Most women having a menopausal hot flash want the heat drained out of their body.  

But that might be the worst thing that could happen - it could actually damage her health.

But when fans and cooling clothing and cooling sprays are recommended for hot flashes - and when someone having a bad hot flash really wants to crawl naked into the freezer...  It’s easy to believe.

But if that were the solution, then every woman who lived in a cold climate and wore tee shirts would be fine.  And we all know that’s not the case.

In fact, holding this belief that draining away heat is the way to get relief from hot flashes could actually lead to:

  • Bone loss,
  • muscle loss,
  • low libido,
  • low energy,
  • and a lower metabolism,
  • plus memory loss,
  • thinning hair,
  • sagging skin,
  • dryness -
  • And even heart disease and kidney disease.

But want to know a way to actually get relief from hot flashes while helping to prevent everything on that list?

Let me show you why hot flashes do NOT come from too much heat.

In my field - Chinese Medicine - there’s a certain amount of energy in the body that a a person uses up during the course of their life. 

The lower this energy gets, the older the body looks and feels.

This energy is in two parts - watery energy and fiery energy.

The watery energy is the female hormones - estrogen progesterone. the fire energy is the male hormones testosterone.

When the body has equal amounts of water and fire - the person never feels hot or cold - the body is balanced.

In menopause - the watery energy - estrogen and progesterone drops suddenly. 

Now there’s the same amount of fire but a lot less water. Guess what happens? That heat that fire gets to rage out of control! There’s no water to keep it in check so it feels way too hot. That’s hot flashes

So what’s the solution?

Well, if the fire is also drained away - it’s true water and fire will be balanced again and the person will feel comfortable. BUT now water and fire energies are both very low so the person looks and feels older and is closer to the end of their life.

low progesterone and estrogen. the water, have been shown to contribute to memory loss, thinning hair, sagging skin, dryness - and even heart disease and kidney disease.

Low testosterone the fire can be linked with bone loss, muscle loss, low libido, low energy, and a lower metabolism

So whats a better way to manage hot flashes than draining that heat away? 

Build the water back UP to match the fire!

Now the body’s temperature is balanced but all those signs of aging can help be reversed or delayed. the whole body can look and feel younger and could be protected against weakening bones - memory loss - low metabolism, thinnning hair sagging skin - and so much more.

So let me ask you this, do you really want to keep draining away heat to manage hot flashes when it can bring on all the health consequences of low hormones levels - including looking and feeling older much sooner plus increasing the risk of so many diseases?

Or is it better to manage hot flashes by building the water back up to match the fire - which can be done by supporting female hormones with natural remedies?

I’ve helped hundreds of women get relief from hot flashes in just this way using a process I developed over ten years of clinical practice.

Find out how we do it in my menopause blueprint masterclass where I share the exact process I use.

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