How Important are CALORIES

For Weight Loss During Menopause? 

I recorded this FB Live in response to a question about the importance of calories in menopausal weight loss. 

It turns out hormones are MORE important than calories... So listen in to find out all the details on the easiest ways to lose weight during menopause and beyond. 

Here's what you'll find in the video:

  • Why hormones are more important than calories for weight loss
  • Why weight loss can get more difficult during menopause
  • How to avoid some of the most common diet mistakes
  • What some of the experts say about calories for weight loss during menopause

In this video I'm talking about how to help your body go through menopause the way it was designed to - with minimal symptoms

Many women run into really frustrating weight gain during menopause - why is this happening and what can you do about it - and how to avoid the frustrating and defeating cycle of dieting and not losing weight.

It's not a math equation with calories in and exercise out - if you're eating the same that you've eaten you're whole life - but now you're gaining weight - WHAT'S CHANGED?

HORMONOES play a huge role in your metabolism. JJ Virgin says, "Calories do count, but hormones count far more."  

So hormones are the thing that's often missing in the equation.

Your hormones and your metabolism determine how much your craving, how hungry you are, and how many calories you're burning per hour 24/7

Some hormones tell your body to take everything you eat - and STORE IT AS FAT - STORE FAT STORE FAT - and it's easier to get higher levels of those hormones during menopause. When you decrease those hormones and increase the ones that tell your body - use those calories up for something useful - no need to save them for later - you'll start losing weight much more easily.

Having too much of the wrong kind of exercise can actually make it harder to lose weight! Find out the details of what kinds of exercise work best.

I give tips in the video on how to change things in your body so it's easy to lose weight during menopause and lose fat.  

Here's what can help - boost your metabolism and get the right type of hormones circulating in your body.

Protein - can help boost metabolism and stabilize blood sugar - control hunger and burn fat.

Fat - Eating too LITTLE fat can actually slow down your weight loss! Fats help your body put sugar and calories into your bloodstream more slowly and steadily over time.

Fruits & Vegetables - why they're so important... 

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How to make your plate into a pie chart to make it easier to get the right percentages of they different types of food.

You might be eating all the right things...  But learning how to optimize the percentages of what you're eating can help with weight loss.

How to boost your metabolim with spices, MCTs in coconut oil, cutting down on white starchy refined carbs and what to use instead, and timing your protein intake.

So - the good news is you can eat lots and still lose weight - even during menpause.If you're really having trouble getting your hormones back into balance - Chinese herbs might be able to help the body to balance hormones naturally.Submit questions to me in my Facebook Group Menopause Basics.

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