From inflammaging to epigenetics - find out how you can control your experience of aging in the video below. 

Healthy Aging Part 1:

Do we have to lose our health - just because our age is getting up in numbers? 

A woman asked this if me - here's my answer for her and all the women watching in perimenopause and postmenopause.

Because YES! We can have an incredible amount of control over our experience of aging.

From inflammaging to epigenetics, cell nourishment to cell detox, and plant foods that can help inactivate the #1 inflammatory chemical, and those that help keep hormone levels higher post menopause.

And yes - it's where my secret key to healthy aging comes from.

The link between epigenetics and healthy aging

What is epigenetics and do you need to know about it?

Basically it's preventing damage to your DNA as you age.  And it can have the effect of controlling which genes get turned "on" or activated - and which ones stay dormant.

So if you have the gene for a certain disease (which is more likely if you have a family history) you can help your odds.

In fact, you can make it much more likely that gene will NOT be activated - meaning you will not get that disease.

And it's not just for diseases.  It can be things like wrinkles or age spots on your skin.

And it's not just some sci-fi thing either.  It's real.

Find out more about the highlights and how you can simply and easily take advantage of them.

And guess what?

One of the only substances shown to have the most consistent ability to help us in the area of epigenetics - JUST HAPPENS TO BE one of the most popular Chinese herbs - long renowned for it's healthy aging & protective benefits!  (Which is my specialty)

Inflammaging and Aging

What is inflammaging? 

What is inflammaging? It's living through the years post menopause with inflammation levels in your body that are higher than ideal.

And the list of diseases associated with inflammaging is LONG.

Here's part of it:Crappy older looking skin, cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic kidney disease, dementia, and depression as well as be at higher risk for multiple organ diseases, disability in activities of daily living, sarcopenia, frailty, and premature death.

Wait - but don't those sound like things that are just a part of aging for everyone?

That's the BIG DEAL here.

That they're NOT necessarily a part of aging. They're ONLY part of aging with high inflammation levels so...

The question is:

Can you avoid all of these by keeping inflammation levels in your body healthy as you age?

The answer can be yes.

Healthy Aging Starts With Your Cells

How to keep your cells health for slower, healthier aging 

  • Toxic cells will age more quickly than clean cells 
  • Stressed cells will degrade earlier than cells that are protected and 
  • Well nourished cells will live longer than malnourished cells

There's a little pump in your cells between sodium and potassium... 

If it's not working properly you'll likely feel dry and bloated at the same time.  

It also means your cells can't take in nutrients or detox waste. 

And even when that pump is working, as we get older we need to shower our cells with the right nutrients.  With extra antioxidants.  And with everything they need to detox more easily. 

If we want to look and feel younger. 

It starts from the inside out with cellular health. 

And every year that goes by from perimenopause on that we're not taking some action to actively slow down aging means the cells are getting a bit less healthy. 

The sooner you begin to support them the younger you can look and feel for years and years (and years!) to come. 

Find out how to start putting these pieces together and choosing your experience of aging post menopause by watching my Free Masterclass - you can watch the recording RIGHT NOW at

I'll see you there. 



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