Are you ready for menopause?

Most women don’t feel prepared for menopause when it happens.

How scary is that? Compared to feeling fully prepared - knowing you’re on a plan for caring for your hormones to prevent most menopause symptoms - and knowing exactly what you’re going to do if a bothersome symptom does pop up?

Listen in to Episode 37 of the Herbal Womb Wisdom Podcast for answers.  You'll feel so much more prepared.  You'll know what's coming and what to do to make it easier.  And even if you're well into peri-menopause... It'll help so much. 

Here's a short intro (with highlights!) 

We cover everything from...

What is menopause - when does it start - how long does it last ?

  • When should you start preparing for menopause? 
  • How can you know what you’re going to do if a symptom pops up?

What to expect when starting menopause

  • When does menopause start

What is early menopause

  • Is early menopause good? Is early menopause bad? and how to avoid early menopause
  • Early menopause and fertility
  • Does early menopause make you age faster
  • Does early menopause make you look older
  • And so much more!

    How to use the podcast episode

    Here's how to use this:  
    1. Watch the video above for an introduction to the episode...
    2. See the time-stamped guide below to the podcast episode below the video
    3. Then use my FREE RESOURCES to let me help you get started on a plan to manage your hormones NOW and for the rest of your LIFE.

    Where to listen to the podcast episode

    Easing Into Menopause: How to prepare your body for a graceful transition - episode 37 of the Herbal Womb Wisdom Podcast

    My Time-Stamped Guide

    to my favorite things in this podcast episode!

    (I know it's long - but look at all this great stuff.  I highly recommend listening to the whole thing when you're taking a walk, driving, etc.)

    • About minute 8:  We're so into growth and productivity in our 20s & 30s - here's how to do that without getting burned out
    • Around minute 10: if you think menopause happens all at once - you suddenly have a couple of hot flashes and then don't have your period  OR if you have no idea or think it all happens at once in your 50s... OR you just want a simple explanation WHAT IS MENOPAUSE
    • Minute 14: The GIFT of your hormones stabilizing after menopause and what that can mean...
    • Minute 16: Where your DOCTOR fits into your hormonal management and who the OTHER person you need is - for helping with hormone management
    • Minute 20: What symptoms to look for in early peri-menopause
    • Minute 25: How the HUGE VARIETY of perimenopausal symptoms actually tie together and make sense - when you see how they have the same underlying hormonal cause (this ALONE will eliminate so much CONFUSION!) 
    • Minute 31: Why early menopause is SO MUCH MORE than infertility.  What is it, what causes it, what you can do about it - and why you want to
    • Minute 37: How the intense stress & anxiety some women get in their 30s, 40s, or 50s may be related to hormones - and how addressing hormonal imbalance can sometimes be so much more effective than stress or anxiety meds...
    • Minute 41 - HOW to prepare.  Exactly what to do to prepare your body for a nice, easy menopause
    • Minute 46 - Exactly how herbal remedies do AND DON'T work for hormones during menopause - and what you need to know to get them to work for you. 
    • Minute 56: How preparing for menopause can counteract the problems created by life trauma or a difficult time postpartum
    • Minute 60- what is Tonic Herbalism?  What are adaptogens?  What are adaptogens MISSING when it comes to your hormones... And WHO MICROMANAGES BETTER your body or medication? 
    • Minute 72:  Stick around until the end - because we talk about the side effects and reasons most women QUIT using natural (or other) remedies - way before they get the maximum radiant health and slow aging benefits. 

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    menopause blueprint masterclass

    Thanks so much for joining me today!  Please put your questions & comments in the comments section below, I'd truly love to hear from you!

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