Fast, Easy, Delicious Leafy Greens

Let's start with my easy leafy greens recipe: 

Start with two bunches of leafy greens (any combination of kale, collards, chard, or whatever else you can find is fine.)

  • Rinse them well. 
  • If you're using kale or collards remove the thickest part of the stems
  • Chop the greens roughly
  • Pack them into a clean, dry mid-sized saucepan that has a lid (they should still be moist from rinsing.)
  • Pour a generous 2 Tablespoons of olive oil and a generous sprinkle of salt over the top (do not stir) 
  • Cover the pot, put it over very low heat, and let it cook for 45 - 60 minutes without stirring.   The greens will get MUCH smaller while cooking, so it's OK if the pot is packed really full at the start) 

That's it!  Stir and serve - SO DELICIOUS and tender.  You can squeeze some lemon juice on top for an extra zing. 

They keep really well for a few days. 

And because they get so much smaller while cooking - even a small portion has lots and lots of goodness in it. 

Thanks to @donnagates and Body Ecology for the inspiration for this recipe. 

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leafy greens recipe

Health Benefits of Leafy Greens

We've all heard they're healthy - but here's why

Immune & Digestive Support

  • The greens are packed with potassium, which can help relieve bloating.   
  • They're not being show to help heal leaky gut and food sensitivities and protect against gut infection by turning on a gene that tells your intestines to produce more healthy cells in the lining of the intestines.  
  • They help give your immune system the tools it needs to repair oxidative damage (which is happening all the time.)

Detox Powerhouse

  • Not only can the chlorophyll (what makes the greens that green color) bind to heavy metals to carry them out of your body...
  • These greens support liver function and your body's own detoxification processes.  

Sugar balance, and inflammation support

  • A small serving of greens with each meal, or even once a day, can help the body keep blood glucose levels (your blood sugar) more even.  
  • The greens are packed with antioxidants and polyphenols, which can help your body keep inflammation levels healthy.

Healthy aging, brain,  and bone support

  • Leafy greens are one of the best non-dairy sources of calcium and Vitamin K (for your bones) 
  • They can help protect your telomeres - the part of your DNA that changes with aging
  • New studies are showing eating greens daily may slow the rate of cognitive decline with aging (those who ate greens often had brains that acted, on average, 11 years younger than those who ate the least greens!) (Published in Neurology Jan 2018)

Stress relief and glowier skin

  • The beta-carotene in greens can help your skin to glow healthily
  • And the magnesium and folate can help with relaxation and help your body make more mood-regulating brain chemicals (hello serotonin!)
So many reasons to include leafy greens in your diet REGULARLY.  

One final note - if you're on blood thinner medication be careful of changing the amount of greens you eat daily!

Leafy Greens & Your Hormones

To finish up I want to point out two ways leafy greens interact with your hormonal health.

Greens & your thryoid

If you struggle with low thyroid, eat most of your greens cooked not raw. 

Greens & estrogen

Greens are wonderful for keeping your estrogen detoxification pathways open, which is a huge benefit! 

How Much Is Enough?

As with everything in life, the middle way - not the extremes - is usually best long term. 

I don't recommend eating excessive amounts of leafy greens all the time.  Kale is nice... But rotate it with all kinds of other green leafy things.  

You can eat greens daily, but make sure there mixed nicely with all the other types of vegetables as well. 



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