Want The Ultimate Menopause Diet? Here Are The Best and Worst Foods 

 February 21, 2017

By  Dana LaVoie, LAc

Learn what Asian Medicine knows about the ultimate menopause diet.  Learn the best foods for menopause and the worst foods for menopause in this quick video.  

Watch the video for all the details - share this post - and ask questions - I'm here to help. 

Learn the menopause diet

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If you'd rather read the transcript of the video Want The Ultimate Menopause Diet? Here are the Best and Worst Foods"  Here's the video transcript:

Want to know how to eat all the best and avoid all the worst foods during menopause - so that you can reduce hot flashes, night sweats, & mood swings? Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to cover in this video - so stick around!

HI IM Dana LaVoie, Acupuncturist, Herbalist, & founder of menopause basics - and believe me - all the experts agree.. what you eat makes a big difference in your menopausal symptoms. Some foods reduce your menopausal symptoms, and some foods make those hot flashes worse.

Let’s start with the good stuff - these are some of the best foods to eat during menopause

Tryptophan-rich foods can help control sleep, appetite and mood - it’s a relax and feel good protein.. tryptophan-rich foods include turkey, cottage cheese, oats, and legumes.

PhytoEstrogens - You can use phytoestrogens safely in the form of yams, flax seeds, pumpkins seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower and seeds, and certain types of soy - these are organic, non-GMO, fermented soy like miso natto, and tempeh.

Get healthy fats + minerals + vitamin E in legumes, nuts, and seeds - to counter they drying effects of low estrogen - go for almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, and black beans. And - get your omega 3s from oily fish like salmon Mackerel, sardines, and cod Omega-3 fats may help manage hormonal mood swings and they help reduce bad cholesterol to lower the risk of heart disease.

Iodine is very important for thyroid, breast, and ovarian health.. healthy sources include cod, dried prunes, canned tuna, cranberries, green beans, seaweed, and navy beans. Try mixing equal parts salt and kelp seaweed in your salt shaker!

Get enough protein - 4 oz 3 times day - of eggs, raw dairy, grass fed meat, or wild caught fish. With eggs go for local, pasture raised - they’re a great source of vitamin D, Also consider an occasional serving of cow or chicken liver they’re packed with trace minerals and B vitamins as well as vitamin C and iron. make sure it’s the grass-fed, zero-hormone, natural variety.

don't cut out carbs completely Grains like quinoa, millet, brown rice, buckwheat, and amaranth are the best options for grains as they're all gluten-free, high in fiber, and easy to digest. Try them as a snack when your mood takes a dip. They’re also full of B vitamins for increased energy

calcium is key raw dairy is great - but you can also get calcium from dark leafy greens, broccoli, almonds, sardines, salmon, sesame seeds and chia seeds. The calcium won’t do you much good without Vitamin D, however, check out my video on Vitamin D for details - you likely need to supplement as well as include this in your diet.

And here’s the list of things to avoid - think of these as glowing green - like kryptonite for your hormones…

Artificial and processed foods like MSG and artificial color and preservatives, refined sugar (im including that twice - go for stevia, sweet fruit drops, honey, or coconut sugar instead) refined flour, excess alcohol, and very hot spicy foods.

most important general guidelines - drink enough water and try to make 50% of your total diet fruit and vegetables and you’ll be off to a great start.

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This is Dana Lavoie, and thanks for watching!

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Dana LaVoie, LAc

Hi, I'm Dana, an Acupuncturist & Herbalist with over 15 years' experience specializing in women's health. I'm here to show you how to use customized Chinese Herbs supported by the best diet and lifestyle for your hormones to feel amazing during & after menopause.

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  • I’m 37 and have been “put” in menopause for 6 months or longer due to endometriosis I had removed. The shot they give me puts my body in a menopausal state. I have terrible hot flashes, wake up every two hours at night and have rapidly gained weight. I’m up to 24 pound of weight gain in 5 months. I haven’t changed my diet and I exercise regularly. What can I do? I’m miserable and not comfortable in my own skin

    • Hi Alicia – It definitely sounds like your hormones have been thrown out of balance – and have not been able to
      rebalance yet. It’s likely they will need some help. I recommend 1) the best possible diet for helping your body build hormones, balance hormones, and detox hormones (and to balance blood sugar) – 2) supplements and superfoods that are safe for YOU based on your history of endometriosis to give your diet even more power for hormonal balancing -and 3) stress management and avoiding hormone disrupting chemicals. I find this 3-part approach is the BEST thing to start with – then if needed you can add in some Chinese herbs or acupuncture or something else more specifically for hot flash relief. I will say this – even with the treatment you’ve had your body can find relative balance and you can be comfortable again. Once you have this base in place you can work with your doc on a few other things – checking on your thyroid, seeing where your other hormones are at etc – but i hope you’ll start with this base!! You can get started with my free download the menopausal woman’s roadmap (and it comes with an invite to an hour long class on the best diet for your hormones – also free)

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