Menopause – Get Started With My 3-Phase Approach - Dana LaVoie, LAc

Menopause:  Get Started With My Three-Phase Approach

it's all things menopause with Dana LaVoie & Ashley James

If you haven't met Ashley James, host of the Learn True Health Podcast... I'm introducing you!  Because Ashley and her show are fun and one of the best sources of great alternative health how to around. 

dana lavoie acupuncturist herbalist and expert in natural remedies for menopause

Dana LaVoie, LAc

Ashley James

Ashley James

It's Dana LaVoie here, and when I joined Ashley on her podcast, we talked about all things menopause​.  We covered... 

  • My approach to handling menopausal symptoms naturally
  • Understanding weight loss during menopause, avoiding diet pitfalls, and boosting your metabolism
  • Why a 3-phase approach that uses diet, lifestyle, AND herbs boosts your results and your relief from menopausal symptoms so much
  • Why not all menopause is the same.. and why no one herbs works for all women during menopause
  • How Chinese medicine can differentiate between the patterns of menopause and has different herbs that work for each pattern.
  • How diet works together with herbs and lifestyle to get to the root imbalance that causes menopausal symptoms
  • Lots of great tips you can start using right away like - what's in my morning smoothie, 
  • And more - plus we're just having fun. 

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(You might want to set it up so you're hanging out with us while you're driving or housecleaning or cooking or taking a power walk... We cover a lot and give lots of tips - so it's a bit long!) 

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Dana LaVoie and Ashley James talk all things Menopause - the 3 phase approach to natural menopause treatment

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