By Avoiding the 3 Most Common Exercise Mistakes Women Make During Menopause

(the secret to the right exercise for menopause? - Too much cardio can increase inflammation and cortisol, drains your energy, and prevents weight loss!  Get the details in the video...)

Exercise for Menopause Mistake #1

Get rid of long stretches of high intensity cardio. 

For example.. all swimming and cycling with no walking might be too much!  Try a nice rapid walk or a hike.

Exercise for Menopause Mistake #2

You don't take enough time to warm up. 

This can lead to injury:(  Where you used to do 5 minutes or warmup (or none) do a full 10 minutes.

Exercise for Menopause Mistake #3

Crunches and sit ups!  Really - ditch em.  They're not great for your low back or neck and not great for flattening your tummy.  

Try bracing exercises like plank pose instead. 

Avoid these 3 exercise mistakes during menopause

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The BEST Exercises for Menopause

  1. Cardio in short bursts 10 - 30 min 1-2x only
  2. Longer low intensity like hiking, bike riding
  3. Strength training 1-2x/week to preserve muscle and keep metabolism high
  4. Agility, balance, flexibility (tai qi best for balance/preventing falls)
  5. Increase activity during everyday activities - stairs vs elevator - stand vs sit - have great posture.. this is really better than more time at the gym

The BEST Exercise HABITS for Menopause

  1. rest one day/week
  2. shake it up! don’t do the same thing every day
  3. drink plenty of water
  4. get plenty of protein
  5. get plenty of sleep

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