The January Healthy Hormone Reset for Menopause Recap

During January I ran a free training called the Healthy Hormone Reset.  And don't worry if you missed it, because it was SO POPULAR I'll be repeating it again seasonally throughout the year with seasonal twists like a Spring Detox and dealing with hot flashes in summer.

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Three Steps to Easing Menopause Symptoms with Natural Remedies

menopause blueprint masterclass

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Most of the Reset was delivered in juicy emails filled with straight answers and info you can use about how to care for your hormones to feel not just symptom free, but amazing, during and after menopause.  There were also two Live Calls With special trainings and Q & As

Here's a recap of what we covered: 

Week One: Straight answers about your four main choices for how to get menopause symptom relief and healthy aging

Via email we covered

  1. The four main therapies you can use for hormones and the pros and cons of each one, so you could see which therapy or combination of therapies would be best for you. 
  2. How each of those four therapies sets you up for healthy aging - which ones do it best - AND WHY.  

In the week one Live Call we covered vaginal dryness solutions

During the week one live call, in addition to answering questions, I talked about how to manage one of the most common questions I get asked about healthy aging post menopause, "WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT VAGINAL DRYNESS."  

Here's the recording of the live call:

Week Two: Diet Week on the Healthy Hormone Reset

Via email we covered

  1. The Menopause Diet Blueprint.  What's the best diet for supporting your hormones.  What's in the diet and in what proportions - and what's NOT in the diet.  
    1. And just so you know... I'm all about including as much as possible (even dessert) never being too strict, working with all diets from keto to vegan, and making it delicious.  Luckily if we're smart and strategic we can make any type of diet menopause friendly. 
  2. How to lose weight during menopause when the TRUTH is - hormones will trump willpower every time.  Wow can your metabolism change during menopause.  And wow can dieting become frustrating.  But...  If you focus on weight loss via hormones, brain chemistry, and metabolism (instead of just calories and exercise...)  Weight loss becomes SO MUCH easier without extreme dieting or exercising.  
  3. The almost a cookbook email was filled with my favorite recipes and my training on how to get off sugar in just a few days - and without much willpower - whenever you need to.  (Because hey, cookies happen!) 

In the week two Live Call I had a special guest - Monica Metz, The Healthy Cooking Coach - we covered HOW to make all this healthy eating happen with practical tips

During the week two live call, in addition to answering questions, Monica did a Free Training on how to increase the percentage of vegetables in your overall daily food intake.  We also talked about intermittent fasting, snacking, favorite recipes, smoothies, kitchen hacks - and so much more. 

Here's the recording of the live call

Monica is a WEALTH of information, and her recipes are the best.  But what I love most about her is that she's so practical and down to earth.  Like me, you can tell she's worked with real women cooking in the real world - with limited time and energy!  Her tips are smart and usable.  Don't miss this chance to meet her!

You can learn more about Monica on her instagram or website for free resources, recipes, or to work with her in her membership and get help in the kitchen.  You can even grab her free training on nutrition tips, sample meal plan, recipe links and a meal prep cheat sheet.

Here's the recording of the Week 2 Live call

Click to play

So if you're thinking... 

Where do I start if I have multiple symptoms

What if I don't have hot flashes

Nothing is working for weight loss anymore (no matter WHAT I do)

I. Can't.  Sleep.  

What if my hot flashes are still going on 15 years after menopause?

Can anything really help with vaginal dryness or low libido?



The Menopause Blueprint Masterclass

menopause blueprint masterclass

Thanks so much for joining me today!  Please put your questions & comments in the comments section below, I'd truly love to hear from you!

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