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Meal Prep for Menopause Part 1: 

(recipe at the bottom of this post!)

This past Sunday, I embarked on my journey to learn to meal prep. It was a culinary marathon that not only set me up for a week of delicious, nutritious meals but also had me whipping up a feast for six—all within a breezy 90 minutes. Curious? Let’s dive in!

Before I dove into my kitchen ninja hour, shopping had to be done. I remembered Marie Forleo I think it was saying - whatever you need to do - even the mundane… BRING THE PARTY.

So Sunday morning my incredible partner Randy was by my side, turning what could have been a mundane task into some fun together time.

Was it THAT fun? Maybe not but we had a good time. It didn’t feel like wasting or working all day Sunday doing meal prep - that’s for sure.

Picture us, cruising the aisles our TWO favorite local health food stores, dividing and conquering at the bulk bins (they have these crispy pecans that are like sooo good…)

Then.. fast forward to that afternoon… I did my kitchen ninja multitasking…

A big tub of freshly cut veggies (celery, cuke, radish!, and carrots) I speed cooked lentils in the instant pot with the carcass of a rotisserie chicken from the night before… Hello, fiber boost for salads, bowls, & even smoothies.

Burgers and a big quinoa salad, overnight oats x 4, sweet potato sundaes x 4, fruit in the bowl, avocados ripening, pesto ingredients ready for the next night…

Why am I sharing this? Because if I can do it, you can too.

And if you don’t get serious about having the right healthy food on hand so you can start eating right NOW - then when?? Midlife baby - no more time to waste.

So here are my TOP TIPS for making this work.

  1. Find recipes you love. could be a cookbook or two (have you checkout the glucose goddess method? one of my recent favorites)
  2. Save your fav recipes in a recipe app on your phone I LOVE the one called Recipe Keeper. (You can add recipes from ANYWHERE photo, website you name it - AND make a shopping list in a click.
  3. Star your favorites - the ones that are “in” rotation and want to have once every week or two right now

Week 1 Menu: 

Menopause meal prep just got easier: 

  1. Roast (or rotisserie) Chicken with roasted veggies and quinoa tabouleh
  2. Pesto on rice pasta with chicken and loads of steamed veggies 
  3. Steak with oven fries and sauteed bok choi
  4. Sushi! (or roast salmon with rice and pickled cucumber salad) 
  5. Lamb Chops with peas and salad 
  6. Lentil salad over quinoa and veggies with goat cheese melted over the top

Breakfast - Hard boiled eggs or an omelette with a veggie packed smoothie or overnight oats. 

Lunch - Prepped salad greens with leftover protein from the night before. 

Snacks - Clean, cut up veggies and sweet potato chocolate ice cream sundaes



The Menopause Blueprint Masterclass

menopause blueprint masterclass

Sweet Potato Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae Recipe

The Ice Cream inside is just

  1. Cooked sweet potato (boil, steam or bakE),
  2. coconut oil (about 1 generous tablespoon per sweet potato)
  3. Cacao powder To taste - it can be 1-2 Tablespoons per sweet potato
  4. A pinch of salt
  5. A good splash of vanilla (at least a teaspoon)
  6. And either some pure monkfruit drops or a little bit of maple syrup

You blend it smooooth in the food processor or blender

Use a little of the cooking water (or regular water) if need to get it to blend well.

Put it in a little ramekin or glass or silicone storage container with a lid

Then layer on…

  • - Almond Butter
  • - Melted chocolate (I use unsweetened chocolate melted with coconut oil - without the coconut oil it gets too hard to eat easily)
  • - Then sprinkle the top with nuts, seeds, and flaky salt.

Chill then cover and store in the fridge till you need it.

This is seriously satisfying - and it’s quick and easy to make 3 bigger ones or 5 little ones to have for the whole week. 

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