Are You Wondering What Herbs Are Good For Menopause? 

Different women experience very different discomforts during menopause.

Yes hot flashes and night sweats are common....  But for some women the hot flashes are only occasional and it's the menopause anxiety or insomnia that's a much bigger problem.

While for other women it's irritability or menopausal brain fog...

And for some women they're not too hot or too anxious, they're thinking clearly.... It's just menopause weight gain, low libido, or dryness that's driving them up the wall!

Why would we think a woman having 25 hot flashes a day needs the same remedy a a woman with one hot flash a day but who's having severe anxiety and heart palpitations?

So while I think herbs are great to use during menopause

I think the secret to success with herbal remedies for menopause is finding a combination of herbs that's customized for your body, your hormones, and your discomforts.

And, guess what, the herbs you need now are different than the ones you'll need in 6 or 12 months when your hormones have changed - again!

How to avoid so-so herbal results

Because different women have different hormonal imbalances, and because your hormones are changing over time, is why one woman will take black cohosh and get great results - but then her friend will take it and it doesn't help much.

Yes black cohosh works - on some menopausal disharmonies - it's not the best herb for all of them!

So in this blog I'm going to give you three tips that can help you find the right herbs - the ones that will help you get relief from your menopausal discomforts.

3 Tips For Using Herbal Remedies For Menopause


Tip #1: Support your hormone levels. You don't want your hormone levels to drop too low during or after menopause. Herbs rich in phytoestrogens like rehmannia can help give your body hormone building blocks to support those healthy hormone levels.


Tip #2:   Support your liver. Freeing the flow of liver qi helps with stress, irritability, PMS-like discomforts, and improved detoxification of hormone metabolites.  Herbs like Reishi mushroom can help support both stress and liver function.


Tip #3:  Support your endocrine system.  Your endocrine system is a sophisticated system of checks and balances that constantly monitors and fine tunes your hormone levels.  Adaptogenic herbs that support the endocrine system's ability to manage those hormone levels efficiently can help significantly during menopause and post menopause.

Ginseng is a powerful adaptogenic herb that can help support your endocrine system and help with fatigue.  I recommend white or American ginseng as opposed to red or Chinese ginseng for women in menopause as it's cooler and more moistening.

As you can see, there's no one herb that will give you all the different types of support you need for your hormones during & after menopause.  And the best herbs for menopause weight gain will be different for one woman than for another!

We've just scratched the surface of the benefits you can get from Chinese herbs for menopause and for supporting healthy aging in all the years after menopause.

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