This chocolate herbal latte is more than a drink

A friend said, I'm trying to work on gut healing, but I keep forgetting to take my collagen!  I gave her this recipe. 

It's my secret to getting in all my most important superfoods & herbs EVERY day. 

But there's more.  

Find out how to IDENTIFY the superfoods & natural remedies that are MOST important for you.  

The ones important enough to take EVERY day without taking 25 different things and the kitchen sink.  

(MUCH MORE than the recipe is in this video - give it a watch and find out how to get a strategy and how to find the herbs & supplements that are most important for you - your body - your hormones!)

The Recipe: 

a daily favorite of mine

Great as a coffee substitute in the morning - and perfect as a snack while cooking dinner (keeps me from snacking on too many other things!) 

How to make it

Put in a blender:

  • Hot water, Hot tea, or hot milk.  
  • Add 1 tsp - 2 Tablespoons of cacao powder 
  • Add 1 tsp - 1 Tablespoon of your fat of choice - Coconut oil, Ghee, or Cacao butter
  • Add your sweetener of choice - a date, maple syrup, honey, coconut sugar, stevia, or monkfruit
  • Thats the base!  Then add YOUR customized herbal remedies and superfood choices.  
  • Some current favorites of mine: Collagen, gelatin, kelp, glutamine, reishi mushroom, & my custom herbal remedies
  • Blend and Enjoy!

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