4 Lifestyle Changes That Will Make Menopause Easier

In this video you’ll learn the 4 lifestyle changes that will make menopause easier.  They'll help your body balance hormones naturally - and reduce menopausal symptoms - for real relief.

Did you know.. These menopause lifestyle changes can reduce symptoms of menopause - like hot flashes & night sweats - by up to 50%?

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Checkout my video on Acupressure Ear Massage for a quick, but amazingly effective stress management technique specifically aimed and hormonal balance.  (this is one of my favorite menopause tips!)

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If you'd rather READ than watch.. here's the transcript of the video 4 Lifestyle Changes That Will Make Menopause Easier.

Did you know that simple lifestyle changes can reduce your menopausal symptoms like hot flashes by 50% or more? In today’s video I’m going to show you exactly what to do - so stick around.

HI IM Dana LaVoie, Acupuncturist, Herbalist, & founder of menopause basics - and in today’s video you’re going to learn the 4 most important lifestyle changes to make during menopause - these are the ones that will really make a difference in your menopausal symptoms.

#1 Practice stress management daily. You see.. stress is all about hormones. You even have a stress hormone! So keeping your stress and your stress hormones under control opens the door for your body to be able to get estrogen and progesterone under control as well. Deep breathing exercises are particularly good at helping to control menopausal symptoms, and for a quick, easy and effective stress management practice - check out my video on acupressure ear massage.

#2 Don’t skip meals and drink enough water. These simple, healthy habits will keep your metabolism up and help stabilize your blood sugar and insulin levels - and guess what insulin is a hormone! So keeping your stress hormone and your blood sugar hormone under control - really starts to give the body a huge advantage - a huge help when it comes to balancing estrogen and progesterone!!

#3 Get at least moderate, regular exercise. There’s just no doubt that this will help your body balance hormones, mood, sleep, and everything else. Gentle walking for 15 minutes 5 days a week will do the trick. Add some deep breathing while you’re at it and you’ll double your benefits.

#4 Avoid hormone disrupting chemicals. These are surprisingly common, and they’re like kryptonite to your hormones. Avoiding these gives your body a fighting chance at keeping your menopausal symptoms totally at bay. To do this

  • Avoid pesticides & GMO foods by eating organic
  • Avoid conventional meat & dairy. (Grass-fed, organic meat & dairy are fine)
  • Use makeup, fragrance, self care & cleaning products that are free of hormone disrupting chemicals like parabens, phthalates, and triclosan
  • Avoid BPA by avoiding food or drink packaged in plastic
  • Avoid PFCs by avoiding non-stick cookware coated with Teflon

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This is Dana Lavoie, and thanks for watching!

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