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“I was having severe hot flashes, every hour on the hour all night where I had to sit up off the bed to fan off and cool my bed.
I wasn’t sleeping because of the hot flashes for sure, and I would have trouble going back to sleep at the 2:00am hot flash and sometimes not get back to sleep until 5:-6:00am.  
With all of this—especially the lack of sleep, I really felt like I was going crazy and just trying all day to keep my family from thinking I was.
I really was feeling desperate for something to change. It was intense and a bit scary...
“I actually wrote a note on my iphone in April about how bad it was getting and how crazy I was feeling.”

That’s where Amy was when I met her.

When perimenopause hits and the mood swings, lack of sleep, and night sweats set in - a woman needs relief and needs it fast.

But does she need to take hormones, or is there a natural formula that will work? And if so - what the heck is it?

Because for a year Amy had tried all the natural formulas she could find - and they weren’t working.

Then she found me.

Just 12 weeks after she started with me, she was able to get relief from her hot flashes.  They were 50% less often, and only half as hot, and they were continuing to improve.  

And she was able to use natural herbal remedies that actually worked for her and that she felt great about!

Helping women get their life back in this way - is what I do.  What I've done hundreds upon hundreds of time. 

Want to see how we do it?

I’m sharing these secrets and the three-step-system I developed over 20 years in private practice in my Menopause Blueprint Masterclass, which you can watch for free at the link below.

These are the same things I’ve been using to help my clients get menopause relief for 20 years.

(I’ll even reveal two little-known, advanced strategies that could potentially up to 10x results from natural formulas.)

And I'd love to talk to you about how this can work with your body and your hormones so... 

After watching the Masterclass - look out for an invitation to book a 1:1 call on my calendar.  

Don't wait to start feeling better.  Because your health for the rest of your life depends on how you care for your hormones during perimenopuase - OK?

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