Do I Have To Treat One Menopause Symptom At A Time With Herbs?

Do you have to treat one menopause symptom at a time with herbs?

No! You can use multiple herbs - and treat multiple symptoms at once during menopause OR perimenopause, which is great- BUT...

It only works if you have a strategy.  Because NO you can't always treat everything at once and PLEASE do not use the strategy of using one herb for each symptom.   Here's how you can get the most relief as quickly as possible with herbal remedies for perimenopause. 

So this is an herbal strategy question. 

Let's dive into herbal strategy 101 for menopause.

I'll show you how to think strategically about herbs, so you can get get long-lasting relief for multiple menopause symptoms with safe, natural herbal remedies. (These are the herbs for menopause and Chinese herbs for menopause that really work!)

Because you can use herbs without a strategy, and you might feel a little better - but what you're missing out on is:
Long-lasting relief
  • For example - your hot flashes will be better for a while but then they'll come back

AND you're missing out on

Being able to get relief for multiple symptoms
  • So if you've ever noticed herbs for hot flashes can make weight gain worse - and herbs for weight gain can make hot flashes worse - you're in the right place.

And most info out there about using herbs for menopause does not cover this!  So let's dive in.

Even one symptom can have more than one hormonal imbalance as its cause

If you only have one menopause symptom, great. You can focus your herbal strategy on that.

But guess what - even one symptom can have more than one hormonal imbalance causing it.  So to get full relief, you're going to want to use herbs to address each cause of your symptom.

FOR EXAMPLE: Hot flashes can be caused by low hormone levels - and hot flashes can be made much worse by stress.

So for full hot flash relief you may need to to use herbs to support hormone levels AND other herbs to help reduce stress and regulate stress hormone levels.

That's strategy #1 - get to the underlying, hormonal cause of your symptom. 

So don't just use cooling therapies for hot flashes - correct the underlying hormonal imbalance and the heat is gone for good.

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Where to start for multiple symptoms

But what if you do have multiple symptoms?  What if you have hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, anxiety, weight gain, fatigue, body aches, low libido, and bone loss?

Where do you start? Do you try to treat them all at once?

It can be overwhelming trying to figure out how to get relief from a long list of symptoms like this.  And often - it's confusing and overwhelming for your body when you try to treat them all at once.

So what can you do to get steady improvement for one thing then another then another - so that in a few months they're all feeling better?

The KEY is to figure out the underlying causes of these symptoms - then group your symptoms so each group of symptoms has the same underlying cause. 

Then you treat everything in one group by correcting one underlying hormonal imbalance - and when those are better you move onto the next group!

What are these groups?? I find they are

  1. Low hormone levels
  2. Liver health
  3. Endocrine, immune, and digestive system regulation & efficiency

Once all your symptoms are in these three groups you can think about treating 3 things instead of the 5, 10, or 20 that were on your list is much more manageable - am I right?


And here's an extra - herbalist's insider strategy tip for you.

In my 20 years of practice I've found most women benefit from herbal support for their hormones from ALL THREE of these categories.

But you need to know which category to focus on when as you progress through perimenopause and into postmenopause.

For example some women might need 80% herbs to support low hormone levels while other women might need 80% herbs for liver health!

So where do you start? Here's your game plan.

Walk Away With This:

Yes. Herbal remedies can work for menopause symptoms even for severe symptoms or multiple symptoms at once.

One pill or one herb is unlikely to provide a complete solution that will work for all your different symptoms or all the different stages of menopause.

To get real relief with herbs you want to use herbs from THREE different categories - and know which category to focus on - to use the most herbs from - at what time.

That's the way to think strategically about herbs.

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