to be at your best health  so when they come in and say you know what - im sleeping thru the night or i wake up but i go right back to sleep..  When they get their sleep back their entire health starts to turn around when that happens, so I love working with clients on sleep issues.

Honestly.. sleep is something I’ve had issues with my whole life since I was a little kid, so Ive learned all the tricks, especially from Chinese Medicine on how to correct.. you know at times Ive had all the sleep disturbances..

Trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, too many thoughts in my head..And this is something i just love working with with clients because sleep is such a gift

and this acupressure routine im going to teach you right now. you can do it at home you don’t need any special equipment.

its a wonderful acupressure routine for hormonal balance. so if you have a hormonal imbalance, this is actually going to help your body correct that imbalance.

Plus the points I’ve chosen today are particularly relaxing, they are going to help relieve stress and help ground your energy down into your feet, which takes too many thoughts temporarily out of your head, so its great at bedtime.

so what is acupressure?? Acupressure is just a way of stimulating an acupuncture point. in acupuncture you stimulate the point my putting needle into it usually, but you can also burn moxa on it, scrape it with a little tool, heat it up.. there are different ways you can stimulate the energy at an acupuncture point, and acupressure is one of those ways.

so thats what im going to teach you today - a very simple acupressure were going to start with 2 points.

we'll do acupressure on the first point for 5 minutes and acupressure on the second point for 5 minutes - so its 10 minutes. I think that’s pretty attainable - you can squeeze it in before bed or even when you get into bed.

the first point were going to use is Pericardium 6, inner gate, and its on your forearm.

Look at your arm and take 3 fingers and put them where your hand meets your arm - then to just past that - 3 fingers down (proximal) from the crease where your palm meets your arm.then flex your wrist and see the two tendons on the bottom of your arm pop out - you want to be between those 2 tendons - that’s where you want to be - 3 fingers up and between the tendons.once you’ve found the point - with your hand in your lap and your thumb on the point - press the point firmly but gently with an even pressure for 30 seconds - the relieve the pressure for 5 seconds. Then press for 30 seconds and relief for 5 seconds. and while you’re doing this you’re going to breathe deeply and slowly with a long press the point while you breathe deeply in - 1,2,3,4,5,… and then deeply out - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and try to make your exhalation a little longer than your inhalation. Then continue to do that so you press for a few breaths -inhales and exhales tim you get to about 30 second - then release for one breath (about 5 seconds)

You can time your breathing.. if your breathing is about a 5 count in and 7 count out.. 3 breaths would be about 30 seconds.. so you could hold pressure on the point for 3 breaths in and out - then release for one breath in and out but its about 30 seconds on and 5 seconds off - the timing is not super critical… but do that for about 5 minutes on one point - ti doesn’t matter if its on the left writs or the right wrist - so 30 second on 5 seconds off for 5 minutes total on P-6.

then switch to Kidney - 1.

i have a picture to show you for Ki 1. ki 1 is on the bottom of your foot. go on the bottom of your foot from the space between your 2nf and 3rd toes and run down over the ball of your foot until yo fall into a big hole - that is ki 1. put your foot on your lap, or have someone do this for you. press your thumb into ki 1. hold a nice pressure for 30 seconds then release it for 5 seconds. hold it for 30 seconds, release it for 5 seconds, and repeat that cycle until you get to 5 minutes.

so 5 minutes on Pericardium 6 and 5 minutes on Kidney 1 using the same deep slow breathing the whole time. You’ll get into a rhythm with it, and you can use your breath to time yourself for sure

Pericardium 6 is a really interesting point, Pericardium has a lot to do with the heart itself, which has a lot to do with sleep, as we talked about in the Q and A video, and in Chinese Medicine Pericardium 6 also has a lot to do with the Liver, which in Chinese medicine is all about stress. So it not only nourishes the heart, it relaxes the Liver, relaxes stress, so its a wonderful point.

And Ki-1 is all the way at the bottom of your foot. It's the point through which your energy connects with the energy of the earth.. so it’s a very grounding point. Stimulating Kidney 1 pulls your energy down, so it pulls extra energy out of your head which is going to calm your thoughts, so its really nice to do at bedtime

and like i said im putting a link in the notes below this video - you can click on that link, you you can go there - you can put in your email address - and immediately i will send you a FREE PDF guide that you can download you can print it out if you want that explains how to find Pericardium 6, how to find Kidney 1, and how to do the acupressure for 10 minutes before bed.

If you do this all the time I would alternate - do one side one night and the other side the next night - But just do one Pericardium 6 for 5 minutes and one Kidney 1 for 5 minutes each night before bed, and that’s going to be a nice little acupressure routine for you.

Now in terms of questions - and comments that you might have for me - you can contact me.. you can leave notes for me here - but the place i spend the most time is in my FREE Private Facebook group called Menopause Basics- you can join if you just click the link in the notes below this video to go to the group - just click request and in just a little time you’ll be accepted and you’ll be in the group. that is a great place to find me you can ask a question in there, tag me in your post, and I will answer. I really spend time in there, taking care of everyone in there, and I love getting to know the women in the group. we have a lot of fun plus you’re going to get support ideas and suggestions from all the other members- there are some amazing women in there - so i hope you’ll join me inside the group

and be sure and download your free guide and also let me know what you thought of this Facebook live and what topics you would like me to talk on next.i have a few other acupressure routines that i am really excited to teach you, like when you want to be really awake and mentally alert - kind of the opposite of what we did really looking forward to hearing what you have to say about the videoagain - I’m Dana Lavoie, Acupuncturist, Herbalist, and founder of Menopause Basics. you can find me at

and definitely come and hang out with me in the Facebook group Menopause Basics.Allright - have a great rest of your day!Bye Bye.

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