Is Reishi Mushroom the Best Herb for Weight Loss During Menopause?

There's talk out there about Reishi mushroom for weight loss - and in menopause sudden weight gain due to changes in metabolism can be significant, stubborn, and hard to deal with - so - is Reishi the answer?  

Yes Reishi can help with weight loss - during menopause or at any other time - we'll look at the huge truly significant ways Reishi can help with weight loss.

But then we'll look at menopausal weight loss in particular and what's missing in Reishi...  And I'll show you how to use a few other herbs - together with Rieshi - to address the hormonal component of menopausal weight gain.  Hint - we'll look at how it compares to black cohosh for weight gain.")

How can Reishi mushroom help with weight loss?

Scientific studies have shown the link between Reishi, fat metabolism, and weight loss

What is Reishi?  It's a mushroom that's been used to promote health for thousands of years.  It's considered one of the safest herbs and is a favorite of Tonic Herbalists (like me.). And can be a beloved Chinese Herb for meonpause.

In one study (done on mice, but the results are so overwhelming they apply to women's health..)  Using Reishi mushroom on average had these results

  • A decrease of 8-16% in body weight
  • A decrease of 20-29% in fat deposits within the body cavity
  • A decrease of fat deposited beneath the skin of 44-59%
  • A decrease in fatty deposits in the liver of 17%
  • And a reduction in the size and fat content of the cells that produce and store fat

Also - there were significant decreases in inflammatory markers.  So decreased inflammation throughout the body - and a significant reduction of the molecule that causes inflammation - nuclear factor-kappa B (NFkB).

  • Studies have also shown Reishi to to lower blood sugar in diabetic animals
  • Reishi can have blood fat- and glucose-lowering effects
  • Reishi can provide free radical scavenging activity

Reishi also promotes healthy gut flora - to the point where Reishi fed the beneficial organisms in the gut and starved the damaging organisms so significantly it triggered a chain of events that led to:

  • Reduction of inflammation
  • tightening of leaky intestinal walls
  • Reduced insulin resistance Diminished fat production And ultimately weight loss

And even mice who were given Reishi and a very high-fat diet gained significantly less weight than other mice on a high fat diet and the mice taking Reishi with a high-fat diet had less fatty deposits in their livers.

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Whew!  So what does this mean in plain english? 

Taking enough Reishi regularly enough may help:

  • Reduce stress eating & stress hormone levels - which decrease metabolism
  • Boost fat metabolism
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Decrease fatigue
  • Balance blood sugar
  • Restore intestinal flora

So yes - Reishi is a great herb to take regularly if you're trying to lose weight.  Because weight gain can be one of the symptoms of menopause and reishi can be part (but not all) of your menopause treatment. 

And Reishi is especially helpful for maintaining healthy fat metabolism.  So if you hit menopause and all of a sudden you're gaining that "unhealthy" fat like a muffin top or an apple shape or getting fatty deposits in your liver... Reishi is especially supportive for this.

But some aspects of menopausal weight gain are better addressed with other herbs

But weight gain that comes on suddenly in menopause is often related to hormonal changes. The hormonal changes send messages to the brain telling the brain to start sending out messages that say "STORE CALORIES AS FAT."

We want to adjust those hormones so they're telling the brain to send out the message "BURN CALORIES!" This means extra pounds can just melt off, because your metabolism is turned back ON.

And while Reishi is wonderful for fat metabolism, digestion, and stress... There are other herbs that can help with this metabolism change that's directly linked to the hormonal changes of menopause.  Herbs that:

  • Support estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels to keep them from dropping too low
  • Support estrogen detoxification
  • Support balancing estrogen and progesterone in the correct ratio

Herbs that work well with Reishi for weight loss during and after menopause

Finding the right combination of herbs for your hormones at this point in time - takes a bit of know how.  The secret to getting great results is customizing the herbs to your symptoms and your stage of menopause. 

You want to consider herbs like Rehmannia, and Eucommia that can help your body bring up hormone levels that are dropping too low, but you need to be careful choosing ones that are warming or cooling depending on whether or not you're having hot flashes or nights sweats!! 

Consider herbs like shizandra or chai hu that can help with liver function - but be careful -  because many liver herbs are very drying (we get overly dry during menopause sometimes!!)  And you must support all levels of liver detox - not just stage 1. 

And herbs like, well, Reishi or other adaptogens that can help regulate the body systems.  Reishi is a favorite adaptogen for the immune system - others can help even more with the endocrine system. 

Walk Away With This:

Reishi shows results so good at helping with weight loss - it's definitely something to consider.  

But if you know enough about herbs to combine it with herbs targeted at hormonal support during or after menopause - you can hit the weight loss jackpot and get the best possible results - meaning the easiest possible weight loss.

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