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How To Moisturize
For Limbs You'll Love
(skincare over 50)

This is one of my favorite over-50 skincare tips of All Time! (though actually I started using at 40)

It can transform how your arms and legs look and feel - so if this looks familiar - check out the video below...

skincare over 50 my no 1 tip for dry skin

This video is just 1.5 minutes that can change your skin (and of course it's all natural & hormone friendly.)

My passion is helping women balance their hormones naturally for menopause relief and gorgeous aging.  

My secret?  Using a smart combination of natural remedies (because no ONE remedy alone will get you all the results you crave.)  

Here's what it takes: Diet, Implementation (actually making changes) Apothecary (herbs & supplements,) and Lifestyle.  

Today's tip for dry skin is part of Lifestyle.  Switching to clean body care products without the hormone-disrupting (not to mention cancer-causing) chemicals is important.  But I don't want you to give up products you love without finding a clean alternative that's as good if not better - because that's just my style.  

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Here Are The Details of my Dry Skin Tip:

What you'll need

  • A washcloth
  • Body Oil
  • A bath or shower
  • Shea butter

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What you'll do

  • In the shower Don't wash your arms and legs with soap
  • Do Oil Cleans:  In the shower apply oil to your wet washcloth and gently scrub your arms and legs.  This prevents stripping the natural oils from your skin (and it will get them really clean - promise.)  
  • When you get out - gently pat till you're PARTLY dry - then apply more of the same body oil to your damp skin. (if your skin isn't particularly dry - stop here) 
  • If your skin is dry - Immediately after applying oil - while still moist from the oil... Soften a blob of shea butter between your palms and rub it into your arms and legs (I love to do my neck and chest as well) 

Why does this work so well?

By not stripping you skin, it stays moist from the inside out. 

Oil cleansing gently but thoroughly exfoliates your skin, this:

  • Makes it smoother
  • Removes dead skin cells from the surface
  • And allows your moisturizer to sink in much deeper

What can go wrong?? 

If your skin feels greasy when you're done either:

  • Your skin wasn't wet enough with water when you applied the oil
  • Your skin wasn't still moist enough from the oil when you applied the shea butter
  • Or you used too much product - too much oil or too much shea butter (once you mix the oil and water.. you find a little oil goes a long way.) 

I hope you enjoyed this tip for dry skin over 50..  

When you give it a try - please pop into the comments below and let me know if it was as MAGICALLY TRANSFORMATIVE for you as it is for me.

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Dana LaVoie, LAc

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